Help on a trip and big screen went black

Help on a trip and big screen went black

On a trip and stopped for a bathroom break. When we got back in the Tesla the big screen was doing funky things like running some sort of test. First blue then green then red the white. Kept doing this and on the little screen it said stand by while car powers up. When the power up msg went away the big screen just went black. I have done all variation of the reboot I can fine nothing works. Called Tesla and because they could not remotely connect to the car (main screen/ computer not working). Best they could do is schedule me service but only opening is 2/11 9 days from now. We are 700 miles from home. Tesla says car is safe to drive but with out the big screen no music no navigation and no a/c controls. But here is one catch we had the inside temp set for 72 and it’s still running. The passenger seat has led the heated seat on to level 1 and that’s still on and its stays on. When we are not driving the car’s batter is being used at a rate of about 30 miles each evening. Luckily we are close to a Superchargers. The place we are staying has no ability to plug up not even 110.
So tomorrow we head back home. A 7 hour ride. Anyone have any ideas on how to get the screen / computer back up so we can enjoy our drive tomorrow? Also without the computer no back up screen or vehicle warning messages. Something I have gotten use to.

Thanks for any and all help, ideas, suggestions.


GHammer | 2 février 2020

Failed eMMC in the MCU, no getting it back, needs replacement.

Bighorn | 2 février 2020

Had the same thing only I couldn’t charge, so be thankful for small things. Does the app let you adjust the climate? Mine didn’t and the heat ran for 2.5 weeks waiting for a ranger.

akikiki | 2 février 2020

I agree with GHammer.

That scheduled service appointment is at home? Looking for some ideas? Find a service center between where you are and home and show up tomorrow. (Take cupcake or muffins and smile while you plead for help.) Just might work. Sure, a couple of hours hanging around a service center but better than what could occur.

At least, that's what I would try. Good luck.

Bighorn | 2 février 2020

That’s how I would have handled it on a trip, if I had enough charge to get to a service center. I’ve always gotten great treatment dropping in as an emergency.

NKYTA | 2 février 2020

My 2+ year early failure of MCU1, possibly because of eMMC, but not likely. Just a black screen, and resets and removing presets didn’t work.

Fuse pull worked for a short time, but new MCU1 was the fix.

I think they failed for various reasons.

I don’t think you can say this is fleet wide. Mine was way different. But hard to tell what Climate was doing with a non-responsive screen. It wasn’t overheating,

I called the cell of my SvC manger back in CA at the time, when I was in NW Pennsylvania.