Going over bumps - sounds like pots/pans in the trunk

Going over bumps - sounds like pots/pans in the trunk

Whenever I go over bumps it sounds like a clinking sound, kind of like I have pots and pans in the trunk. Any idea what that could be? Thanks

jimglas | 1 janvier 2020

do you have pots and pans in the trunk?

Tldickerson | 1 janvier 2020

That's a good one Jim. Maybe their turbo pans.

SnowFlake | 1 janvier 2020

I noticed that the AC fans just front of the wheel wells collect muds and debris, when in dry weather it makes the same noise.

2015P90DI | 1 janvier 2020

Maybe I'm not going crazy. To me, it sounded like a metal can that rolls back every time I accelerate, as if something were loose in the trunk. I've looked a hundred times and can't find anything. For me, comes from he rear as well. Never had this on any of my prior Model S cars, but it's been present on my 2019 Raven since day one.

Sounds like we're hearing the same thing. It's not loud by any means, but if the radio is off and windows are up, can definitely hear it. Was starting to think maybe during assembly of the car, a loose part got left somewhere and it moves around. Although, now hearing I'm not the only one, makes it less likely to be the case. Now thinking it's something with the drivetrain.

Another Raven owners noticing the same thing??? Might be time for a service call.

akikiki | 1 janvier 2020

Your henway is loose.

barrykmd | 2 janvier 2020

What's a loose?

BarryQ | 2 janvier 2020

Abooot 2.5 kilos!