Quick battery drain while parked

Quick battery drain while parked

I just returned from a 3 day trip out of town. As I've done before, I parked my M3 at the airport and didn't check on it until I was at the airport on my way back. To my shock, my battery had drained from about 175 miles to 100 miles of battery left in those three days. In previous trips it was about a mile a day but this time it was a mile per hour. In both instances I had sentry mode on and there were no anomalies in the number of sentry alerts (I believe 5 in this last time). I just upgraded to 2019.36.2.1 but now I'm concerned that prolonged idleness will just drain the battery.

Any ideas why?

EVRider | 15 novembre 2019

25 miles/day is normal with Sentry Mode on. If you say you only lost 1 mile/day previously, you're mistaken about Sentry Mode being on or about the range loss. The number of alerts doesn't matter.

Joseb | 15 novembre 2019

"A mile a day with sentry mode on" no way, not at all. Regular drain with everything off is 1 mile/day. Sentry mode was closer to 10 miles a day on my experience.

Although 75 miles in 3 days, even with sentry mode on, sounds too much.
All I can think of is cold weather, that won't necessarily mean it will keep at an steady 75 miles every 3 days, but the adjustment to the calculated range is bigger, especially after first couple of days.

teslamazing | 15 novembre 2019

Sentry is about 1 mph, so 75 miles in 3 days sounds about right.

Slonkis | 15 novembre 2019

I can confirm that. The number is very stable, in my experience.