Great new game added with 36.2.1

Great new game added with 36.2.1

Here's how you play: Drive along at steady speed as you approach a red light or stop sign. Time is so you pull your foot off the go pedal and have regen stop you right on the line. Fail if you need to tap the brake or accelerator as you slow down. I do this as a personal challenge whenever given the opportunity.

On a related note, has anyone seen a 60-0 stopping distance using regen only?

fazman | 13 novembre 2019

I’m sure someone will do a youtube video on the 60-0 and 100-0 to get some ad money :P

cybergrafx | 13 novembre 2019

I haven't been able to get past level 1. I've been practicing all week but still fail most attempts. Any pointers?

neezer | 13 novembre 2019

Yeah that's not gonna work so well for those of us in this cold spell, severely limiting regen for now :)

Effopec | 13 novembre 2019

@neezer - that's just challenge mode.

jebinc | 13 novembre 2019

I found 1PD easy to transition to - almost second nature now. Sure, I would like creep mode (not that creek mode...) for the garage and parking, but not really necessary.

jamespompi | 13 novembre 2019

Does the regen feel stronger as well with 36.2 to anyone else? LR RWD.

Techy James | 13 novembre 2019

@Effopec This wasn't a hard challenge at first, took me a few stops to get it down. Then Mother nature through in Hard Mode challenge, with Fridge Cold snap and variable surface with Snow, packed ice, or wet road. The Fridge Cold Snap limits Regen reducing the stopping ability of Regen, so after getting to 95% pass, now I am down to about 60% pass.

geedub1023 | 13 novembre 2019

@jamespompi Yes regen feels A LOT stronger to me which is OK but does make it a little more of a challenge to try and guestimate when to let off the accelerator to smoothly transition to auto stop. Practice makes perfect!

Kathy Applebaum | 13 novembre 2019

I've been playing on quest mode: Can I drive the 35 miles one-way to work without touching the brakes? Cleared that level for the first time this morning.

I've noticed how far I get on this quest is inversely proportional to how many times I use my middle finger while driving. ;-)

hamiltonned | 13 novembre 2019

@Kathy Applebaum You can reach the brake pedal with your middle finger?

drift | 13 novembre 2019

It would be nice if it was true one pedal driving , but with the cold weather and the limited regen if your intersection and stop is down hill you're not stopping without the friction brakes. Ask me how I know.

kevin_rf | 13 novembre 2019

Anyone have any cheat codes to get past level one?

MAB1980 | 13 novembre 2019

Up up dn dn lf rt lf ft b a start

rob | 13 novembre 2019

does L foot count as cheat code?

kevin_rf | 13 novembre 2019

Only if you have one on the gas and the one on the brake above 55.

Varricks | 14 novembre 2019

I'm adjusting to, and so far liking the new one-pedal game. It's similar to learning how to throw a baseball or a dart. And it's surprising how quickly our meat computers seem able to pick it up.

I'd heard decades ago that one of the skills the Rolls-Royce Chauffeur school taught was to feather the brake so that as you actually came to a stop, your foot was off the brake pedal. Like the rest of us, I like to think I'm a fairly skilled motorist, but I think I'd bite my tongue trying to stop as smoothly as the one-pedal does.

Only thing I miss is having to deal with not having Creep on. Hopefully with more practice the one-pedal will compensate for it, especially backing out of a parking space at the grocery store. I feel vulnerable when I'm not covering the brake pedal in those situations, particularly when so many seem to be playing the other game of "Let's find a car with its reverse lights on, and buzz by behind them.".

billtphotoman | 14 novembre 2019

My wife has been enjoying that game with 1 pedal driving in her 2018 Leaf so now I get to join in the fun. I agree it is really entertaining and will presumably help one become a more efficient driver by minimizing use of the friction brakes.

TickTock | 14 novembre 2019

billtphotoman:" and will presumably help one become a more efficient driver by minimizing use of the friction brakes."

If you currently use heavy braking then sure but if you are driving efficiently this game will make you a worse driver. Coming in at full speed and braking at the last moment - even if full regen with 0% losses - is not efficient. Speed is the #1 efficiency killer - even more than the use of friction brakes.

Kathy Applebaum | 14 novembre 2019

@TickTock You won't be coming to a full stop with one pedal if you come in at full speed and wait until the last moment.

TickTock | 14 novembre 2019

Isn't this the whole point of the game: Figure out what the "last moment" is that does bring you to a stop at but not crossing the line.

Joshan | 14 novembre 2019

Really wish this patch had no coincided with historic cold snap. It does not work well when regenerative braking is limited :(

Harvan Hunter | 14 novembre 2019

@jamespompi - For me, the "Standard" regen has always been far too aggressive for my tastes, and it still is if I take my foot off the accelerator at speed to move it to the brake. But the new Hold Mode has made it so I can more dynamically adjust how quickly the car slows down, which means I don't have to let off the pedal all the way to come to a total stop. As such, I feel like I now have a lot more control over that regen - if I want it to pull hard, I can do that consciously as opposed to it being an automatic side-effect of what would otherwise be normal coast-until-brake behavior in most other cars.

CST | 14 novembre 2019

Shoot - been doing this with regen for over a year, just doing California stops :)

derotam | 14 novembre 2019

@Effopen: there is a graph of s 70-0 regen here

Tomorrow I'll redo it so it is regen vs speed instead of regen vs time.

holiday001 | 15 novembre 2019

One foot driving question... Is the slow down caused by more regen or are the brakes used?
Are the brakes going to wear out quicker?

TickTock | 15 novembre 2019

More regen

Harvan Hunter | 15 novembre 2019

Holiday: The new mode is supposed to be regen only, with the brakes engaging only after the car has come to a complete stop. The only time the car should engage the breakers by itself while moving is if it detects an emergency-stop situation, or if you're on Autopilot or dynamic cruise control and the car needs to slow down faster than regen can handle in order to maintain following distance.

Harvan Hunter | 15 novembre 2019

I hate my phone. "Engage the brakes", not "breakers".