When did you first wash your car?

When did you first wash your car?

We took delivery last week of our car. It has been exactly one week of bliss driving our new S. Now, the question is, when do you wash it for the first time? Do you wait a few weeks? A month? Anyone have any tips?


buchholtz3 | 8 avril 2016

I was washing mine within 5 days. Had to keep him looking spiffy!!

monymgr | 8 avril 2016

Best advice I can give you is do not take it to a car wash and let them run it through their washers. Have them hand wash it! Now to your question, whenever you don't like the way it looks.

Enjoy your car as much as I do.

Anthony J. Parisio | 9 avril 2016

With the first week and every week since. No Machine touches my car.

PlanoPat | 9 avril 2016

I agree with the the others. My 'Tess is just over a year old and I wash by hand pretty much every week. Look up the "Two bucket method" on YouTube.

Silver2K | 9 avril 2016


did you get the tar off????

bruce | 9 avril 2016

I love the comments about hand washing the car... but WAIT... I live in CT and we can have months where the temp is TOO low to wash it by hand. (that is, if you don't want frostbite.) I have NO problem with the high pressure NO touch car washes.... (also, will clean out the crud underneath that was sprayed by the trucks to help melt the snow. (Yea, I know aluminum wont rust, but the crappy chemicals will mess up the paint.

Also, while I would NOT go to a car wash that has brushes, there are a lot that are mostly high pressure, but in the middle it will drag flat thin ribbon-like wet soapy cloths over the car. I wonder what that will do to the finish?

doug | 9 avril 2016

I received my P85D at the end of 2014, and spent a lot of time thinking about this. My friend's 2013 P85 had many swirls and scratches, so I knew the paint was soft.

I started with the two-bucket wash, once a week, using Chemical Guys Workhorse cloths and Optimum No-Rinse Wash & Shine. I then switched to Garry Dean's one-bucket wash (never re-dipping a cloth), because I was worried about scratching/swirling.

Ultimately I went with a full-car wrap with paint-protection film because I wanted to avoid the hundreds of tiny chips in my friend's paint. A side effect is that now the paint won't scratch or swirl. Now I just spray it with diluted Optimum Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer and wipe it with a microfiber cloth (one color for above the belt, another for below). I do the whole car in 10 minutes with 2 cloths. I do this about every 400 miles (usually when I'm stopped to supercharge). This leaves it with a high gloss that always turns heads.