German Gigafactory near Berlin

German Gigafactory near Berlin

Just saw tweet announcing new Gigafactory near Berlin. Probably will take longer than 168 days to build, I would bet!

jimglas | 12 novembre 2019

where did you see the tweet?

sbeggs | 12 novembre 2019

Several sources announced it on Twitter, also just a few minutes ago, Elon tweeted, “Giga Berlin”.


jordanrichard | 12 novembre 2019

Elon mentioned it an event in Germany.

blue adept | 12 novembre 2019

Tesla is growing and working on bringing safe, conflict-free, competition-surpassing, sustainable, pollution-free automobiles to the world!

sbeggs | 13 novembre 2019

Southeast of Berlin. Design engineering. Model Y. 2021. Hiring personnel!

jordanrichard | 13 novembre 2019

An interesting comment on Autoline Daily was that if you think the Model 3 is selling well in Germany, a country that historically prides itself on buying their own cars, just wait until German built Tesla's are available............

sbeggs | 13 novembre 2019

That's a good point!

TabascoGuy | 13 novembre 2019

So, until additional lines are added to the GF3 and (proposed) GF4 factories, they will still have to ship S, X, and, Y's from Fremont to China, and, S, X, and, 3's to Germany.

I don't know what the market in Germany is like but is the Y the most competitive vehicle to what's currently available there?

Ross1 | 13 novembre 2019

Could Sbeggs and Teslatap get together to combine their individual threads??? :)

sbeggs | 14 novembre 2019

@Teslatap, let's team up!

Grunheide, small village near Berlin, with rail crossing, Autobahn, near unfinished Berlin airport. | 14 novembre 2019

Sorry about that - I didn't see your post before I wrote mine. Since there are now comments on my thread, I hesitate to delete it. I expect both posts will slide off into he sunset in a few days :)

sbeggs | 14 novembre 2019

You are right. We won't worry about it then.

jordanrichard | 14 novembre 2019

The Model S and X will always be built in Fremont and exported. Relative to the Model 3 and forthcoming Model Y, the S and X are niche vehicles. They were not designed nor built to be inexpensive to build and there is more profit in them. So Tesla can afford to export them.

sbeggs | 16 novembre 2019

Tweet referring to German minister statement:

Begin construction 1Q 2020
Begin manufacturing spring 2021
Deliveries summer 2021

blue adept | 20 novembre 2019

The German GF actually makes sense given Tesla's recent partnership with Daimler AG on their Smart EQ fortwo cars and German's relatively centralized location in the region makes them ideal manufacturers for the European market.

Kudos Tesla!

sbeggs | 20 novembre 2019

@blue adept,
That's a really good point.

sbeggs | 20 décembre 2019

Tweet per,
GF4 land contract ready for signing, work could begin as early as January 2020.

jimglas | 20 décembre 2019

Bankwupcy for sure!

andy.connor.e | 20 décembre 2019

I bet this time next year, China factory will be at maximum production rate, and Berlin factory will be stockpiling cars for Q42020 deliveries.

On that note, turns out there were 5000 deliveries in china last month that no one knew about.

El Mirio | 20 décembre 2019

I would love to see Berlin come online as fast as Shanghai, have my doubts. I don't think replicating Giga3 factory build will be the new norm. China does not have same regulations as other parts in the western world.

TabascoGuy | 20 décembre 2019

Andy, all those 5000+ cars were imported into China, correct?

I wonder where all the truckloads of cars seen leaving GF3 were headed and when those cars will start being delivered.

andy.connor.e | 20 décembre 2019

Oh i didnt even think to read up on that haha, im not sure.

andy.connor.e | 20 décembre 2019

ya it looks like that was imported inventory. Nevermind!!!!

TabascoGuy | 20 décembre 2019

That's still close to a record monthly number for China deliveries, soon to be eclipsed by GF3 in a big way.

El Mirio | 20 décembre 2019

Tesla pulling off a new factory within less then a year is a miracle by itself, a year ago people were claiming this to be impossible. The stock is soaring because on Q4 call it is expected Tesla to outline expected Giga3 output.

As i posted earlier, Berlin will not be as fast as Shanghai, it will be really fast for European standards tho.

TabascoGuy | 20 décembre 2019

No doubt that cutting red tape and a fast build out were part of the decision to locate near Berlin and the negotiations beforehand.

El Mirio | 20 décembre 2019

No doubt that was part of it, cutting red tape. Just constructing 24/7 is likely none negotiable in Europe due to many reasons.

TabascoGuy | 20 décembre 2019

What, no second or third shifts in Deutschland?

Next thing we'll hear is that they want 2 or 3 weeks off for Oktoberfest next year.

jordanrichard | 20 décembre 2019

"...Just constructing 24/7 is likely none negotiable in Europe due to many reasons."

Ya, one of those reason would be that commercial trucks are not allowed on the Autobahn on Sundays. I don't know is that applies to secondary roads though.

El Mirio | 20 décembre 2019

Be optimized, seems your MO.

TabascoGuy | 20 décembre 2019

I am an optimist if that's what you meant.

Although I am pretty efficient too.

blue adept | 22 décembre 2019


I don't know whether you've ever actually been to Oktoberfest or not, but it takes "2 or 3 weeks" just to recuperate (or at least it did for me), though I imagine that the locals would likely have a higher tolerance so maybe not.

TabascoGuy | 23 décembre 2019


It's on my bucket list, right after Scotland to visit a distillery or ten.

Wormtown Kris | 23 décembre 2019

I think the German Giga4 will go up at a ~record pace for Europe, but as others noted, it won't be as quick as Shanghai. Just for starters, there's about a million scrubby trees to get rid of. Not as simple as the barren so called "swamp" that Giga3 was built in/on. Right now, they're scanning for WWII era explosives. Then there will be deforestation, then the blitz build can commence. At least they will have the playbook pretty well written for this one. The machine that builds the machine can be replicated!

BadgerErickson | 25 décembre 2019

Germans are efficient, the site's trees are literally a tree farm; probably shall be removed in less than a week.

BadgerErickson | 31 décembre 2019

Here's a nice little video tour, on the site. Imagine...

blue adept | 1 janvier 2020

Removed and replanted elsewhere...Gotta respect the environment.

BadgerErickson | 2 janvier 2020

how dot thom flag

blue adept | 2 janvier 2020


If you hit the Scottish distilleries before Oktoberfest you'll never make it to Oktoberfest (though I can't determine whether that would be a 'good' or a 'bad' thing).

TabascoGuy | 3 janvier 2020


I'll let you know when I wake up. Seriously though, it most likely won't be "right after", they're just both on the list.

BadgerErickson | 6 janvier 2020
BadgerErickson | 9 janvier 2020

Update from TESMANIAN.......

Contract signed allegedly.