My cars! Pictures of my modded cars.

My cars! Pictures of my modded cars.

Hi Folks,

Thought I’d quickly share the pictures of my two babies.

2013 Pacific Blue (original, darker blue) S60 with my own aero wheel covers painted the same color. Still turns heads, even at Tesla :-)

2018 “Cloudy Blue” (vinyl wrap over metallic black original color) LR RWD 3 with glossy black aero wheel covers (debadged).

I’ve shown the comparison photo standing next to a white Model 3. (Mine is the slightly bluer shade)

NKYTA | 21 décembre 2019

Any problems with your custom wheel caps on your Blue? I remember seeing them in person at Folsom those years ago?

Something like a 3-5% increase in range IIRC.

NKYTA | 21 décembre 2019

...years ago.

RedShift | 21 décembre 2019


3-4% efficiency gains at freeway speeds. No problems other than wife curbing them time to time!

I have the spray paint ready to go, and a wheel protector type plastic piping on the edge that protects the aero covers themselves.

NKYTA | 21 décembre 2019


sentabo | 21 décembre 2019

With your monniker I expected at least one red car. Nice looking cars!

sentabo | 21 décembre 2019


SamO | 22 décembre 2019


RedShift | 22 décembre 2019

I am thinking of going 245 45 R 18 instead of the OEM 235 45 R 18 for my 3, next.

Along with that, I will put on Method Racing MR 503 which weighs only 17.8 lbs, a saving of about 4 lbs per corner.

3 is a bonafide sports sedan. It just needs proper ‘shoes’.

Tropopause | 22 décembre 2019

I read somewhere that wearing a Rolex helps you go faster. ;)

Nice cars!

RedShift | 22 décembre 2019


Nope, I don’t wear any watch. Saves a few ounces of weight when racing. :-)

RedShift | 22 décembre 2019

Thanks folks, for the kind remarks :-)