2 button reset

2 button reset

Does anyone ,actually, know the difference between resetting by holding down the 2 steering wheel buttons and holding down the buttons while pressing the brake pedal? I've done both and have never noticed a difference.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 26 mai 2020

I don't think there is a difference.

jordanrichard | 26 mai 2020

There is no longer a difference. Tesla has combined/simplified the reboot process. It is now simply pressing the wheels until the screen goes blank and then let go of the wheels. It will take about a minute and half for everything to spool back up.

spiderx1 | 26 mai 2020

Tesla support advised me a while back that the brake was an old procedure and was not required. Two types reset 2 button, scroll wheels, and power off. On power off reset you are stuck in car and must remain still, no shifting weight in seat, for a period of 4 min, not charging, windows up and doors closed, after 4 min you may tap the brake to wake it up. According to emailed documentation from tech support.

syclone | 26 mai 2020

Thanks, everybody!

derotam | 27 mai 2020

@spiderx1: No you are not stuck in your car. You can do it out of the car with the window down and doors open. I did it when I went to install my CANBus/OBDII wire harness.

spiderx1 | 27 mai 2020

@derotam: good to know thanks. Just following Tesla Instructions
Thank you for contacting Tesla customer support. It was great speaking with you today.

Full Power Reboot

car is NOT plugged into a charger, parked safely

windows up, doors closed

touch the car icon in the lower left hand corner if the center display

go to safety and security

power off (it will ask you if you are sure, say yes)
once the car goes dark, no lights, no fan blowing etc
it is critical that you sit absolutely still for 4 full minutes

DO NOT: open the door, touch the brake pedal or move the steering wheel

after 4 minutes, tap the brake pedal and open the drivers door, this will wake the car back up.

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