Tesla Model X 90d VIN 71XX

Tesla Model X 90d VIN 71XX

Just sharing my experience here.

Hi everyone, first post , avid reader of these forums though since my Model x order in April.

my car: Tesla Model X 90d VIN 71XX - Pearl White. Consignment date : 06/15/2016 - Burbank CA

Thursday I drove with my family about 130 miles to San Diego zoo safari, we had a great trip, apart from wind noise coming from the passenger side.
Unfortunately, in the afternoon, car did not start anymore, "12 V battery low", "Car may not restart" etc.etc.
Car had to be towed to San Diego service center, they gave us a loaner.
San Diego SC repaired the car in 6 days (they replaced the built in charger).
Delivered the car yesterday at 7:30pm in LA.
I drove to my birthday party and just after 10 miles "Car may not restart" popped out again!

Car is back to Service Center (Centinela).

Eight day owning the vehicle - 4.5hrs actual use.

Not bad, don't you think?

Have a great day !


eric.zucker | 23 juin 2016

Thanks for sharing your experience. One more item on our checklists.

Let us know what the resolution is, we may end up knowing our cars better than the service centers...

lilbean | 23 juin 2016

Wow. What an ordeal. Sorry to hear this. Well, I try to find the bright side of things. What I tell myself is, it's one way to keep the miles low on the car. :/

David N | 23 juin 2016

Oh my. I can't imagine the disappointment and frustration. Having issues is bad enough but having them so far from home is worse. And then with family, and such a new car. I would've thought those 12v battery issues would've been addressed back when Model S was having issues.
Well, thank you for sharing your expireance and most of all for a very patient and civil post.
Keep us updated on your service expireance and also your Model X expireance.

canova | 23 juin 2016

Thank you guys ! Waiting for an update at 3pm Pacific Time..

jamesmd | 23 juin 2016

So sorry to hear about this. I wonder if Elon is still personally inspecting the cars. It's possible that this didn't come up during quality control too though

canova | 23 juin 2016

The worst thing is that they are still diagnosing the car. They started from scratch again. So no news until tomorrow.
So after almost 8 days Tesla service team is still unaware of what is causing the alerts/problems.

carlk | 23 juin 2016

There were many "12V battery low" incidences in the early days of S but I haven't heard anything like that in the last year or two anymore. You could post your story in the S forum maybe early S owners there could tell you something that at least can help you to learn some facts.

greg.kniseley | 23 juin 2016

Picked up #4107 Orlando Tuesday 90D midnight slvr met, white interior, auto, pup, hitch, 5 seat. Great orientation by Caroline, no problems worth noteing. Dream machine, gremlins stay away. Hope they figure yours quickly.

Triggerplz | 23 juin 2016

O BOY this sure gonna bring dortor running from his neighbors house to chime in :-)

JAnnen | 23 juin 2016

FIVE SEATER! Please tells us about your cargo space, back trunk, pedestal 2nd row seats. Thanks.

carlk | 23 juin 2016


Probably not. Only problem unique to the X arouses him.

canova | 23 juin 2016

@jamesmd I tweeted Elon, and asked to escalate to top management, considering giving back the car (if possible).

michael | 23 juin 2016

@greg.k you got a 5 seater!??? First I've heard of. Please start a new thread, 5 SEATER DELIVERED, partially because we all want to know, and partially to rub @vperl 's nose in it. Thanks! (Sorry vperl, I couldn't resist. Be happy?).

greg.kniseley | 24 juin 2016

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greg.kniseley | 24 juin 2016

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greg.kniseley | 24 juin 2016

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Madatgascar | 24 juin 2016

Greg.kniseley = vperl?

Big hat theory....

Nexxus | 24 juin 2016


It's probably not the charger at fault. They need to replace the 12V battery in tandem with the charger. A few of those bad 12V batteries gets through now and then.

canova | 24 juin 2016

@Go_Peddle_4_me thanks! New update supposed to be coming today at 9am.. they're driving the car for 15 miles to see if they can trigger the alerts ..

JAnnen | 24 juin 2016


The greg.kniseley X90D is a 6-SEAT model. Tesla has yet to make the first 5-seat cargo option.

canova | 24 juin 2016

9am update, they still can't figure out anything. Asked to walk away from the lease, exercising my "Tesla Happiness Guarantee".. keep you updated!

lilbean | 24 juin 2016

@canova- good idea. Keep us posted :)

canova | 24 juin 2016

@lilbean I mean, for those 4 hours I drove the car, it was great! I really don't want to do this, but listen, it's really not acceptable.

lilbean | 24 juin 2016

I agree. What a blessing to have an out. You could always order a new one in the future.

canova | 24 juin 2016

@lilbean, plus, being the car "a computer on wheels".. they should have powerful debugging tools to examine those logs and quickly understand what's going on. I mean, can you picture a Mercedes Benz or BMW service center taking 9 days to just diagnose a problem ? People would get crazy for that !!

lilbean | 24 juin 2016

@canova, I agree. I think all cars are buggy but having a brick on wheels is unacceptable. I will say that my in laws continue to buy BMWs even though they keep getting cars with bugs that are never diagnosed. My friend has a Cayenne that has been in the shop for four months without a diagnosis or fix. This must go with the territory with all these new cars having too much technology. That's what my kids say... "Too much technology". :)

canova | 24 juin 2016

wrote to TeslaNAservice, TeslaNASales, my DS.. asking to escalate ... still no answer !

carlk | 24 juin 2016

BMW and Mercedes have been terrible since middle of last decade that they added so many electronic stuffs when mechanical improvements alone are not enough to fend off Japanese threat. Not only that these cars are trouble prone, Germans have never been known to be good at computer and electronics, but they usually are very expensive to fix. It's especailly bad for BMW that somehow always charge a lot for even for a small repair job. No sane person would buy instead of lease a BMW and not to trade for a new car when warranty expires.

@canova Did you lease your S?

canova | 24 juin 2016

@carlk model x - yes, leased it.
regarding bmws or other german cars.. my previous cars were 5 different bmws (3 - 5 - x6 - 2x 3 cabrios) and one Porsche (latest Boxster S) .. all problem free ! I was probably lucky !!

canova | 24 juin 2016

1:20pm still no contact

carlk | 24 juin 2016

Yes you were definitely lucky but your luck seems to be running out.

canova | 24 juin 2016

@carlk I agree :-)

canova | 24 juin 2016

btw, It's really UNBELIEVABLE how bad the customer service is ! No contact still at 2:50pm !!

canova | 24 juin 2016

NA Service Help contacted me, escalated the issue to regional service manager and to Technical Support/RoadSide manager. Centinela service center found nothing, just a loosely connected cable.. they should be able to bring the car back this afternoon.. let's just hope I won't get the problem a third time !

aesculus | 24 juin 2016


Centinela service center found nothing, just a loosely connected cable

That sounds like a major issue to me if it truly was involved in your problems.

canova | 24 juin 2016

@aesculus, that's what the manager told me... btw first time in San Diego SC they didn't found nothing either, they changed the in-car charger cause they saw in the logs some errors "related" to charging.

aesculus | 24 juin 2016

Lets hope the cable was it. Simple fix to a complex problem. With computers (like a Tesla) that seems to be normal. :-)

canova | 24 juin 2016

@aesculus, Let's hope! Thanks for the support ! Keep you updated !

canova | 24 juin 2016

counter-order !!! Manager called me back telling me that engineers don't feel comfortable giving me back the car the evening ! They wanna leave the car charging and heating overnight and check it tomorrow first thing in the morning ! Never ending story. Keep you updated !

Dcp9142 | 24 juin 2016

Sounds a lot like what used to happen with bad contactors. I would believe a loose cable, the computers go crazy when power tweaks.

canova | 25 juin 2016

10am Saturday update. Engineers today are suggesting something different they want to check out, so during the phone call the manager was speculating about a possible delay again.
I Insisted to have them run their checks today and to bring back the car this afternoon/evening. I'm tired, disappointed, exhausted and sincerely loosing faith in the brand !

lilbean | 25 juin 2016

@canova: Sorry to hear that. I feel your pain.

canova | 25 juin 2016

1:40pm update, they are still comfortable releasing the car. They found a Model X loaner and bringing that to me this afternoon. It seems that the diagnosing could take days!

canova | 25 juin 2016

Typo!! I meant " they're still not comfortable releasing the car"

DTsea | 25 juin 2016

Canova...they are doing the right thing. Giving you loaner and making SURE it is fixed. This is GOOD service.

bengarlick | 26 juin 2016

@canova. My 90D (VIN 16xx) got 4 errors, all at once "Car Needs Service, Unable to Drive", "Air Suspension Needs Service, Contact Tesla Service", "12V Power Low, Car May Shut Down Unexpectedly", " Car Needs Service, Car May Not Restart". After letting it sit an hour it had rebooted itself and I was able to drive it to the service center. (It had done the same thing a few weeks before so I got concerned, and now I wanted to take the car on my summer vacation 2 days later, 300 miles away, and got worried about getting stranded). Luckily I kept my Volvo XC90 so was still able to go on my vacation, but the Model X is still in the shop 18 days later.
So, please post what they figure out, I may want to convey that information to my service center in case my problem is related.

canova | 26 juin 2016

@bengarlick sure! They said the hope to give me the car back on Monday/Tuesday. In the meantime, the Model X loaner is already showing some problems.. wind noise from driver's door, right FWD got stuck a few times (with no obstacle whatsoever in close proximity).
Fingers crossed !

dortor | 26 juin 2016

the X is a wonderful car and continues to prove that with ongoing service visits. Truly awesome.

Triggerplz | 26 juin 2016


DevGuy | 27 juin 2016

A couple suggestions from an X owner with a large selection of items that got addressed. First, hang in there the car is really worth it!

Second, the wind noise from the passenger side is either a bad seal (easy replacement) or a *missing* seal (what we had, also a fast fix) -- let them know that in case they are dawdling.

Lastly, you may want to consider a service center that really has the attention of the factory - Costa Mesa services a very large market for Tesla (so really busy, but!) and has factory technicians, etc. engaged onsite for unusual issues (my car for example). Although a drive, it might be worth it to speak to a service manger and see about it (service manager in Costa Mesa is excellent by the way).

Good luck!