This car really need a HATCH

This car really need a HATCH

Do we need one, or me this tiny narrow "thing", is so old ICE looking.

FREE ENERGY | 2 avril 2016

Here, scroll down, there is a picture of the "door" ... is this a joke I may ask.

FREE ENERGY | 2 avril 2016
FREE ENERGY | 2 avril 2016

Also Bjørn Nyland having one major concern, a missing real trunk hatch

jordanrichard | 2 avril 2016

And how is that trunk opening any different from similar cars that size?

SUN 2 DRV | 2 avril 2016

Jordan: Many similar cars that size have a hatchback....

saltsman | 2 avril 2016

I need a trunk AND a hatch. Trunk in the front, Hatch in the back. Two trunks are redundant.

babystrange1967 | 2 avril 2016

Yes, this is the one big disappointment I have with the car, so far. For now, I assume that it still could change between now and when manufacturing begins. And maybe, if I get a chance to see the actual car in person, before ordering, I'll decide it's not a problem after all. But I really was hoping for a hatch.

hcwhy | 2 avril 2016

Being an owner that has a dog in the car most of the time, the hatch is a huge plus. Others take their dogs in sedans, but the poor dog is standing on the back seat perpendicular to the line of travel...not ideal. Plus it's necessary to have a covering over the seats all the time or risk damage from the dog's toe nails....not as attractive as a folded seat.

cephellow | 2 avril 2016

I've got no problem with no hatch, they will probably follow up with a CUV with a hatch. Looking at pictures closely, it looks like the 'hat shelf' is segmented in such a way that half of it will slide back, which may allow the pup to sit back there anyway, with his head popping out of the back. Right now, I allow the dog to ride in the back seat of my P85D, he really likes that Napa leather a lot. I think the model 3 will work out for him as well.

ram1901 | 2 avril 2016

+1 @cephellow Phase II Test drive videos also mentioned a base model option steel roof ...

dsvick | 2 avril 2016

Not sure how they'd do a hatch with the glass that goes all the way to the back. You'd need a seem in the glass. | 2 avril 2016

They will offer a Crossover for those who want a hatchback.