T3 SW release 2020.11.1 81280b81af0a

T3 SW release 2020.11.1 81280b81af0a

So I got this latest version a week ago.
I was under the impression that this update will allow street light recognition etc, but my release note are basically same as the one for the previous release. I had seen reports and seen some youtube videos of people with this release with the car recognizing stop lights and some other local traffic features.

Is there a later release that is out there that I may not have.

Patronus | 12 mai 2020
zafarula | 12 mai 2020

Never mind, it seems like I have HW 2.5 and although Tesla is going to upgrade me to HW 3.0, I have to wait for their "invitation" to schedule the upgrade at the local service center.

M3phan | 12 mai 2020

You don’t have to wait for the invitation, you can initiate a request through the service function in the app. They can let you know that way if you are due for the update.