Incentive to Trade Older Model S

Incentive to Trade Older Model S

I have a 2016 Model S that has lifetime free Supercharger charging. I usually charge my Model S at home. I have been giving some thought to purchasing a new 2020 Model S this year, but I am hesitant to do so because I know it will not come with the free Supercharger charging, but the purchaser of my Model S will "inherit" the free charging.

I would like to see Tesla give current, faithful owners like myself (I have placed an order for a Y to replace my Lexus SUV) the opportunity to retain the free charging on a new Model S, and simultaneously discontinue the free charging on my 2016 Model S.

Doing so would be a double win for Tesla - it would encourage present owners like me to trade up, and keep other owners who rarely use their Model S at a Supercharger from selling the older Model S to a purchaser who may be buying it because they do a lot of long-distance driving and want the advantage of free Supercharging, which costs Tesla.

Bighorn | 3 février 2020

Did they take away free supercharging?

Bighorn | 3 février 2020

Looks like it’s still free which sort of renders this moot.

spineeric | 3 février 2020

If you order a new Model S it comes with free supercharging. You are not losing anything if you purchase a new S or X. Also, check your account. Do you still see that your unlimited supercharging for your 2016 S is still transferrable to the new owner?

PrescottRichard | 3 février 2020

New S and Xs have FUSC from what I see. I just checked an inventory X in Scottsdale.

The premium connectivity is a 1 year trial (vs 30 days for the Model 3). So there’s that.

So Tesla is actually doing exactly what you say. Me, I’d prefer a Model S that was $5k cheaper and pay per use but a new one is out of my price range anyway. Put that $5k into Tesla stock and in a few years you’ll be much better off :)

bp | 4 février 2020

If FSD has been purchased, and the full functionality hasn't yet been provided, Tesla should transfer both FUSC (if it isn't offered on the new vehicle) and FSD to the new vehicle.

PrescottRichard | 4 février 2020

Is there still a free Ludicrous upgrade for previous owners?

That was crazy.

Bighorn | 4 février 2020

The price came down 50 grand and Ludicrous is standard.

acegreat1 | 4 février 2020

I'll upgrade my 2015 S to the Cybertruck if it comes with free unlimited supercharging

Elroy Jetson | 4 février 2020


You would really want to be seen in that truck? Good god it's ugly. The Delorean was better looking. I don't care how much demand Musk claims there is for this hideous thing; had he designed a truck to appeal to johhny F150, he would have quintupled that demand.

reed_lewis | 4 février 2020

I already ordered the truck. I like it. Taste is subjective.

barrykmd | 4 février 2020

If you like ugly, you can also get an electric Hummer

acegreat1 | 4 février 2020

@elroy, yes.
@barry, I may want the electric hummer instead. Let's see the specs and pictures and videos this spring

rob | 4 février 2020

I was going to trade my 2015 for a new Raven, but the jackasses in DC did not renew the federal rebate. Might still do it. Yeah that would have been free supercharging and ludicrous mode.

acegreat1 | 4 février 2020

But it would be nice if Tesla did offer an incentive for existing members upgrade inside the truck even if it's only for the tri-motor variant. Especially now that more electric/plug-in suv/pickups are going to hit the market, soon....

But then again Tesla has a great incentive currently, the supercharger network

Elroy Jetson | 4 février 2020

@acegreat1 & barry

I think the Hummer is ugly too;-)

I want a pickup but with a Tesla powertrain. Moreover, I want a 60's - 70's pickup with an old petina look (fully restored and kick ass suspension) with a Tesla powertrain!!!! Then I wouldn't have to worry about it getting broken into plus I could still take anyone off the line;-)

Uncle Paul | 6 février 2020

At this time you will still get Free Supercharging for Life, but don't delay. It could be taken away at any time if you hesitate.further.

You will also get improved adaptive suspension, faster charging, better battery, longer range, HEPA filter, much faster computer and all the other improvements that they have made over the years.

What are you waiting for?

Haggy | 11 février 2020

"What are you waiting for?"

Free lifetime premium connectivity.