WSJ continues its bad journalism

WSJ continues its bad journalism

Title of their story is:
"Hey, Jay Leno, What About Tesla’s Dependence on the Taxpayer"

I've never seen an article entitled
" hey, what about GM's dependence on the taxpayer"

Talk about slanted journalism.

MitchP85D | 18 juin 2016

Funny thing is, neither of them have to be dependent on the taxpayer. | 18 juin 2016

Lots of very misleading if downright wrong information in the article. At least it was in the editorial section.

emaurer1 | 18 juin 2016

One of the best automotive writers, Dan Neil formerly of the LA Times will eventually turn it around at WSJ. If you haven't read his stuff, he is great--won a Pulitzer.

Bob.Calvo | 19 juin 2016

Rupert Murdoch rag.
What do you expect?
It's gone to hell in a handbasket.

sp_tesla | 19 juin 2016

The saying is that the only accurate sections of WSJ is the prior day stock closing price.

Dr. Pete | 19 juin 2016

In our family the Opinion pages of the WSJ have become a family joke. It's a pity, as the rest of the WSJ is actually quite a good newspaper. We eventually got sick of the right wing extremism in the Opinion section and canceled our subscription. Rupert Murdoch is not someone we Australians are proud of.

Dramsey | 19 juin 2016

Whatever one may think of the editorial section of the WSJ, that paper does one thing better than any other I've seen: keeping opinion on the editorial page, and not letting it seep into the news. Not that they're entirely perfect in this regard, but they are vastly better than most.

Jeff Hudson | 19 juin 2016

I make it a point to avoid the WSJ.

ram1901 | 21 juin 2016

Aside from the Green energy blogs and news sites (and they slip up sometimes as well) it is rare for any print media to get their facts right about Tesla and, if they're having that much difficulty getting the story right on Tesla,
it puts into doubt every story about any subject on which they report.

Dauger | 24 juin 2016

I posted a rebuttal to that WSJ Jenkins article here:

Mike83 | 25 juin 2016

Excellent takedown of the WSJ bs. I am glad someone keeps up on the fossil fuel sponsored rags. I avoid their nonsense. | 25 juin 2016

@Dauger - great rebuttal. I hope you send it to the editors of the WSJ.

Mike83 | 25 juin 2016
Drdpharris | 25 juin 2016

@Dauger -- Thanks!

mike.e | 25 juin 2016

@Dauger - Thank you!