Glad I preordered the Model 3

Glad I preordered the Model 3

I was second in line at the New York City store but I think I was the 3rd order to be processed in that store. I love the car. The front reminds me of a Porche and a Ferrari. The interior is beautiful, so clean. Thanks Roadster and Model S owners for making this happen. Can't wait to take delivery.

carlk | 31 mars 2016

This is not the final version of course but it does give us the idea of what the design direction is going to be. A modern and clean interior with smartly designed but still conventional exterior. Great that it does not have even a hint of those new Japanese exaggerated look which I really hate.

jordanrichard | 31 mars 2016

Don't like the nose. Hopefully they adopt the MX nose. The one is silver looked the best.

carlk | 31 mars 2016

Remember the reaction when people first saw the MX nose? Elon and Franz must have looked at the M3 nose thousands of times. If it passed them I'm pretty sure it will look good after we get used to it. That said I think the front looks pretty nice already. A little Panamera with an EV touch. Like I said I'm just glad it did not go the new Japanese look.

Madatgascar | 31 mars 2016

Definitely glad I didn't wait. 115,000 ordered in the first 24 hours!
Waiting until the next day probably cost some people a year of extra wait.

It looked a little snub-nosed, but otherwise gorgeous. Franz will keep working on the nose I'm sure.

Haggy | 31 mars 2016

There have been plenty of people who liked everything about the S but the nose. Tesla showed the X with a substantially similar nose in the beginning, but by the end it was different. Now there are people who like it and those who don't. The same will be the case with the 3. I don't think a license plate will ruin the contour of the 3 as much as it does with the S.

baronalan | 31 mars 2016

Don't like the platypus nose. But otherwise it looks like a great car.

Blue Diamond | 31 mars 2016

The nose reminded me a bit of a Porsche as well, but I really don't like it. I hope they improve it.

I still think the Model S nose is the sexiest.

Chunky Jr. | 31 mars 2016

I bet it looks better in person that it does on the video or photos.

grant1965 | 31 mars 2016

I don"t like the front end i thought is would look better sporty front end nah i don"t like it model S front end much better

Chunky Jr. | 31 mars 2016

At the rate reservations are going, if I order one now I might not get it until 2019!

Haggy | 31 mars 2016

Anybody who doesn't like the front end could wait it out or cancel the reservation. Anybody planning to cancel? Anybody? Hello...anybody? Come on. Out of 115,000 somebody must have been disappointed. No?

I personally don't mind having a nose that's less than perfect as long as I have a cute rear end.

MikelMNJ | 31 mars 2016

I am also not a fan of the hood, not necessarily the nose -- the nose looks Model X like, except I wish they threw the cut and T emblems on the nose like the Model X has. The hood and lights remind me of the roadster, and it really clashes with the elegant design of the rest of the car, which looks very Model S/X like.

Nexxus | 1 avril 2016

The nose looks okay to me. To each their own, I guess. They probably had to make it that way for structural/safety reasons in the crash tests. Can't wait to get mine, oh... right, end of 2017 or 2018. Darn!!

Ankit Mishra | 1 avril 2016

I like the nose.

Hi_Tech | 1 avril 2016

I think it has a slight Porsche look to it now, which I've always liked.
I'm kind of disappointed with the tablet sticking out only. Everything else is just amazing! :)

Chunky Jr. | 1 avril 2016

That nose is probably cheaper/easier to build and more aerodynamic than alternatives.

PhillyGal | 1 avril 2016

I didn't like the nose at first look but a few moments later it grew on me. Just posted a 35 second video of the car but of course the spam filter disallowed the link.

YouTube: Electric Jen

SUN 2 DRV | 1 avril 2016

Haggy +1 and another +10

" I don't think a license plate will ruin the contour of the 3 as much as it does with the S."

"I personally don't mind having a nose that's less than perfect as long as I have a cute rear end."

Sooooo right on both counts!

dd.micsol | 1 avril 2016

Amen to that. Man it's going to be a long wait for those ordering now. Will Elon stop s and X (halt) to get model 3 going? With 10b on the line-he might do that.

carlk | 1 avril 2016


Yes and some Aston Martin in there too. Also I believe the nose will look much better in person when lights and shadows accentuate or subdue different parts of the featureless suface just like in the X.

Mike83 | 1 avril 2016

Its the aerodynamics. I like it. Very glad I ordered. I even like the instrument panel. I am sure they will do some changes but keep it efficient. I am impressed with its 0 to 60 takeoff. Looks like I am not the only one.