3rd row seatback recall

3rd row seatback recall

I just found out from my DS that my undelivered VIN #1645 is effected by the recall. I'm scheduled to take delivery on April 25th. Anyone know if the seatback replacement parts are readily available? My DS says, no problemo. But I've heard rumblings elsewhere that parts availability is an issue. Anyone have some first hand knowledge to provide?

aesculus | 13 avril 2016

Tesla told us that have delivered cars to expect them in the next five weeks based on some rolling algorithm. They may be prioritizing the seats to cars that have not been delivered yet.

If they had asked when they sent the email out, I would have gladly dropped to the bottom of the pack because I doubt my 3rd row gets unfolded, except for demo's, in the next several months.

jwh8000 | 13 avril 2016

Just got the canned email a couple of days ago about the third row seat problem. They stated my X would be delivered with the new component. Yesterday I received the expect your delivery soon email with the same delivery date, late April early May. Doesn't seem to have changed delivery schedules.

madodel | 13 avril 2016

I have no plans to unfold my 3rd row other than for some demo's I've volunteered for, but I've gotten an email from a friend I've taken on a few trips in my X who wants me to get it fixed ASAP. Seems she wants to make sure my X can take its maximum passenger load in case something comes up. Apparently I've become a popular taxi service. ;-)

vperl | 14 avril 2016

When will all the SC get the parts, by end of month ?

elguapo | 14 avril 2016

@vperl The email said within 5 weeks and they'd do it faster if they could. It also said they were making the replacements seats now.

We all know, however, that "5 weeks" could mean 10. However, with a recall, though voluntary, I think they'll be running hard to have it done and it doesn't rely on their ability to produce them as they're made by a third party.

William9 | 14 avril 2016

If replacement parts not ready by my 4/25 delivery appointment, will they still allow me to pick up the car, with a due-bill for the seat backs? Have a monster trip planned for mid-May. As others have said, I will likely be leaving the 3rd row seats down most of the time.

elguapo | 14 avril 2016

@William9 They should. I think they could deliver with the same warning they gave to current owners. As long as they tell you not to use 3rd row, they should have no liability. The question is do they want to ship it and then have to retrofit or would they rather keep it and do it at factory to take pressure off of SC?

billwest6 | 14 avril 2016

No, don't believe they will deliver without the seat backs upgrade. My X is caught up for this reason. Believe federal rules are that neither a new or used car can be sold with an uncorrected outstanding recall. However recall is only for vehicles built before a certain date, I think it was something like 16 March, so maybe yours is not under a recall notice.

Big T | 14 avril 2016

I folded down the 3rd row seats to make sure no one used them. If your seats are caught up in the recall and you need 3 rows (need, not like to have), then they can prioritize your car if you contact your service center. I don't have a daily need for 3 rows so I told our service center to prioritize someone else when they asked me about it.

elguapo | 14 avril 2016

@Big T Thanks for letting us know about the prioritization. I definitely need three rows, so I will call my SC tomorrow.

mr.peter.tam | 14 avril 2016

My MX has already been at the SC for 1.5 weeks to update wind seals and other minor flaws & alignment issues. I contacted them about having the seats updated while my vehicle is already there but their response was basically "not sure when and not for a little while". Don't want to have my car sitting there waiting even though they gave me a MS loaner.

elguapo | 25 avril 2016

Called my SC last week to say is like to be prioritized, if possible, as I use my 3rd row frequently. They were very nice and said no one else had yet called and they'd put me on a list of there was one...

Then, today, they called me at 11:00am saying they'd just gotten a shipment of the new seats in and wanted to be sure to call me ASAP to schedule a time since I had told them I really needed to use them. Said they could do it tomorrow morning, so, in I go. Thrilled, once again, with amazing service from TM!

lilbean | 25 avril 2016

Mine is going in on Wednesday for a door issue. I asked if the 3rd row seat could be installed at that time and was told that the seats replacements are assigned and VIN specific. I would have to bring it in another time to have the seats replaced whenever they arrived. If my specific seats arrived during the time the car is in the service center, they would install them. It didn't too encouraging though.

vperl | 25 avril 2016

Corporate Tesla, at it's best

Gary an Rachel | 25 avril 2016

Installed today. I had a chance to look it over this afternoon and they look just like the old ones. They still had a couple of trim pieces to reinstall, so maybe will pick it up tomorrow.

Gary an Rachel | 25 avril 2016

Have you knoticed that if you keep your 3 rd row seats folded down that you loose a inch or two legroom in 2 nd row. So if it's more room you need pickup those 3rd row seats.

elguapo | 25 avril 2016

@Gary an Rachel That makes sense as the second row moves forward a bit to allow room for headrests. However, you can move it back manually. Headrests take up less room than legs in 3rd row. However, the second row has a penchant for crushing legs...

Big T | 25 avril 2016

Elguapo, glad you were prioritized for the recall. Let's hope only the most in need of the 3rd row ask too.

Sleepydoc1 | 26 avril 2016

My DS called on 4/13 to say my car was done but needed to go through the QC process and get the seats replaced. On 4/22 he called again to say the car was at Rocklin SC and will be ready for 4/25. I am picking it up on 4/28 due to my availability. Wishing I had the chance yesterday to get it. Oh well, what's 3 days after 2 years? I thought the letter said anything after 3/26 was fine. I have no idea on when my car entered production, but it will be delivered with the new seats.

aesculus | 27 avril 2016

Called the Rocklin, CA service center to enquire about getting another license plate frame to match the back one. While I was on the phone they asked me what my VIN was. They then asked if I could bring it in next week to get the seats dealt with. So I am on for the 4th.

And they said they could take care of my front plate too. :-)

Sleepydoc1 | 27 avril 2016

@aesculus - maybe I need to deal with the front plate tomorrow. Hmm? I'll be at the social there Sunday. Anyone else going to Rocklin?

aesculus | 27 avril 2016

Is that the Summons one? BTW I was never invited to those events. I am not loved by Tesla. :-(

vperl | 27 avril 2016

Go figure.

SunShineBuildIng | 28 avril 2016

We own a regular production Model X P90D with VIN in the 250+ range that was in for service for a couple of minor issues. I was told that the 3rd row seats were replaced yesterday and they are waiting on a door seal that would arrive tomorrow!