New feature clue?

New feature clue?

With all the recent changes with the Version 10 release, it was time to read the manual again. I came across something I have not heard anybody mention. There may be some hope for our friend @andy in the UK. Has anyone seen or had this happen? This is from page 78 in the latest manual.

Note: On roads where the map data determines that a conditional speed limit exists (for example, a speed limit based on time of day or weather conditions), a second speed limit displays below the first speed limit. It is the driver's responsibility to determine whether the conditional speed limit is currently in effect and adjust the driving speed accordingly.

It would be nice for school zones and dynamic speed zones.

M3phan | 15 novembre 2019

That has not happened for me on the road outside my office which is a school zone road during certain times… The car only shows the slower school zone speed of 20 mph

M3phan | 15 novembre 2019

But as I just posted that, I think maybe the last time I looked at the screen for that detail would’ve been a couple of weeks?… OK, I’m going to double check that when I leave work today and confirm. Interesting.

Mike UpNorth_ | 15 novembre 2019

very interesting. good manual find

jdcollins5 | 15 novembre 2019

I pass a school zone every day. I have never seen two different speed limits.

It is a nice feature if it works on a future update.