Daydreamer's Script for The Model ≡ Event

Daydreamer's Script for The Model ≡ Event

If I could determine how The Model ≡ Event would open it would be something like this....

At 8:29PM Pacific the room would go dark and the screen behind the stage would show this video:

Start w/ a close up of Elon's eyes:

ELON: "At Tesla our mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport."

Frame starts to back up to show Elon standing on top of a dais or some stairs.

ELON: "I am proud of what our team has been able to accomplish in such a short time."

Frame goes back enough to show the three current models lined up below Elon. The Model X has its FWD open.

ELON: "We started w/ a dream that became our first release, the Roadster."

Roadster races off like a very, quiet shot.

ELON: "Next came the award-winning Model S."

Model S races off. The doors of Model X have been closing...

ELON: "Then the incomparable Model X."

Elon is moving down the steps as the Model X races away. Elon walks towards the camera.

ELON: "It's time to introduce our next generation... the Model ≡."

Cut to Elon as he picks up the M≡ fob and presses its Summon button. Frame is right on the fob as a driver-less M≡ pulls up.

Elon pockets the fob as the camera pulls back and shows the M≡ in all of its glory. Elon walks up, steps in, and races off. Camera pulls back and cranes up.

Cut to a new camera as M≡ approaches then drives over it.

Screen fades to black showing the ≡ logo. Just then Elon drives a M≡ onto stage.


Getting blocked by Mollom. It looks like including little images to help storyboard is getting in the way. I'll break them up into comments later if I can get this post at all.

MarlonBrown | 29 mars 2016

I would do like this:
The stage is dark. Quiet. A pair of headlights flash. Then stage lights are turned on 30 seconds later, but there is no car to show. Elon gets up under the lights to say a bunch of features about the car. 30 minutes later, everything goes dark again. Once again unique and never seen before headlghts flash. Later when stage lights are turned on, you see the Model S lined up there and some product manager starts talking about the upcoming Model S refresh and car success. It goes on like that, until at certain point headlights are indeed from the Model 3; the public will get wild. Let the party begin.

Tesla Bahamas | 30 mars 2016

Very creative. Will have to watch the unveiling the next day. Can't get too excited about the Tesla Motors until (if) they open a store here.

PhillyGal | 30 mars 2016

@JeffreyR - Even without the pictures I saw very clear imagery of your script. Well done!

NKYTA | 30 mars 2016


dd.micsol | 30 mars 2016

I won't be watching-I'll be dreaming of driving the E. ZZZZZZZZ.
When I hear-car is under production-I'll get a little excited.
When I hear-car is ready for delivery-I'll nearly faint.
When I hear the delivery truck roll in and call me to meet them-I'll shit my pants.
I'll need a bathroom break and new clothes-When the car rolls out the truck-I'll go crazy wild.
donuts around - with the car that is. :)

appleblossom-us-pa | 30 mars 2016

@JeffreyR - Loved it. Let's hope it goes better than this.

Red Sage ca us | 30 mars 2016

We're all stars now in the dope show.

Hi_Tech | 30 mars 2016

@JeffreyR - I like the story presented! Very well done! Simple and to the point.

@appleblossom - Love the Homer car link! Hopefully, it's nothing like that tomorrow night! hahahaha...

JeffreyR | 30 mars 2016

Thanks folks. It took two times (must remember to copy before submitting). I wish I had the Oatmeal's chops to draw it up. Glad you enjoyed it.

Chunky Jr. | 30 mars 2016

At the end I hope he borrows a line from Steve Jobs and introduces "one more thing" that is also very cool and no one expects.

flight505 | 30 mars 2016

I see it this way:

8:29 PM, stage is dark, lights come on and we see...

Elon camping out in a tent.

Just kidding, the hours just creep by waiting for this new car. I've got to do something productive.

Ross1 | 31 mars 2016

10:30 pm

JeffreyR | 31 mars 2016

@Ross, made me laugh. I just hope that Tesla realizes they need to get some "big iron" behind this live stream. Judging from the numbers of people in line today, it's going to be huge!

Thor A | 31 mars 2016


JeffreyR | 1 avril 2016

I really enjoyed the event. The presentation behind Elon looked great. I'm glad they did talk about the Secret Plan and history of the different models.

Red Sage ca us | 5 avril 2016

I liked that it seemed Elon had actually practiced this time. He may have been slightly 'off-script' a couple of places, but I don't mind. This was all very obviously important to him. I'm very happy that he introduced the company's motivations and goals to all the newcomers who were undoubtedly watching. As usual, he seemed to be thoroughly sincere throughout. As much as I liked the big screen presentation behind him on the stage...? He might consider doing the next presentation 'in the round' with stadium seating, though.

JeffreyR | 5 avril 2016

@Red Sage +1
I agree it looked practiced w/o seeming too robotic. Big improvement for sure. As you can tell from my OP I wanted to hear the Mission and a touch of history. So very happy indeed. It didn't hurt that my very first instant impression of the new car was... Oh Yes!

Red Sage ca us | 8 avril 2016

Just one look at you and I know it's gonna be a lovely day.