How to take model 3 out os "Service Mode"?

How to take model 3 out os "Service Mode"?

I took delivery of Model 3 yesterday and the screen read in big red letters "Service Mode" then said Service limit and would not go beyond 3 mph. I was able to override but the big letters stayed on the screen and each time I parked the car and went to drive again it went back to this and I had to override again. Anyone know how to resolve this short of a service visit as the nearest service center is 500 miles away.

PTdenver | 9 décembre 2019

Calling Tesla would be much better option than forum post

Dofpic | 9 décembre 2019

Already did but on the weekend no one could help and was stuck on hold for 25 minutes. called again this am still waiting for them to resolve it.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 décembre 2019

This is a first that I have read. Please come back and share details when you get it figured out.

lbowroom | 9 décembre 2019

You took delivery with the car in service mode?

hokiegir1 | 9 décembre 2019

Did you get home delivery, or go to a location for delivery? I'd call your delivery adviser if you did home, or go back to where you took delivery for them to correct it. I can't imagine you drove 500 miles with that on, so I'd expect that would be closer to your location if it wasn't home delivery.

Rippin1Gear | 9 décembre 2019

“took delivery in service mode” most likely delivery was from a salvage auction not from Tesla

Bighorn | 9 décembre 2019

Try a scroll wheel reboot then call service and choice #2 for update on serviced vehicle to get a human.

Pepperidge | 9 décembre 2019

Road side assist from App? They can access to the vehicle data and you could be called from support.

apodbdrs | 9 décembre 2019

@Dofpic, that is really odd, how did the Tesla delivery person program your password and relate the screen features to you? How did you even get the car out of the delivery center??? Am I missing something you didn't relate in your post?

hcdavis3 | 9 décembre 2019

Press and hold the T, I’m not sure what the password is.

hcdavis3 | 9 décembre 2019

Password is service

ebm | 9 décembre 2019

There are many ways someone can get their car delivered. Mine was delivered to me on with this as well. If I remember right the fix for this is to hold the Tesla T for 5 seconds until a box appears. Type the word "service" in the box to disable.

lbowroom | 9 décembre 2019

"Mine was delivered to me on with this as well"

Can you elaborate? Was it new from Tesla?

kevin_rf | 9 décembre 2019

Last time I took mine in for service, they left it in service mode. Took five minutes to flag someone down in the service center. They quickly corrected it. It happens....

ebm | 9 décembre 2019

It was delivered last year at the end of the 3rd quarter push. It was supposed to be delivered to my house on a Friday by a 3rd party delivery company that Tesla was using at the time. It was apparently delayed and needed to be delivered on Saturday. I was very busy at work that day but was able to break away for two minutes to take possession of the car. When I was finally done with work that night I noticed the same thing. The car had not been taken out of service mode. The car was brand new with less than 15 miles on it and all the protectors still in place. I think Telsa did this to keep anyone from Hot-rodding in it. I googled how to disable and it's been great ever since.

apodbdrs | 9 décembre 2019

@ebm, thanks forget some people get their cars delivered at home. It has to be a bummer, to have that happen and you are left with no one to quickly fix the issue. Tesla needs to get this delivery issue resolved. Anyway, glad to hear the problem is solved.