Early Deposit no receipt with number or time stamp HOW WILL THEY KNOW ???

Early Deposit no receipt with number or time stamp HOW WILL THEY KNOW ???

For all the early people they gave deposits at the store how will they know who was first in line will get a priority number or receipt with some kind of number and time stamp does anybody know about this thank you

Bighorn | 31 mars 2016

Computers can keep track of that sort of stuff

Darryl | 31 mars 2016

I don't think they will. We ordered at 10:20 am and still don't have an email. The reality is reservation order will be irrelevant as it did with the Model X as the only things which matters is what you ordered with the most highly optioned cars going first. With the number of cars being ordered it will be several years until they finish the highly optioned cars and start on the base to mud-range cars.

kkramer1990 | 31 mars 2016

Emails come 24 hours after the order. Everyone stay patient lol my credit card was charged, that's enough for me

BAT1 | 31 mars 2016

The next 24hrs is going to be interesting....CC says pending. Based in UK...could be 3-4 years b4 they put the steering wheel on the right side!!

johntae | 1 avril 2016

The deposit went right through, but no receipt of any kind? Might I suggest hiring someone who knows how to run a Point of Sales program?

nikhil48 | 1 avril 2016

What was the point of standing in line and reserving it early if that's not gonna matter? I am pretty sure they're gonna have to take that into consideration when scheduling the deliveries. This is very unlike when X or S were launched.

Dr. Toonhattan | 1 avril 2016

My email confirmation came within a few minutes. I was still in the store when it came through.

ann | 1 avril 2016

@Darryl: how will they know which cars will be ordered with options? We haven't selected options yet. Just curious, thanks!

Captain_Zap | 1 avril 2016

It could make 6 months or more difference if they are ramping up production. You may have 50k or 100k head start. It just will not make a big difference in the number of days you wait since they batch cars.

Captain_Zap | 1 avril 2016


You will be invited to select your options a month or two before your car is ready. The options are not ironed out yet.

cabbower | 21 avril 2016

Put down a deposit on model 3 two weeks ago and was told I would receive and email communication within 48 hours. Still waiting. This does not bode well for customer service

SCCRENDO | 21 avril 2016

@cabbower. Could be an issue with your email. Did they charge your credit card and do you have a reservation on your Tesla site

Darryl | 22 avril 2016

The reservation only determines the order you are invitited to configure and order when the design studio opens. They have already said current Tesla owners will be added to the top of the west coast group. They will invite you to design in groups of around 5000 people per day with the west coast group going first Therefore whether you are 500 or 1000 or 5000 in line the way they create these group the first group all get the invite at the exact same time. Then in a few days they will go to the next group of 5000 west coast reservist. They don't wait for the first group to finish as some people take an hour to configure while other will take months to configure. They will go through these groups of 5000 cars until all reserved cars are invited to configure in the first regional group (west coast group including current Tesla owners. Then they will move to the second regional group and again do it in groups of 5000 every few days until this group is depleted. Therefore your exact place in line becomes less important since they invite so many people at the exact same time. What is more important is how fast you configure and place your order when your turn comes. The most important thing is what you order as the fully loaded cars go to the top of the list, Tesla has repeated this several times.

With the Model X I was almost 9000 in the reservation line but because once I received my configuration invite I quickly made my decisions and ordered a fully loaded car within minutes my car was one of the very first cars off the production line. Therefore again your place in the reservation line is not as important as what and how fast you order.

Haggy | 23 avril 2016

Musk said that in retrospect, it was a mistake starting with fully loaded vehicles for the Model X. He wants to be fair to customers and not screw anybody out of a tax credit for not ordering enough options. He doesn't want a repeat of the press referring to the Model X as a $135,000 vehicle when he was trying to position it as one that starts at $5000 more than the Model S.

There's no way of knowing exactly how Tesla plans to do it, but starting off with 5000 at a time would mean that those existing customers who waited in line would get no extra priority for it whatsoever.

KdotB | 24 avril 2016

They've designed cars that are revolutionizing an industry that hasn't seen such a change in over 100 years.

I'm pretty sure they'll figure out who gets dibs