Great service experence

Great service experence

I want to echo Trixiew's comments from an earlier thread about service experiences. I got a 12v battery needs replacement message. In addition I was having problems with my rear door handle not presenting and my web browser hadn't worked in more than a year. I tried to call the Houston service center but you really can't call anymore so I scheduled service on my app. I really just wanted to take the car and drop it at a service center but that wasn't an option. Instead they sent a technician to my office and it was GREAT! The guy was right on time, very polite and knowledgeable and had all the right parts with him. He replaced the battery, fixed the issue with the door and didn't have to replace the whole handle assembly. He also got the browser to work (although even he admitted that it might only be for a while, said they are "sensitive"). It couldn't have been any easier or any less painless. I am an old guy, an early Tesla adopter (2013 P85+ with 100,000 miles) and sometimes it is difficult to get my head around new ways of doing things but this experience was fantastic! WAY TO GO TESLA!

trixiew | 11 février 2020

Most excellent!

Looking forward to others enjoying exceptional service. But, he didn’t wash my car........