How to tell if Superchager is broken before pulling in?

How to tell if Superchager is broken before pulling in?

Friday I went to the relatively new 12-station Goleta, CA supercharger station that reported on the car screen 4 out-of-order but there was no way to tell which ones when I arrived. I wasted time trying 2 before finding one that worked. Since neither the car nor app identifies them, is there a way to visually tell which don't work before pulling in?

FISHEV | 28 juin 2020

At night if the light is out. Hard to see light during the day. People sometimes put the cable over the charger to let others know it’s not working. Tesla tech who fixes them said not to do that as otherwise they can’t see the charger remotely to get an alert. So people plug it back in.

If you find one, use the toll free Emergency Service number buy hitting the white T and then use the “Charging Issues” selection on the phone tree and report it as out. Do it when you plug in and it doesn’t work. They can check it when it is plugged in. It says you don’t need to report, they know it’s down but every time I’ve called they didn’t know and they put in a work order.

jerrykham | 29 juin 2020

It really varies. I have seen ones in Concord, CA with yellow caution tape around ones that were out of order. I have seen hand made signs on some others where other owners have put the signs up. Other times like what you found in Goleta there will be nothing.

dcverde | 29 juin 2020

Thanks for replies. It's hard to believe that a company that can make a car can't have the app/screen show which stations are broken leaving owners to resort to yellow tape or hand made signs. There's no way I'm going to hang around a broken station to report it when I have to keep trying others to find a good one and then, if I understand FISHEV correctly, can't report the bad one that I'm no longer connected to. I have a basic JuiceNet account at my office and not only does the app show which are "unavailable" (occupied or broken) but the boxes have a bright green light if they're working. Thinking the Tesla engineers should spend less time on new fart sounds and a bit more on useful efforts. | 29 juin 2020

@dcverde - Considering how rare I've encountered a bad Supercharger over the last 7 years, it is a rare event, I'm not sure it's worth the effort although I agree it would be nice.

From reports of owners who love fart sounds (although I'm not one of them), I think they would like those sounds more than failed stall indicator. The software efforts are maybe 1000 times more effort to track and process bad SC stalls if it is even possible. Then you'd get stalls marked bad when it might be fine and the car is at fault or user error such as not fully plugged in. I can see lots of issues.

With so few instances of real issues, I doubt I would even bother to check if it was reported a stall might be bad.

Xerogas | 29 juin 2020

@dcverde: "if I understand FISHEV correctly."
FISHEV is a known troll on these forums, with an anti-EV and anti-Tesla agenda. Best to ignore.

FISHEV | 29 juin 2020

@dcverde | June 29, 2020 if I understand FISHEV correctly, can't report the bad one that I'm no longer connected to.“

You can and should report it, it’s just that if you still connected when you call they actively look at and possibly try and reset it.

But if you’ve already moved, still report it as even though the message says you don’t need to, they rarely know it’s down when you do call.

Shesmyne2 | 29 juin 2020

+1 TT.

Still Grinning ;-)