You Think the Tesla Cybertruck Looks Stupid? OK, Boomer

You Think the Tesla Cybertruck Looks Stupid? OK, Boomer

Tesla Inc.’s much-anticipated Cybertruck concept vehicle received an underwhelming reception from many investors and some of the automotive trade press due to its polarizing design and lack of typical pickup features. They may just be the wrong audience.

But the automaker hopes to win over celebrities and other pop culture influencers who can help position the truck as an aspirational vehicle that builds up Tesla brand loyalty, RBC Capital Markets analyst Joseph Spak said in a research note. He likened it to an environmentally-friendly Hummer, invoking the retired General Motors Co. gas guzzling SUV brand.

“Call the Cybertruck a Hummer for the green millennial generation, really the ultimate virtue and vice signaling machine,” he said.

Millennial influencer Moe Sargi, who has more than two million subscribers to his YouTube channel, tweeted out to Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk that he placed an order for the truck and was looking forward to ordering an optional two-person all-terrain vehicle that Tesla also plans to offer.

T34Bravo | 22 novembre 2019

I ordered one as well and will 100% add the ATV if/when offered!

SamO | 22 novembre 2019



Can't wait to charge my ATV from sunlight off-grid.

Sam_S | 22 novembre 2019

Folks have different tastes. I don’t find it useful criticizing those that don’t like the looks or those that do.

Personally, I put a deposit on one.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019

This is the title of the article in Bloomberg pointing out that older folks (Boomers) have different aesthetic tastes than a younger generation.

And proclaiming the truck "ugly" is just a way for older folks to assert their preferences.


TranzNDance | 22 novembre 2019

The look is quite mind bending, and some minds are more flexible than others.

andy.connor.e | 22 novembre 2019

Who cares. Its not like you need to prove their opinion to be wrong to make it better. People hated Model 3 design for same dumb opinionated preference reasons.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019


I care. a lot of boomers and journalists are claiming that their opinion is objective. It is not. It is a matter of taste and aesthetics. They are then extrapolating their opinions to say that the truck is a failure and won't sell well due to its design.

They are wrong.

And so are you. Not about aesthetics. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But you are wrong that it is not important to counteract the wrongness that this opinion is universal. It is not.

Many people love the design and this article points out the generation gap of opinions.

andy.connor.e | 22 novembre 2019

lol SamO getting himself upset about opinionated articles.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019


andy getting butt-hurt because Drumpf is getting impeached.

jimglas | 22 novembre 2019

"Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But you are wrong"
that got a chuckle

SamO | 22 novembre 2019


nukequazar | 22 novembre 2019

You lost me at “Millennial influencer.” If you spend five minutes on this forum you’ll find a lot of boomers liking and ordering the Cybertruck.

andy.connor.e | 22 novembre 2019


You have demonstrated what is bothering you today. I hope your feelings can be spared for the rest of your day.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019


You have demonstrated that you don't know anything about me, my feelings, or politics. I'm sorry your god-baby king Drumpf is getting impeached. Well . . . sorry, not sorry. It must be hard to invest so much emotional capital into a pussy-grabbing sociopath.

andy.connor.e | 22 novembre 2019

I dont need to know anything about you to know what is bothering you today based on your posts across 10+ threads this afternoon.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019

ok, boomer. you must have a PhD is armchair psychology.

NickAB | 22 novembre 2019

I come from a farming family. I live in a rural area where my closest neighbors are ~1,500 ft down the road. I own acreage, and do wildlife habitat restoration as a hobby. I own livestock, am a 4-H volunteer, and just had a deer carcass in the back of my Pacifica 2 days ago. I consider myself key "truck target market," and I put a deposit down on the mid-range.

I don't understand how, outside of some design, anyone who has owned a truck wouldn't see the value of this vehicle. It specs anything else out of the water price-point for price-point. If I wanted a similarly spec'd truck I'm looking at a 250 with some options, which is gonna run me $60k+ new. It's a crew cab with a 6.5ft bed! That's like a $4k add-on in any other brand.

andy.connor.e | 22 novembre 2019

"ok, boomer. you must have a PhD is armchair psychology."

Thats what i went to school for!

nipper2 | 22 novembre 2019

As I said in the other post I love the Truck just turned 80 I own 2016 and 2019 S and ordered the Truck

joe.mark.cimino | 22 novembre 2019

If it looked like the one in the link I would have ordered it instantly. Im literally sick after buying and loving my Model 3 and so hoping to trade up my Nissan Frontier. I'm a fan boy but WTF happened here? How did this make it past the first marketing test panel. All my friends had the same reaction. Seriously scrap this and go back to the drawing board, seriously, we'll wait. The broken windows were an omen Elon

SamO | 22 novembre 2019

+1 nipper.


Tesla has never had a "marketing test panel". Ever. I think (but cannot find the quote) that he doesn't belive in "brands" and just uses first principles and makes products people love. Seems to have worked so far.

egonzo21 | 22 novembre 2019

all my friends think the opposite joe...........I'm 38. we played Halo growing up. done deal. the future is looking awesome!

PS to me the one in the link looks like every other "plastic" fake tough truck out there. but I respect your opinion. And that is why Rivian will still be viable.

I placed my order.

nipper2 | 22 novembre 2019

Do you think there are enough different post on the Truck? Why is everyone surprised on how it look? He did tell everyone what to expect. I love it . I love the specs and it's capabilities I love the TRUCK .

carlk | 22 novembre 2019

@Sam_S ***I don’t find it useful criticizing those that don’t like the looks or those that do.***

Other than those who think they are only ones who can decide what are good or acceptable looks for EVERYONE. If you (them not you) don't like the cybertruck look just go away and don't buy one. Didn't Elon warn you already.

carlk | 22 novembre 2019

@Sam_S ***I don’t find it useful criticizing those that don’t like the looks or those that do.***

Other than those who think they are only ones who can decide what are good or acceptable looks for EVERYONE. If you (them not you) don't like the cybertruck look just go away and don't buy one. Didn't Elon warn you already.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019




Everyone commenting on the looks almost universally fails to acknowledge that the truck is the first 500 mile car contemplated (other than the Semi and Roadster 2.0). This is an everyperson car which is why it is so threatening to the entrenched players.

I'm so happy its not a boring F150/Gm/Ram styled crapmobile.

I would have been here shitposting about how Elon has lost his edge. ;-)

nipper2 | 22 novembre 2019

@SamO I agree 100% I wish it could come out sooner.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019

I reserved the Dual motor version since it is the first release in 2021, but wanted the trimotor 500 mile version.

I'm just too impatient to wait until "late 2022".

TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mndwgz | 22 novembre 2019

Being in the "boomer" category of age I had to a double take... and then put my order in.
Anybody think these will be the next "go to" vehicle for hauling Airstreams?

joe.mark.cimino | 22 novembre 2019

I hope you guys (that like this design) are right and it sells like crazy, but it lost my planned order. I so want Tesla to succeed and was so looking forward to the pickup. I love my Model 3 and eagerly anticipated the unveil, but the design is a huge disappointment for me.

Joe | 22 novembre 2019

I'm 63 and I am a little overwhelmed by the design of this truck, but I put down my money and am excited about owning such a useful vehicle. I don't dislike the design I actually really like it, accept it screams look at me. And I'm not a look at me kinda person. Oh well, it won't take long for these beasts to be everywhere. I wonder how many people will be buying Model 3's as opposed to this roomier way more functional vehicle at a similar price.

Cybertruckee | 22 novembre 2019

I put in my order as I'm due for replacing my RV puller.

But I'm hedging my bets too on the Ford and GM's versions. Rivian is already out among my choices. It's uglier than this cybertruck.

rxlawdude | 22 novembre 2019

So not only are we diverging as a society politically, but now pitting one age group over another.

I fear this will lead to bad things.

nipper2 | 22 novembre 2019

@SamO if I can get the Dual motor sooner I will go for it

BumblebeEV | 22 novembre 2019

This truck is exactly the opposite of the first Leaf generation

NOLEK SUM | 22 novembre 2019

It's met with near-universal condemnation. It really hurts Tesla's future profitability, maybe even fatally. In the U.S., a "car company" can't stay in business unless it can sell a shitload of pickups. The most frequent comment from Tesla aficionados is, "What the fuck could they have been thinking?" And the most common current Tesla hater is a pickup driver. Can you imagine how much more hate they'll generate after seeing this abomination?

It's one of those situations in which it seems possible, just barely, for an individual to have screwed up that bad but utterly inconceivable that a group of people could. Right?
This will make the Edsel seem like something cooked up by marketing geniuses.

SamO | 22 novembre 2019

Imagine thinking that bad things weren't already happening due to people being divided along 100 different lines.


Late 2021 is my jam.

egonzo21 | 22 novembre 2019

@ NOLEK SUM...way to be dramatic.........fatally com on.......I hope you are joking. And the only reason all the truck fanboys from GM.FORD.DOGE, will hate it because it will be better than their fancy glamor trucks. I think that it will catch on. Everyone I've spoken to about it initially says EWWH, but then the specs come in and the price..and they want to reserve one............for anyone that actually uses a truck for its intended purposes this is a no-brainer. All other trucks now seem delicate. ................Elon basically did a Crocodile Dundee.........that's not a Truck................this is a Truck...........mic drop.

dmm1240 | 22 novembre 2019

Ah, come on guys.

I am a boomer. I don't hate the design at all. The specs and price are mind blowing. The shattered glass was a wince out loud moment but these things happen. OTOH, it is a radical departure from the norm and that always causes consternation.

Case in point. Ever been to the Country Music Hall of Fame? (A friend dragged me there once). They have Elvis' Cadillac. For those too young to remember Elvis, his Cadillac with a TV set was famous along with him in the early 1960s. When we were kids, we called Cadillacs "canoes," a slightly derisive term referring to the Cad's reputation as an overly large box preferred by the snooty country club set. Know what it looked like seeing it in person after decades of being out of mine and the public's minds? Small and boxy. The tube TV was a joke compared to what we have today.

At that same time, like every teenager I lusted for a GTO, Chevelle Supersport, 442, or if you had to settle a Dodge Charger. You still see some around restored by enthusiasts. Know what they look like? Boxes on wheels.

Why? Because that's what the prevailing style was then. It was what we were used to. It was the "thing" to have. If you wanted to see the bubble designs that are prevalent now the only place you could find them was in Popular Mechanics next to the flying cars.

We develop a bias based on what we are accustomed to and radical departures startle us. When Steve Jobs introduced the colorful early versions of the iMac and the "clam" notebook the establishment laughed. Ole Steve has lost his touch. Beige boxes were what computers were supposed to look like. The iPhone was destined to fail. It didn't, but it too has changed. Look up what an iPhone looked like in 2007 and compare it to the new models. Night and day different. Here, Apple's design changes were incremental versus abrupt.

Just the way it goes.

I'm not going to buy a cybertruck because I have no use for one. If I were in the market for a pickup I'd consider it strongly. But I'm not so that is that.

When somebody breaks the mold and comes out with a new one, there are ALWAYS naysayers grumbling about it. Remember how the "establishment" made fun of Tesla's big screen when the S/X came out? How the Falcon Wing doors were a dud that would never work? How doing away with the grill because you don't need one was ugly?

Take a gander at Ford's new entry. Lotsa screens, no grill. Styling derivative of the standard Tesla has set for BEVs.

Cybertruck may change the paradigm for what pickup are supposed to look like and what they do. It might not.
Could it sell faster than chocolate chip pancakes? Yes.
Could it bomb like the Edsel did in the 1950s? Also yes.
Could it wind up a niche product that sells to enthusiasts and few others? Yes again.

Doesn't matter. If it's a clunker Tesla will redesign and try again. If it's a big hit the rest of the industry will follow just as they're following the S/X/3 standards now.

If Cybertruck bombs it will not bring down Tesla. The M3 was legacy's last chance to stop Tesla. They didn't.

My guess? I think Cybertruck will succeed. The 18 month lead time gives the public mind plenty of time to adjust to something new. How big a success? I don't have a clue.

OConnorStP | 22 novembre 2019

I'm with NickAB. I too live in the country, do habitat restoration ( and placed an order today (3-motor, for Saturday night). I love the engineering-based design, price point, "talk to me" looks and everything.

I want a snowplow with quick-attach/detach and a winch would be cool as well.

Question: do the rear seats fold down, so the 4x8 plywood can all be inside?? That would be neat. I like to show off how I can carry 12-foot dimension lumber inside my Raven Model S (also a good car for Saturday night since it's the Performance model - but the truck will be vastly cooler).

Oh, and I want some vinyl sticky thingies for the windows that replicate those two shatter points on the side windows after the demo got a little out of hand. Must. Have. Those....

BuffaloBillsFan | 22 novembre 2019

+1, OConnorStP! Funny as hell!

Mike83 | 22 novembre 2019

I enjoyed watching the Cybertruck duel with the Ford F150 pulling the Ford uphill. Thats power boys.

Tesla-David | 22 novembre 2019

Tesla/EM hit it out of the park again, GO TESLA!

andy.connor.e | 22 novembre 2019

Topic flagged

mikeng6274 | 22 novembre 2019

"Trucks have been the same for a very long time," Musk said during the unveiling at the company's design center outside Los Angeles. "Like a hundred years, trucks have been basically the same. We want to try something different."

SamO | 22 novembre 2019

Flagging a Bloomberg article because you are butthurt is peak boomer.

andy.connor.e | 22 novembre 2019

You're just reposting nonsense and getting yourself worked up about it.

NKYTA | 22 novembre 2019

You guys are almost on the same page.

Mend ways and realize the cool factor.

Now think about how this wont fit in my garage... and what this does for real world traveling?

This gets me my Alaska trip, and who knows, Arctic Circle to join Pretty cool.

I opt for the camping style. :-)

rbrak29 | 22 novembre 2019

I am a boomer and ordered the dual motor. While the appearance may be polarizing, I find it a refreshing re-think on what a truck could/should be. Price and features beat the Rivian hands down. The fact that it has a 6.5 foot bed, self contained, retractable tonneau cover, and a hidden ramp in the tailgate are just some of the features that stand out. The naked SS Delorean-like body also may turn some people off, but if it's durable as demonstrated, window glass not withstanding, I am fine with it. My biggest concern is what mileage to expect towing and how Tesla supercharger locations will handle Cybertrucks pulling trailers. Certainly don't want to unhook. Also did anyone notice the lack of wing mirrors. I hope Tesla finally uses cameras for wing mirrors.

DMSDesign | 22 novembre 2019

I will consider it ONLY after I have driven it and seen it in person. I am patient.