Have someone made a comparative engineering list?

Have someone made a comparative engineering list?

I have a friend who really like number and engineering feats, that’s how he convinced his girlfriend to buy a Model 3 instead of a Kona EV.

turns out he doesn’t like the Cybertruck look at all, more of a conservative guy.

I guess a thorough objective list compared to other trucks would change his mind.

Darthamerica | 27 novembre 2019

That's going to be hard to do without more information. What is he comparing to? What's the use case?

BadgerErickson | 27 novembre 2019

If he doesn't like it's looks, he can buy something else. KISS | 28 novembre 2019

Here's a list of many of the Cybertruck features:

I'm sure there will be head-to-head comparisons as it gets closer to production.

Darthamerica | 28 novembre 2019

@TT did you mean to call it "Cyberpunk"?

Darthamerica | 28 novembre 2019

Renewing to the first sentence in your website.

Darthamerica | 28 novembre 2019


SamO | 28 novembre 2019

It is definitely Cyberpunk AF.

hcwhy | 29 novembre 2019

One of my favorite features of the S, which I would assume will be in the CT, is the ability to keep the hvac running after departing the vehicle and locking the door. A godsend for pet owners. It's also nice to be able to check on the temperature inside from the phone.