Sunroof glass replacement

Sunroof glass replacement

Anyone have an estimate on sunroof glass replacement. I just found a one foot crack in my 2015 Model S 85 D when I walked out to my garage .
I have no idea how this could happen. It wasn't there when I washed it a few days ago. Except for a short trip today to pick up groceries, it has been parked inside the garage. | 23 mai 2020

Bummer. Often after the glass has been hit, a crack develops over time due to thermal changes. It could be the damage occured a while ago but no crack had yet developed. Sometimes you can identify the starting point, but not always.

Tldickerson | 23 mai 2020

@jcddds, just call your insurance company and make a claim. You will only have to pay your comp. deductible.