CyberTruck Charging

CyberTruck Charging

Has anyone heard the home charger rate for the cybertruck? Since its rumored to be 250kW battery I am hoping for at least 19kW on a HPWC and at least 10kW on a UMC with the possibility of 25kW since Delta chargers can now do 25kW at home. Thoughts? Specs? Anything?

Passion2Fly | 27 novembre 2019

250kWh is too large, nobody has such a large battery yet. Assuming 400 wh/m efficiency for the CT, that’s 500x400=200kWh for the 500 miles range version. We don’t know much yet about the on board chargers. I don’t think that going above 80A will have much traction since the residential feeds will always be a limitation. So, 19kW will probably be the max... no specs yet from Tesla...

andy.connor.e | 27 novembre 2019


Roadster has a 200kWh battery and gets 620 miles of range. The truck is massive in comparison, 200kWh battery seems practical for tri-motor 500+ miles range.