Will Bike Fit in S

Will Bike Fit in S

Will a mountain bike with 29 inch wheels fit inside an S if the front wheel is removed?

Bighorn | 16 février 2016

Early on I remember someone putting a tandem in the back withe the seats down

cquail | 17 février 2016

Yes. I take my front wheel off.

Half Dollar Bill | 17 février 2016

We took two bikes on our road trip - in the back, wheels attached, seats down. Wasn't worth it for the amount of time we rode them but still nice to know it can be done. Hint: take out the rear well cover and put the front wheel in there.

tjhappel | 17 février 2016

Easy with the front wheel removed, especially if the seats are laid down.

rxlawdude | 17 février 2016

Echoing others, absolutely no problem.

Mike83 | 17 février 2016

Absofrickinglutely. Road, mountain, tandem or several folding bicycles. Is anyone good at puzzles?

Silver2K | 17 février 2016

there are many types of folding bikes that would fit easily.

I know my 2 Montague hummer bikes would easily fit

tomrdavis | 17 février 2016

I ride my bike a lot and hardly ever have more than one passenger, so I almost always have the rear seats down and a blanket over everything. The bike with both wheels on fits easily in and out with plenty of extra room if I wanted it.

ParklandFLMike | 17 février 2016

Google "Fitting Bike Tesla Model S Trunk"

then click on the images tab

Plenty of real photos

mjwellman | 17 février 2016

I put on the Eco hitch from Torklift and then use my old bike rack. Works great and I don't have to hassle with getting dirty bikes in my car.

mitch | 17 février 2016

I have put 3 track bikes in the back of mine. Also, 2 road bikes, only 1x MTB though. Lots of room
Also have a Whispbar (for Tesla) bike rack on the roof. Slick.
Local velorome has J1772s, so I m hardly ever charging at home :)

s.grot | 17 février 2016

I have had 4 bikes plus 4 people in the MS; but did have all wheels off

paul | 17 février 2016

A medium size 29" mountain bike will fit in a model S with the back seats folded down without removing either the front or real wheel. A large 29" will need to have the front wheel removed. I put bikes in my Model S all the time including road bikes and mountain bikes of various types and sizes. No bike takes up more room than a 29" mountain bike but like I said, a medium will fit with both wheels on. One reason not to get a D is that you can fit a set of wheels in the frunk of a 2WD S.

rxlawdude | 17 février 2016

@s.grot - How well did the Tesla do with all the wheels off? :-)

leggett24 | 17 février 2016

I've put two fat bikes in the back of mine. With the seats down the S has more room than a station wagon

finman100 | 19 février 2016

hover mode

teslaliving | 7 mars 2016

I have a 54cm Trek Domane 4.0 which I just took to FL (from MA) and back for some good riding. Folded the rear seats down and plunked it in there. Didn't block the rear view mirror and plenty of room with it in there. Didn't take the wheels off or anything.

ssarker | 8 mars 2016

We fit a tandem bike in the Model S with the rear seats folded and the front passenger seat pulled all the way forward (I have a picture somewhere, probably on TMC).

2 rear seats folded accommodates at least 2 adult bikes with front wheels off + 1 kid bike. My husband thinks it is more trouble than using a bike rack on his Camry but fusses more because the other bikes are touching his fancy one!

KL | 21 décembre 2016

I fit my fully-assembled 54cm road bike in the back with seats down regularly because I ride 100-150 miles a week. I need to try fitting in two bikes with wheels off, but I think this can be done too.

vp09 | 21 décembre 2016

Last week I had my 29er in our 90D. Had to put front end of bike forward. Handle bars too wide to close hatch if back end goes in first. I tossed a blanket over it and then set my 10 speed on it and closed the hatch.

Silver2K | 21 décembre 2016

I fit 2 hummer mountain bikes foldedo in the back with a cooler and some other stuff with back seats folded down

RedShift | 21 décembre 2016

I have a folding 26" wheel bike that fits in the trunk when folded.

SCCRENDO | 21 décembre 2016

When I ride with my wife we use the bike rack on her car. When I ride alone I fold down my back seats and put my bike in the back of my Model S. Have a Look rode bike. To fit 2 bikes in we need to take wheels off. I couldn't be bothered.

Newampster | 21 décembre 2016

My 55lb fat tire ebike fits in my MS, front tire on. But easier to put in with tire off. Incredible space back there.

Newampster | 21 décembre 2016

My 55lb fat tire ebike fits in my MS, front tire on. But easier to put in with tire off. Incredible space back there.