What does FSD feature for $7000 get you really?

What does FSD feature for $7000 get you really?

Clarity of what to expect gives better satisfaction about the product.

Help new customers decide based on your perspective. Please share your thoughts of the FSD upgrade as (1)current advantages, (2) advantages that you expect in one year, (3) longer term advantages.


ssgstorm | 15 novembre 2019

@ReD eXiLe ms us ha I hope i am but even beyond the technology, the Gov. red tape is going to be the might 10-15 years might be way too aggressive lol

Sarah R | 15 novembre 2019

Musk envisions us essentially leasing our cars back to Tesla to be part of a self driving taxi service. I ordered FSD because if I have it, I can always say no. If I don't, I won't even be asked to the dance.

andy.connor.e | 15 novembre 2019


1 year from now i would expect FSD that requires monitoring, but not requiring hands on the wheel. Summon should be much better to be able to find a parking spot and drive to the front and pick you up, in a large area like a mall parking lot.

All because we are talking 365 days from now. I have some good confidence.

vmulla | 15 novembre 2019

"1 year from now i would expect FSD that requires monitoring, but not requiring hands on the wheel." @andy.connor.e

Wow! That's bold, especially the not requiring hands on the wheel part.

Thanks for the feedback, I think timeboxed prediction for FSD is much more valuable than the 'sometime in the future' predictions.

There are moments when I feel, 'wow!!, these guys are going to pull it off', and there are others where I go 'How's FSD going to be possible if the car cannot handle this now?'.

Sarah R | 15 novembre 2019

@vmulla The thing that Tesla is doing right is the easy they're training the AI: Every time someone takes control away from autopilot, they capture video before and after, as well as sensor data. A human tags the data and it becomes part of the training set. Additionally, they collect similar events from every other Tesla to become part of the training set. When the AI has learned the new training data, they run it in"shadow mode" to compare what the AI would do compared to the human, even if autopilot is turned off.

This is doing it right.

Companies like Waymo and Uber that rely heavily in simulations while limiting their real world data to places like Phoenix and Austin are at an enormous disadvantage because you can't simulate the real world in its entirety.

With over 1 billion miles driven on Autopilot, Tesla has far and away the best training data set on earth. This is why Tesla will be first to fill autonomy.

vmulla | 15 novembre 2019

@Sarah R,
Fair points.
If you read the original post that I made you'll understand where I'm coming from.
Perspectives will vary across customers, I'm curious to understand what your answer for the 3 questions I had are. I put my own thoughts out in one of the early replies.

thedrisin | 15 novembre 2019

1. Excellent adaptive cruise control/autosteer on highways and and stop-and-go traffic.
2. Increased safety features such as recognizing stop signs and lights.
3. Level 3 automation.

andy.connor.e | 15 novembre 2019


"There are moments when I feel, 'wow!!, these guys are going to pull it off', and there are others where I go 'How's FSD going to be possible if the car cannot handle this now?'."

Completely agree. Ask me again in 4 months haha

twizzler | 15 novembre 2019

We are happy with our autopilot on our SR+. $7000 is too much, it makes us ignore FSD.

ronjolley | 15 novembre 2019

Robotaxi is the first thing that I've disagreed with Elon about. And I tell everyone to never doubt Elon. I think his Solar Roof V3 is looking good. I though Tesla Solar was dead the day he acquired the company.

Robotaxi has problems in many area, not just technology. I might believe it could work once we solve the problem of the shared refrigerator thing at work. I trust you and me, but people in general will trash anything that they get their hands on.

I only skipped FSD on day 1 when I got the 3. I jumped on it when we got the special offer for $2,000. It didn't matter what it had at the time. It's for the future and it's going to be exciting; already is. I did a round-trip yesterday and Navigate on Autopilot was beautiful. I just have it ask for a confirmation. Sometimes I make a request. Other than that, it's just sit back and enjoy.

She sometimes wants to get out of the passing lane. If there's no one behind me, I just ignore the request or push one button. Sometimes I request a lane change. Help start moving over for the exit when I see a good spot. I request it. If it's not clear, she declines and/or waits for an opening.

When I got my 2014 P85, Autopilot was just TACC and read speed signs (it did with Mobileye). It was beautiful to watch feature after feature download.

ronjolley | 15 novembre 2019

I'm looking forward to the "see traffic lights and stop signs" thing. I like Smart Summon. Auto Park is cool! Even simple Summon is great to back the 3 out of a tight parking spot when you return to the car.

rick96 | 16 novembre 2019

If FSD is ordered after delivery, How long does it normally take to become active in a M3 with Hw3. I'm currently on 2019. 36.2.1 . What should I expect?

vmulla | 16 novembre 2019

No one can tell you exactly what you can expect, only Tesla can tell you that.

There are some who gave a direct answer to the original post. Look for them. Those answers should give you an idea of what to expect - immediately, near term, and long term.

Others, direct answers to the OP will benefit folks like @rick96. Not many people like the idea of spending 7K for FSD/robo-taxi benefits unless they see near term benefits too.

WW_spb | 16 novembre 2019

Hard to justify 7 k price. My wife doesn't use AP at all.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 novembre 2019

vmulla: As I pointed out in another thread, I am currently disqualified from answering the series of questions listed in your OP. It would be a purely suppositional response, not experiential in scope. As shown in my first post on this thread, I quoted the title and posted a response to that specific query alone. As, that appeared to be open to opinion and supposition, while the others seem to require direct experience and direct interaction to respond with specific meaning. Most here, yourself included, seem to abhore anything that invites supposition, yet is listed as an 'expectation'.

AZjohn | 16 novembre 2019

Interesting thread and predictions. Like most, I really hope FSD becomes a reality but, what if it does take 10+ years? It's my understanding the FSD is not transferable (please let me know if I'm wrong).

I have a feeling that in 10 years (or less) I will be wanting to purchase a new Tesla and would not like it if my investment today in FSD will not be valid in a future build (JMHO).

SalisburySam | 17 novembre 2019

What do you get from FSD for $7k? Bragging rights.

vmulla | 17 novembre 2019

Ok :)
But right now unless a traffic cone is around to test every EAP car owner can brag as well ;)

SalisburySam | 18 novembre 2019

@vmulla, NO, NO, NO. Nothing to do with cones or even actual features. Just saying you have FSD...priceless.

vmulla | 18 novembre 2019

Let's assume one Tesla owner brags to another that their car has FSD, the other owner is going to ask - so ,what more does your car do than mine?

This thread is about being ready with an answer.

SalisburySam | 18 novembre 2019

@vmulla, okay, okay, since you really want a serious answer here it is. As an FSD owner I have enabled my vehicle today to take advantage of any and all future delivered features that Tesla decides to include under that banner. It may also get me a hardware upgrade from my existing v2.5 at no additional cost. That’s it, done, full stop.

Whether that is actually worth the cost to a buyer or upgrader is a very separate and very individual question waxed about endlessly in lots of fora and many threads. For me, it was worth the $3k I had to pay for it at delivery in 07/18. For someone without FSD, apparently it’s not worth the going price.

Okarn | 18 novembre 2019

On my order (SR+, white on white), FSD was $7,000 extra. If I add it after purchase it will be $7,000, same cost.

Thank you Tesla, I can qualify for sales tax rebate for purchase under $45,000 that if I had added FSD to the purchase cost would have disqualified us for. Difference of $2,500

andy.connor.e | 18 novembre 2019

To those who buy a Tesla today, here is the difference. Heres what Autopilot has:

-Enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.

Heres what Full Self-Driving has:

-Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.
-Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on the highway.
-Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces.
-Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.

Coming later this year:

-Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.
-Automatic driving on city streets.

Now you know, and no its not just bragging rights.

Corsaropaul | 23 novembre 2019

The big item is a much faster mother board.

vmulla | 23 novembre 2019

That's a given - and that's something every newer car has.

steveishere | 23 novembre 2019

1). Auto lane change is the FSD feature I used the most. It doesn't work in rush hour traffic, but works decently in light to medium traffic. NoA is a hit and miss; doesn't work in my daily commute because it keeps routing me to take locals to save time. Not bad in road trip. Realistically speaking, I won't say it worths the $7k at the moment, but nevertheless a fun toy if you are into techs.

2). Auto-lane change working in heavy traffic. Traffic light/sign recognition. Auto right/left turns. Being able to go from home to work with human supervision (L3 self-drive without geofence). By then it would worth more than $7k imo

3). Robo taxi? Not really expecting it in the near future (< 5 years) but it would be a good reason for a single person to own multiple Teslas (e.g getting my Cybertruck without having to trade in my 3).