Hey Maxxer, good news for you about Model Y!

Hey Maxxer, good news for you about Model Y!

Watch this and it will make you even more happy about Model Y and winter driving.
You welcome.

Orthopod | 29 mai 2020

Gonna watch

yudansha™ | 29 mai 2020

*You are welcome.

Orthopod | 29 mai 2020

Upgraded door handles
Heated charging port
AWD instantaneous traction control
Towing capabilities
7 seaters options
Plenty of room for « activities » inside

I’m buying 2 and selling my god damn RWD Model 3 to andy

gparrot | 29 mai 2020

Is the second for moi? ;-)

Orthopod | 29 mai 2020

Bien sûr!

WW_spb | 29 mai 2020

Haha I knew you would love the video. Makes me more excited about Model Y upgrade for my wife in 5 years and CyberTruck for me.
Tanya, Thanks for correction.
Angy, has CyberTruck on pre order.

WW_spb | 29 mai 2020

Angy= Andy*

yudansha™ | 29 mai 2020

How do you know Andy is angry?

andy.connor.e | 29 mai 2020

RWD? yuck | 29 mai 2020

Cool video. I like RWD - at least Tesla's versions as I never drive in snow. Don't need the extra weight, complexity, and cost - but AWD clearly makes a lot of sense for those that get snow or ice conditions!

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 29 mai 2020

@andy “ RWD? yuck”

Beats FWD :P

spuzzz123 | 29 mai 2020

The bad news is, he’s gonna have to wait awhile for his 7 seater

Orthopod | 29 mai 2020

We’ll have to run the stats on what’s safer,
5 kids in a Dodge Grand Caravan
5 kids in a Tesla Model Y

WW_spb | 29 mai 2020

It was nice until stinker came in

andy.connor.e | 29 mai 2020

you win @MAB

lbowroom | 29 mai 2020

I wonder what fish is wondering about

Orthopod | 30 mai 2020

Thanks @WW for finding something interesting to speak about on these forums

I was on bikeforums trying to find some info to change rear disc brakes because my bike shop sold me the wrong ones

However nobody seems to know anything there

At least here people come to post even if they have no idea

WW_spb | 30 mai 2020

No prob.

WW_spb | 30 mai 2020

More nonsense from Seabass

andy.connor.e | 30 mai 2020

you're wasting your time with RWD Model 3, and Model Y. You know what you want is the cybertruck

Orthopod | 30 mai 2020


I don’t live in Texas where you can drive 65mph on the highway with 5 kids outside in the cybertruck bed

The cybertruck is 6 seater, unless EM changes this to fit the 5 kids he had with Justine, Lockheed Blackbird and Grimes

andy.connor.e | 30 mai 2020

sounds like you should move to texas

Orthopod | 30 mai 2020

I don’t own enough guns to move to Texas

andy.connor.e | 31 mai 2020

I hear Texas offeres a free magnum when you cross the border. Its perfect for you

WW_spb | 31 mai 2020

Please flag away Fishtroll

Orthopod | 31 mai 2020

Please make a new thread when we can order a 7 seater Model Y

This is the day I have been waiting the most since my Model 3

EVGuy2018 | 31 mai 2020

Any word on Model Y deliveries to Fla?

gmr6415 | 31 mai 2020

I was hoping they would address the use of the heat pump. Bummer!

Orthopod | 6 juin 2020

I hope the third row seats I’ll have the same 5 stars rating as the Model S crash test

lbowroom | 6 juin 2020

Should, could, if. Why bother saying anything?

lbowroom | 6 juin 2020

Looks like maxxer is able to provide the ying to fish’s yang more successfully than raqball did.

WW_spb | 6 juin 2020


lbowroom | 6 juin 2020

Painfully obvious tactic

WW_spb | 6 juin 2020

I just laugh at FishTroll and his helpers

ReD eXiLe ms us | 6 juin 2020

Public Service Announcement: FEESHICE is a longtime Troll of multiple user names who only seeks to fill the forums with his long-held anti-Tesla Agenda. Which is why he repeatedly suggests safety features available on ICE cars are superior to what Tesla includes on their cars, or that Tesla vehicles are inherently 'unsafe' somehow, despite completely acing NHTSA, Euro NCAP, Asean NCAP, and IIHS safety crash standards... If at all possible, please ignore, flag, or block his posts, as they tend to be filled with inaccurate data, faulty mathematics, unreasonable prose, absolute disinformation, repeated misinformation, multiple lies, and are just plain dumb. You have been warned. Thank you.

andy.connor.e | 7 juin 2020

Hey Maxxer, i'll trade my camry for your M3. Mine gets alot more range.

PteRoy | 7 juin 2020

If you’re looking for a seven seater, check out the soon to be released genesis gv80.

jordanrichard | 7 juin 2020

When they do come out with the 7 seater Y, it all likelihood, the rear seats will be rear facing, just like the Model S. Now, while I did test drive a Y, I did not notice if there were any rear facing vents like in the X. This was a huge issue for having kids in the back of the S, no AC/heat.

lbowroom | 9 juin 2020

Yikes, do you actually thing you’re effective?

FISHEV | 9 juin 2020

@Orothopod should take one of his brain and spine co-workers to check it. Rear end collisions are very common and bashing one's head and compressing the cervical spine on that cross bar looks dangerous.

lbowroom | 9 juin 2020

Your opinion on this carries what kind of weight?

Orthopod | 9 juin 2020

I am running 15-20 miles every Sunday with 2 spine surgeons, they are my best running partners.
I’ll ask them

lbowroom | 9 juin 2020

About the crash worthiness of the Model Y? What expertise will they be able to offer?

FISHEV | 9 juin 2020

@lbowroom | June 9, 2020 About the crash worthiness of the Model Y? What expertise will they be able to offer?"

What would happen to cervical spine if head is pushed down under the cross pillar in an accident. Cervical compression fractures.

" The majority of fractures and dislocations of the spinal column occur in the cervical spine because it is the most mobile portion of the spinal column, and understandably, the most vulnerable to injury."

This is a quadriplegic spinal injury.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 9 juin 2020

Wait for crash test dummies; they will offer meaningful information.

lbowroom | 9 juin 2020

Yes fish, and how will two surgeons onA test drive assess how well the Model Y performs in that regard?

yudansha™ | 9 juin 2020

@Orthopod I would like to know how you do all that. Work 80 hours, 5 kids at home, running 20 miles, biking 50 miles...

dgstan | 9 juin 2020

I've driven both cars. The Model Y has less visibility, window-wise. However, what you do see is much more useful than what you see out the back of the Model 3 (mostly sky as the rear deck cuts off the bottom half of the view).

I was VERY concerned about the limited visibility in the Y until I drove one for myself.


Orthopod | 10 juin 2020


I sleep 5h a night
I have 19 hours of free time everyday

I have cycled 500km last week

WW_spb | 10 juin 2020

yudansha™ | June 9, 2020
@Orthopod I would like to know how you do all that. Work 80 hours, 5 kids at home, running 20 miles, biking 50 miles...

Good question. Maybe he is Superman /s