Signal Light Recognition

Signal Light Recognition

This is my 3rd Tesla and I am asking how to activate signal light and stop light. I have the latest update and yet the toggle switch in display is grayed out. It recognises stop lights and signs but no action in the car. Have other members had a similar problem? Can't get in touch with Tesla Service. Thanks

bobr829 | 11 mai 2020

Any suggestions would help. Unable to get call back from Service.

M3phan | 11 mai 2020

Two quick questions:
1. Do you have FSD? If you don’t, you will not have this as a feature even with the latest update. This is for full self driving only.
2. Is your car in park? If you do have FSD then make sure your car is in park to activate the togble. When in drive that toggle will be greyed out.

Joshan | 11 mai 2020

also requires new map update. | 11 mai 2020

Also if you do have FSD, you also need the HW3.0 AP processor. Tesla is working through HW2.5 cars that bought FSD to add the HW3.0 AP processor. Use the Controls -> Software to see which AP processor you have.

EVRider | 12 mai 2020

@TeslaTap: I’m guessing the OP wouldn’t see the option for turning on the feature if he didn’t have the required hardware.

walnotr | 12 mai 2020

Yup! Just like we couldn’t see cones before HW3. Although I hear everything shows up as a cone with HW2.5 now.

derotam | 12 mai 2020

Yep, I have cones now on my HW2.5. No lights/signs though. I am still waiting on mobile HW3 installs to try and push to get mine.