Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums

Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums

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Badbot | 30 mai 2017

portfolio of design sketches
1 print of sketches

lilbean | 2 juin 2017

Come on Tesla. You know who to ban.

mntlvr23 | 3 juin 2017

Come on Tesla. YOu knOw whO tO bban ;)

lilbean | 3 juin 2017

Haha! Wh0 c0uld it p0ssibly bbe?

akgolf | 3 juin 2017

That's funny!

kjones | 16 juin 2017

will the battery range in the base model 3 be better than the CHEVY BOLT?????

evisser747 | 25 juin 2017

Is there a way to search the forums for a topic I am looking for or expand the number of results on each page.....thx


Rutrow | 26 juin 2017

FLHX13, You can do a Google search, starting with "Tesla model (?) forum"

Rutrow | 26 juin 2017

Oops, wrong person, evisser747. You can do a Google search, starting with "Tesla model (?) forum"

Rutrow | 26 juin 2017

A "Back to Tesla Model (?)" button at the bottom of the page would be nice.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 26 juin 2017

A Google search, phrased as such, should work fine...


andy.connor.e | 12 juillet 2017

Killing me with the "I'm not a robot". Been posting on here for nearly 2 years, missed it once now i have to answer 2 verification "select the images" things.

JeffreyR | 27 juillet 2017
jsanford | 4 août 2017

Please consider adding two features to the forum. We really need a search function, or even "my threads" function. I logged in to check my first-time-EV-owner thread and it's buried in pages of threads about glovebox buttons, leather seats and the dangers of children being out in the sun. Thank you for your consideration.

weluvm3 | 4 août 2017

We need to be able to edit our posts. A like button would be nice. A button to open a thread at the first unread message.

Tcloutier5890 | 4 août 2017

I am having trouble with adding a new post? Any ideas?

bmz | 8 août 2017

Who is blocking me and why?

coolnewworld | 8 août 2017

An edit option would be nice. I typo more than I'd like to. A lot of us do.

andy.connor.e | 14 août 2017

Type into microsoft word first, spell check, then post.

Remnant | 18 août 2017

My ability to post a new topic is gone.

Can you, please, restore it?

andy.connor.e | 18 août 2017

Refresh page, open new browser, or delete cookies. I've found that this site logs you off without indication. I have not heard of anyone actually getting banned or restricted.

bmz | 7 septembre 2017

Do you guys ever read a thread before you block someone? I responded to someone who was posting vulgar scatological insults by saying that he "disgusted me"; and you block ME?

prsist | 13 septembre 2017

Please create a FAQ link for ABSOLUTE known facts about the Model 3. I'd be rich if I had a dollar for every time somebody has started a thread asking about steering wheel heaters, or satellite radios, and other topics.

montouri.f | 16 septembre 2017

@Frank99....enjoy reading your posts...I am also in Arizona with a model 3 reservation...would like to exchange emails with you if you deem appropriate..respectfully,

andy.connor.e | 11 octobre 2017

I really dont want to have to Ctrl+C (copy) every one of my posts im about to make out of fear that i am going to be logged out, and everything that i typed will be lost. Its like, i go and log in, then after 2 posts i get logged out. What is going on..... get it together plz

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 octobre 2017

I Love Followin...: In the list of threads here, look at the 'Replies' column. For each thread there is a gray/grey numeral for the total number of replies. Immediately below that is a RED numeral that indicates unread replies. Click the RED numeral and you'll find it is a link to the most recent post under the topic. Naturally, if both numerals displayed are at the same increment, then you may not have seen the original post yet, and can just click the link to the subject line instead.

mdjmd | 18 octobre 2017

Concur with a "search" feature. Yes, we can "google" it, but google search also shows a bunch of unrelated junk. It'd be nice to search within the forums, within the Tesla site. Just my 2 cents.

Rocky_H | 8 novembre 2017

@mdjmd, That's why this thread has a section about how to search this forum.

Bruce11 | 30 novembre 2017

Model 3 key issues. Tesla is making a BIG mistake requiring your phone on and in your pocket. The CC option requires that you open the car, quickly get in even though I only wanted to get into the trunk.

Please give us another key fob. My model S and Model X key FOBs work just fine.

andy.connor.e | 30 novembre 2017

If the phone poses an issue to you, thats why they have the keycard.

mamafuzbot | 18 mars 2018

For some reason I am unable to initate a post on the model 3 forum. Any help???

Carl Thompson | 18 mars 2018


I've found that in my web browser on my computer I have to maximize the browser window (or hit F11 to go full screen) before the "Preview" or "Save" buttons will work. If that's not the problem you're having can you give us a better description?

mamafuzbot | 28 mars 2018

@Carl Thompson - thanks for your reply. I did try your tips, but no dice. I am working with the Tesla support team now. I couldn't post at all for a bit there.

Silver2K | 1 avril 2018


firefox will take care of this issue

wrkarpinia | 2 avril 2018

How do we find out where we are on the delivery list?

Silver2K | 2 avril 2018

Contact your ds

JerryJBanks | 3 avril 2018

@ mamafuzbot,
I get the same issue sometimes. Tried different browsers with the same result. The Save key just did nothing. Kinda like using my app for a car key. lol

jbilgihan | 4 avril 2018

Any chance of adding a search to the forum so we can reduce the amount of duplicate threads?

Silver2K | 4 avril 2018
repstein1952 | 6 avril 2018

I reserved at West Palm Beach store on 3/31/16 and received invitation today to configure. Three to 6 weeks for delivery.

bill | 7 avril 2018

Can I set it up so I get an email alert when someone participates in a thread I started? How about a thread I've just participated in?

fieldsfury | 9 avril 2018

Just ordered mine! AWD here it comes!!

stormtroopers138 | 14 avril 2018

I'm in New Jersey and ordered back in April 2016. I still do not have a invite yet. However I did get a message stating my invite will be delayed until early 2019. This is crazy!!!!

hherrerarams | 16 avril 2018

I ordered my Tesla Model 3 last Saturday, got my confirmation on Sunday, so excited!!!

carolyn_nemo | 16 avril 2018

Has anyone with a April 1st reservation received an invite yet? Mine still shows May-July delivery.

Sreeejith.menon | 21 avril 2018

Yes, I got my invite last week.

johnyi | 22 avril 2018

A bunch of us 3/31 reservation holders just got our invites on 4/18. Don't know how many more of us are left waiting, but if your April+ you're not behind.

rtzmd | 22 avril 2018

What is your location? I also have an April 1st reservation but mine shows June-August delivery. :(

Rutrow | 22 avril 2018

Uhhhhmmm... this thread is supposed to be about how to use the forum. You know, things like tips, tricks, hints, on how to post and search the forum. If you just want to declare that you configured, or reserved, or ask others about when they reserved, there are a plethera of existing threads you could post those comments to. Please only use this pinned thread for its intended purposes.

Thanks! Enjoy the forum. :-)

SKOOKPORTER | 22 avril 2018

We pickup our red Model 3 on Wednesday the 25th in Santa Barbara. Pretty darned exciting! We put our reservation in at 10:00am March 31, 2016. We're not employees nor previous owners of a MS or MX... so that means to me the car is finally coming into meaningful production. Wonder if the recent cessation of production is over and the new equipment is installed and we're back to work.