HW3 and MCU2 Upgrades in Canada

HW3 and MCU2 Upgrades in Canada

First of all, please accept my apology if the topic I am writing about has already been discussed. (I searched first, and can not find this discussed with respect to Canada.) OK, now on to the topic:

I have finally been able to chase down the situation with upgrades here in Canada. Until very recently, I have been continuously told that these upgrades are not yet available in Canada. But I now know they are and am aware of at least one owner who had the upgrades done. I had also been continuously told that one has to be invited to do the upgrade and to patiently wait until invited. Not being the most patient person, instead I called my local service centre. "Yes, you can have the upgrade, just schedule an appointment and we will book you in for it. We can do it in the shop or in your driveway." So I now am booked for a couple of weeks out as some parts are not in stock and are being ordered.

Here is the deal, and I imagine it may be the same or similar in the US: If you have pre-paid for the HW3 upgrade, it is available now in Canada. You have 2 choices. a) HW3 alone (which will be done at no cost as it has already been paid for with the purchase of FSD); b) HW3 and MCU2 for which the cost is C$3,310 + HST. This cost includes replacement of the MCU1 circuit board with MCU2, the centre screen and the console in front of the steering wheel. So although C$3,310 is a LOT of money for the MCU2, it is important to note that it does include a lot of hardware (i.e. the 3 units mentioned above).

I was unsure if I wanted it at all at that $$$ amount because from what I understand most of the features that one gets are the entertainment features which are of no interest to me. I understand that the MCU2 is needed for some of the visualizations, but was thinking I might accept fewer in order to save this large amount of money. What swung it for me though is the many parts being replaced. Of specific interest for me was the replacement of the MCU1 (which will fail eventually as has been discussed at length on this board), AND replacement of the centre screen (which on my car has those ugly yellow lines). Finally, the last thing that swung it for me: the manager of the local office told me that if I choose to do the MCU upgrade later as opposed to doing it together with the HW3 upgrade (i.e. including all the related components) it may be a long wait as there is no current program (in Canada) to do the MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrade. The manger said it was his opinion that it may be a long wait as Tesla expects to do all the HW3 upgrades first, before getting going with a program to upgrade the MCU1 without it happening at the same time as the upgrade to HW3. Well that could be a long wait. So now i am getting both.

And that is the situation in Canada. | 24 mai 2020

You did not mention the build date of your car. I thought most post October 2016 Model S’ with MCU1 have the older generation cameras. Did the manager say anything about replacing your cameras to gain FSD (when available)? Thanks.

SteveZzz | 24 mai 2020 - My car is a Sep 2017 S100D with MCU1 and HW2.5. The manager said nothing about changing cameras. (That does not mean they won't change, them, but from what I have heard, I do not think cameras get changed. | 24 mai 2020 - Looks like the cameras are not being replaced in HW2.0 cars. Akikiki had his HW2.0 car upgraded to HW3 AP processor and MCU2. No cameras replaced. The dashcam video is not as colorful as HW2.5 and later cars, but it's better than I expected. I suspect they are doing some color tricks with the monochrome/red cameras. You can get teal, red and yellow colors. There is little/no separation into blue and green.

RAR | 24 mai 2020

The new cameras (actually new color filters) were introduced concurrently with the AP2.5 computer in August 2017, so the car already has the "new" cameras. A report on another thread says that the cameras are not changed even for those with the AP2.0 computer.

I'm still running with MCU1 and AP2.0, but am looking forward to the full upgrade.

inconel | 24 mai 2020

Interesting, I did not know the driver screen in front of the steering wheel was also replaced in the MCU 2 upgrade. I guess it must be the same in the US. | 24 mai 2020

@inconel - Yep. the new instrument display is now a slave to MCU2. The older design had its own dual-core CPU. You could reboot the instrument display separate from MCU1. Now there is only a single reboot for both with MCU2.

akikiki | 24 mai 2020

RAR, I was working with someone on TMC. We were looking at the parts catalog for the AP cameras. The 2.0 and 2.5 cameras have the same part number. So no disagreement that the filters are different, but where are the filters deployed? Maybe they could be swapped to match 2.5. ?? | 24 mai 2020

@akikiki - I'm about 98% sure the HW2.0 cameras are not the same as HW2.5 and later cameras. If you buy a replacement for a HW2.0 car, they only make HW2.5 camera available and explains why the part number is now the same. One unknown is if you replace a HW2.0 camera with a HW2.5 camera, does Tesla "fake" the HW2.0's CCCR mode, which is an option, or do they take the RGB camera feed? It would be obvious in the dashcam as to what they do, should you go to the trouble of replacing one of the cameras.

The filter is mounted on top of the image array during camera manufacturing and is not something you can replace.

RAR | 24 mai 2020

@TeslaTap - Thank you for a much better understanding than I previously had.

Unrelated, there have been several times lately when I tried to determine exactly when changes to the MCU and AP hardware occurred, and what that meant. I remember that you have written an excellent explanation of all of these factors, but have been unable to find it again. And many people who are trying to decide what to do should find it helpful. Would it be possible to add it to the thread "HOW TO USE YOUR TESLA AND THIS FORUM"? Or is it already there, and I missed it. | 24 mai 2020

@RAR - yep it comes up a lot. I think this is the article I wrote that you're referring to:

RAR | 25 mai 2020

@TeslaTap - Yes, that is the one. It is an amazing compendium of useful data that anyone contemplating the upgrade should study. It answers all of the questions that people are asking, and gives the correct terminology (which is so important when asking a question on the forum).