Range comparison

Range comparison

With all the talk on this forum about range, it's surprising this hadn't been brought up.

The final range of the Model 3 AWD ended up at 270 miles. That's 52 miles short of the quoted 322 mile range.

gmr6415 | 16 janvier 2020

7˚C outside with the heat on.

hokiegir1 | 16 janvier 2020

+1 @gmr. And I swear someone posted this here the other day, because I actually watched it on Tuesday, but I can't for the life of me find it now. Must have either been flagged (certain poster's usual rhetoric was taking a beating from facts) or deleted (no idea why).

Joshan | 16 janvier 2020

yet another fail post.... try harder

stingray.don | 16 janvier 2020

I’ve done better than EPA estimates at times. So what’s your point?

Bighorn | 16 janvier 2020

EPA range was 310 more in that car more likely and I've driven my Performance to an estimated range of 331 miles based on 295 miles driven with 89% of a full charge.

rehutton777 | 16 janvier 2020

Hokiegir1: Your are correct - - I just watched this a couple nights ago posted on this forum. Tesla won.

82bert | 16 janvier 2020

The shorts are definitely flailing right now. Unfortunately, this won’t stop any time soon.

Bighorn | 16 janvier 2020

They even noted that the WTLP range they were using overestimates actual range by 1/3 even in diesels. That was the most common result and Tesla beat it.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 16 janvier 2020

Yes guys it was my thread. Tesla won. I deleted the thread

FISHEV | 16 janvier 2020

"The final range of the Model 3 AWD ended up at 270 miles. That's 52 miles short of the quoted 322 mile range."

Does your LR AWD show 322 miles under Rated Range? We've had a bunch of posts by people who purchased after the LR AWD range was raised to 322 for $500 more but none have seen the 322 show up on the car, just the 310 in Rated Range.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 16 janvier 2020

Oh don't worry Fishie Troll your fav Etron died below rated range too vs your claims of getting higher range than rated for.

andy.connor.e | 16 janvier 2020

Who knows, Audi might have conducted a trial themselves and found their car got more range than anticipated. Funded and authentic courtesy of the company that made the product!