max mi/hr on wall connector

max mi/hr on wall connector

I have a Wall connector gen 3 60Amp 2016 S 75
the first time I used the wall connector it was Max 44 mi/hr now everytime I get Max 34 mi/hr.
Has anyone else has this happen?
What’s your max mi/hr on the wall connector gen 3?

EVRider | 29 février 2020

I believe your Model S charges at a maximum of 40 amps, unless you have the dual charger option, which makes it 80. At 40 amps, you shouldn't be getting much more than 30 miles/hour. If you do have dual chargers, and the wall connector is on a 60 amp circuit, it will charge at 48 amps maximum, which would be about 34 miles/hour.

I'm guessing the 44 miles/hour was a fluke.

Anthony J. Parisio | 1 mars 2020

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