Hear me out: Not a troll, but why I cant buy a Tesla (yet)

Hear me out: Not a troll, but why I cant buy a Tesla (yet)

I have been in this forum for what, 4 or 5 years?

I have TSLA stock, which is looking good.

I am on here many times a day.

I only ever post positive and polite stuff.

I have Tesla privileges, earned, allowing me forum usage just like owners.

I am rather tired of a certain poster denigrating me for not owning an actual car in the metal.

Ross1 | 7 décembre 2019

Due to a certain disability I am unable to use the Tesla touch screen (intention tremor)

I have one of the few Destination Chargers in my state (in Aussie). Someone has to start the ball rolling: I did.
The price of a new vehicle is beyond me.
There is no backup service presence here. There are 3 alternatives: 1: go without
2: Stick it on the overnight ferry to Melbourne and whatever that entails=mainly losing control.
3: Wait for the annual Tour de Tas by Tesla service personnel

CST | 7 décembre 2019

Are you drinking?

Ross1 | 7 décembre 2019

I have solar roof panels.
1983 I pioneered passive solar and underground / earth sheltered houses in Aus.
I did a study tour of same to USA.

I designed and built the first block of earth sheltered apartments in the southern hemisphere. Not boasting, just how it happened.
I have worked and been expert in vehicle manufacture, polyester composites/ glass fibre,

And with other disabilities, please get off my back about not contributing.You know who you are.

Ross1 | 7 décembre 2019

CST: are you?

Ross1 | 7 décembre 2019

I can always delete my own threads..

TickTock | 7 décembre 2019

The world is full of a-holes - this forum is no exception. They formed a gang here which bullies people for not displaying proper colors but they are easy enough to ignore in bitspace.

If only it was so easy in meatspace...

spuzzz123 | 7 décembre 2019

Who is shaming you for not owning one? There are several here that don’t own one. I look at this place as a fan forum. I certainly visited here before I bought one. The only people I have trouble tolerating are non owner trolls. They have no reason to be here except to agitate and spread disinformation.

Xerogas | 7 décembre 2019

@Ross1: how does one earn Tesla forum privileges without owning a Tesla?

Scrannel | 7 décembre 2019

Hi Ross1. You sound straight forward to me. Will be looking out for your thoughts.

Bighorn | 7 décembre 2019

I’ve not really gotten that sense. I think you post a lot of off the wall stuff, but I try to be sensitive to your mental health issues. It is a bit much at times, though, for folks who aren’t familiar with your situation.

vmulla | 7 décembre 2019

@Ross, @Bighorn,
Sincere question - do you think the Model 3 as a vehicle platform is prepared to handle this condition? It sounds like voice commands can handle many of the commands/navigation. To my mind it looks like this is still the best car - screen can be customized, button sizes can be adjusted, voice commands can be included, sensitivity can be adjusted etc etc.
I'm looking well beyond what is available now, and am curious if the thought for the Model 3 goes way beyond what we're experiencing now.

Earl and Nagin ... | 7 décembre 2019

Please don't let any particular poster dissuade you from participating in this forum. I don't always agree with everything you post but that's why we discuss things. I certainly feel you are a highly valuable and respected member of this forum and I've learned things from you.
It is also good to hear of your other contributions to sustainability. The world and this forum need more people like you.
I'm saddened that you don't feel you can use the car. I will comment, however, that the nice thing about the touch screen having edges around it instead of being molded into the dash is that it is easy to rest one's fingers on the edge and touch things with your thumb. Whether or not you experience tremors, when a car is bumping down the road, nobody can hold their hand steady so we all need to brace against the edge to turn on the defroster. Also, however, I very seldom, if ever, have to touch the touch screen while driving. All critical controls such as wipers, turn signals, shifter, cruise, and autopilot, all have 'normal' tactile inputs. Navigation through voice commands works quite well. About the only critical control that only has touch screen input is the defroster control (it's a single touch, easily done with the thumb while bracing with the other fingers). Everything else can and probably should be done when not actually driving.
I hope Tesla gets acceptable service to your neck of the woods, used Model 3's become available and affordable, and you find a way to operate a Tesla some day.
In the mean time, keep the faith and please keep contributing.