What's the longest leg you would/have attempt(ed)?

What's the longest leg you would/have attempt(ed)?

I am looking at making a drive from Dallas to northern Michigan next month as we're still not comfortable on a plane at this time. There are two routes and a gap in super chargers either way. The way I am leaning towards is up through Oklahoma. Typically in my ICE I would take US75 to US69 to I44. That would be 335 miles to the first SC in Joplin MO. There are a few destination chargers along US69, but I hate to make an already brutally long drive that much longer as we sit for over an hour at a destination charger. Also worried about counting on one of those and finding it full or out of order. The out of the way route would be to go a bit west to Tulsa, but that is still 253 miles to the SC and ABRP says to stay below 62 MPH in my LR AWD, again lengthening the drive. On the way back it would be even worse as I can assume leaving at 100% charge on the way there, would take a long time to get there on the way back. The last thing I want is to run into some snafu, I'd never be able to convince the family to take the 3 on a long road trip again. So, what's the longest anyone has dared to go? Would you try 253 freeway miles in an LR AWD? Anyone drive this route - what was your solution?

LostInTx | 21 mai 2020

If you're fully charged, 253 miles is close, but doable.

The map will tell you the best path for your trip.

gmr6415 | 21 mai 2020

Columbia, SC to Kinglsnad, GA. 266 miles...very doable 2018 LR RWD

Bighorn | 21 mai 2020

295 miles to Aulac, New Brunswick in a P

Orthopod | 21 mai 2020

If you drive 50mph you will be fine
It will take longer but you will reach destination

ksrehman | 22 mai 2020

@bighorn impressive. Did you drive 60 mph?

Bighorn | 22 mai 2020

The speed limit was primarily 50 in Maine and 62-68 in New Brunswick. I had about 35 miles to spare both ways, but had plotted several 70 A rescue options.

billtphotoman | 22 mai 2020

244 miles from NW Austin TX to Sweetwater TX. Model 3 LR RWD with aeros and a full charge. Since it was uphill I watched the trip part of the energy graph like a hawk and arrived with about 3%. The Boss was not amused so I won't be doing that leg with her in the car again.

gparrot | 22 mai 2020

Effopec, at what speed do you plan on driving?

Bighorn | 22 mai 2020

Two other critical pieces are the net elevation changes and wind/weather.

LostInTx | 22 mai 2020

My most range perilous trip was from Amarillo (3000 ft) to Trinidad (6000 ft) into a strong headwind in the dead of winter. With a 100% charge, the 235 mil trip left me with 2% battery on arrival. About halfway through, I turned off the heater and relied on the seat warmers. Otherwise, we probably wouldn't have made it.

LR RWD with aeros.

Twochewy | 22 mai 2020

I love my Tesla, but this trip isn't it's strong point. On a cross country I drive as fast as conditions allow and that's pretty fast through Texas, Oklahoma and the Midwest. I don't like range anxiety and at 80mph range drops significantly. The car is also generally loud at that speed (road and wind noise). If you have a comfortable ICE car I would take that one instead. IMHO.

posinator | 22 mai 2020

I drove my 2018 LR RWD aeros from San Diego to Primm, NV. 270 miles. Had to go 50 up the last hill and was made it with 6 miles til empty. Nice day, little wind, but I drove 75+ most of the way and there is a 2000'+ elevation gain. Now I stop at Yermo SC (which is awesome) on my way to Vegas

jhbisker | 22 mai 2020

I did Columbus to Cincinnati and back, 275 miles in my M3P. Could have gone farther but stopped to SC and let my company pay for the miles driven.

vmulla | 22 mai 2020

I've read, re-read this post, and I've poked around ABRP to understand the issue - I just do not see a problem. That's one easy drive for a Tesla LR AWD, and I would absolutely do it. The longest leg I'm seeing with my research is 208 miles.

Effopec | 22 mai 2020

@gparrot - much of the speed limit is 70-75. I normally drive 7-10 over, but could swing in behind a truck for a bit if it gets me there.
@vmulla - there are two issues. First, ABRP is saying to limit it to 62 mph on that 253mi leg to Tulsa. Second, Tulsa is actually about 30 miles out of my way, so was wondering if I may be better off hitting up a level 2 on the direct route instead. I wish they would hurry up and get the SC built in Henryetta OK that is planned for 2020, which was also planned for 2019, which was also planned for 2018... Actually if they put it a bit east at Checotah at the intersection of I40 and US69 I wouldn't have to go out of my way at all.

walnotr | 22 mai 2020

LostInTx- We made that trip going the opposite direction a couple of months ago. Left Trinidad with 95% and rolled into Amarillo with 7%. On the way we saw a couple of brave souls going the opposite way. They both seemed to be traveling at speed so they must have been enjoying their tailwind as I was fighting a headwind. As always, I keep an eye on the energy graph and adjust speed as needed. BTW after charging in Trinidad, the estimated projected range on arrival was a predicted 18% on arrival. It sure would be nice to have a SC in Texline or some other intermediate point.

Effopec | 22 mai 2020

I clicked on the CCS/Chadmo options on Plug share - man I wish we had CCS capability here. There's plenty of those on the route. If it weren't so huge I would inquire about renting a Chadmo adapter for the week from a kind local owner, but we'll definitely have the car loaded down, so I don't want to have to fight for space for one more thing.

vmulla | 22 mai 2020

I see what you're saying now. Yes, Checotah would be a nice SC location.

I would take the route via AK. Even with the additional SC stop, I see the difference in arrival time via the alternate route is only a few minutes. (24hrs 11 mins via OK vs. 24hrs 7min via AK).
I do not know if you have AP on your car, but I would not consider the ICE on such a long drive. Its a no-brainer to me - take the AP equipped 3 and choose the route via AK.

vmulla | 22 mai 2020

Oh, since I didn't know where in northern Michigan you were going, I used Gaylord MI for estimating the routes (the northernmost SuperCharger location in MI)

Effopec | 22 mai 2020

@Vmulla - the AR route has a gap also. We're going to the Petoskey area, so up the west side of the state. And will possibly stop for a night at my bro-in-law's house in Bloomington IL (he lives right near the Rivian factory, so it's kind of cool to see what is happening there). Going through AR we would want to take 40E to 55N. That leaves a long leg between Little Rock and Sikeston, MO, where you have to drive to the east side of Memphis to get to the SC, then back through town to get to 55. Again, there's 2 "coming in 2020" SC's in AR that would fill that gap, but they've been coming soon for 3 years.

vmulla | 22 mai 2020

Hmm... So your destination is really Bloomington IL, that kind of eliminates the route via Arkansas.
I would pick the route via Ardmore, OK - it adds 8mins to your overall time, but it's worth the extra time for the peace of mind.
I get that you're trying to shave off the extra time on a very long drive, but I'd advise you to take the 3 - for safety and convenience. I feel much more confident driving my Teslas when the light is fading.

ODWms | 23 mai 2020

I find that, even with my Performance with the 20” wheels, I get very good range as long as I drive the speed limit, alone, and otherwise operate the car conservatively.

Not a single leg during a long trip, but I drove around day before yesterday for 203 miles over several trips and ended up at 224 Wh/mi for the day. I still had 35% battery left. That actually translates to around the rated 310 miles when I bought my car. Some of those miles were even highway.

geedub1023 | 23 mai 2020

Typical range anxiety by the OP. Been there, done that and it's not a good feeling as most of us know.

For this trip, the OP needs to decide what level of risk they want and then route the trip accordingly. It sounds like they have plenty of range to go the route he/she wants but may need to go slower. If that doesn't sound too appealing, the OP may want to pick a route with more EV charger options other than just Super Chargers (Chargepoint, etc).

Good luck and have fun on the trip!