Wheel swap on P90DL

Wheel swap on P90DL

Apologies if this information is already somewhere but I haven't had any luck so far in finding the answer to this.

I've read that some people use 7/8" or 21mm socket size however these clearly did not fit properly over the lug nuts. I'm removing my winter rims/tires (19" installed by Tesla at time of purchase in January 2016) for my summer 21' turbine Grey wheels. I measured them and they seem to be 1" exactly however seem to need a thin wall socket. Anyone else run into this problem? Model is P90DL.

Bighorn | 17 avril 2016

My 19" winter wheels have a different size lug than the 21" turbines. Just use either the 4X combo breaker or socket on the torque wrench--no need for thin walled.