Curb Your Disappointment

Curb Your Disappointment

For those new to the tech world and software updates please be advised it is best to wait a week, or so, before judging and making public comments.

The knee jerk reactions of disappointment are disappointing.

WW_spb | 26 décembre 2019

Magic8B, why are you telling people what to do? I thought you are against that )))))

just messing with you ;)

Magic 8 Ball | 26 décembre 2019

The difference is I include "please" in my directives : ).

Pg3ibew | 26 décembre 2019

I thought a Knee jerk reaction was a FEAT OF STRENGTH!!!

aperfectecho | 26 décembre 2019

I'll get the aluminum pole out of the crawlspace...

jordanrichard | 26 décembre 2019

Magic 8 Ball +1. Having been on these forums since Nov 2013, I have lost count of the number of “the sky is falling” postings related to updates.

After an update, particularly a major update, there will be some unexpected glitches and Tesla will send out supplemental patches. If you don’t get the features that you were hoping for, well, give it time. You can also go to your local Honda dealer and ask them why you used Accord isn’t being improved. Having taken delivery of my MS in 2014, my car since has gained 72 new features/improvements. My car has gained more features than what it came with.

Pg3ibew | 26 décembre 2019

On to the Airing of the Grievances. I have a bone to pick with yiu, @aperfectecho.... The aluminum pole should not be stored in the crawl space. That is blasphemy!!!! How dare you!!!

stingray.don | 26 décembre 2019

^^^ Ha!

aperfectecho | 26 décembre 2019

Festivus isn't over until you pin your father...

Pg3ibew | 26 décembre 2019

@aperfecto, I spit out my coffee as I read that!!!! Lmao!!!!!! I cant stop laughing!!!

Varricks | 27 décembre 2019

Answer Unclear. Ask Again Later.

andy | 28 décembre 2019

I may have been carried away with the excitement and expectation of the FSD preview unaware that it would not be available on all countries.

It’s very disappointing to be left behind in this way. Traffic light and speed limit recognition would have been great to see. Speed limit recognition is available in other cars and they also have variable speed limiters. Implementation of both would have been a great help.

I was hoping the update would have given me a reason to pay for an upgrade, but it has just deepened my view that FSD is a long way off in the UK, and not just for regulatory reasons.

The car still drives great. It does the job I bought it to do, but any improvements have not been to things that I use and the way the phone now works has made the car more difficult to operate (hard to reach).

Still love the car.

apodbdrs | 28 décembre 2019

Agree with M&B.

There is some really great stuff with the recent 40.50 upgrade, but we are still not at FSD. TESLA is really leaving the completion in the dust! I see in the very near future EVs of all types everywhere and the total death of ICE and dealerships! Let progress move on! Y#A!

in7 | 28 décembre 2019

Clearly Magic 8 Ball (original poster) is disappointed that the knee jerk reactions of disappointment are disappointing. And I see that a member of the aluminum-ati group is now revealed.

Magic 8 Ball | 28 décembre 2019

Google title of this thread.
We are trending.
This thread has a lot of pole-tential.

andy.connor.e | 28 décembre 2019

Stop telling people what to do!

kevin_rf | 28 décembre 2019

Well it's on the internet, so it must be true, we are all in for major disappointment and bankroopsie for sure.

Magic 8 Ball | 28 décembre 2019

@andy Trolls aren't people, just sayn'

andy.connor.e | 28 décembre 2019

Stop telling network protocols what to do!

andy | 28 décembre 2019

@magic I do think it would help if this forum was closed access so that it was only readable by verified owners - might address some of the perceptions.

You are right - software can be tweaked and changes can be reversed. I’ve not experienced the “issues” that some seem to have encountered. There have been changes in the UI that, in my opinion, don’t work well on RHD cars, but should be easy to change back.

I assume the logic was to keep the map in view while the phone controls are on screen and they didn’t take into account that it can be challenging to select options and reach a long way with your left land while driving.

Other then that the car is pretty much the same as it was a week ago. Still a solid motorway cruiser and I wouldn’t want to drive any other car for anything other than town use at the moment.

FactDoc | 29 décembre 2019

If nobody came online ever
Never compared what they have received compared to others
There would be no disappointment
Close the internet

Magic 8 Ball | 29 décembre 2019

@andy I am not sure what you mean by "help" in this context. We have had many philosophical discussions about the forum and everyone has a different idea of what it should be and how it should be managed.

The most disappointing thing, for me, is seeing people come here and behave like they are owed something. I do take solace in realizing they, hopefully, represent a few compared to the majority of owners but the few that squeak loudly just get louder and louder until someone either gives them grease or gives them a good dose of reality. I am into the dosing of reality, I do not hand out grease.