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Paul Carter | 30 août 2016

I've started taking a stab at coming up with a model on the Average Selling Price based on intended configurations. Anyone interested in the configuration screen also estimating your build price (in USD)?

In any case, please update your information if you haven't done so. A few options were added later and some have no indicated their intentions yet.

jeffersonhunt | 30 août 2016

I'm interested in a price estimate for model 3 options.

sbeggs | 31 août 2016


I would also be interested, thank you!

Paul Carter | 2 novembre 2016

New Popular Combinations Report now available. See how battery, drive and drive train configuration options are being combined. Register and check it out.

It only takes a few minutes to register and add your reservation to the tracker. Your username and email are never shared or sold. You can edit your account email subscription preferences to not receive any emails as well.

Paul Carter | 7 novembre 2016

Configuration update: Supercharging is now made standard as its likely that the change for 2017 for the Model S/X will apply to the Model 3.

AlMc | 16 novembre 2016

Hope you get more people filling in their reservations.

based on this interview it appears TM has 600,000 model 3 reservations!

Paul Carter | 17 novembre 2016

@AlMc Thanks. Wow! Getting a lot of new data lately.

Paul Carter | 19 novembre 2016 Summary Statistics as of 2016-11-19 10:00 PST: Range lovers remain supreme

Recent Observation: Since the announcement of the full self driving hardware, many contributors who've come back to update their record are moving towards having this feature activated. The ratio of enhanced Autopilot vs. Full Self Driving may be under reported. Its proving to be popular with new contributors too.

Have a Model 3 reservation? Register and enter your reservation in the tracker to win one of ten "Getting Ready for Model 3" by Roger S. Pressman books.

At the end of each month a luck contributor will be drawn. Winner pays applicable shipping by donation to Contest ends August 31, 2017.

Paul Carter | 16 janvier 2017

New Release: Estimated Pricing Beta

Estimate Pricing Beta Feature: Options now show an estimated pricing model.

This is only speculation and provides a guesstimate only. In most cases, this will exclude all taxes and fees, unless otherwise noted.

For the beta, the following countries will also have an estimated configuration total.

United States
Australia (with NSW estimated tax included price)

Note: The exchange rates used are currently based a Tesla Model S as of January 15, 2017. Examples:

Euros conversion for a Model S stands around 1.18 and options around 0.95

Canada conversion for a Model S stands around 1.40 and options around 1.35

You can now also optionally enter your Model 3 budget for your configuration or provide your maximum budget.

andy.connor.e | 16 janvier 2017

Pretty tired of speculations. Giant conglomeration of opinions. Waiting is better

bmwgs | 16 janvier 2017

If so,find another forum for the next 8 months.

Paul Carter | 4 avril 2017

New Dashboard: Interesting Trending Stats

A new dashboard section will highlight new trends found in the data.


(1) Configuration Intent: AWD to RWD. On the recent news that rear wheel drive will be produced first a trend of contributors switching from all wheel drive to rear wheel drive is being observed.

(2) Configuration Intent: EAP to FSD. As more contributors come back after the Full Self Driving was announced, people are switching from enhanced auto pilot to add the full self driving to it.

sbeggs | 5 avril 2017

@Paul Carter,

Interesting. Thanks for extracting the trends as they evolve.