Where are the fuses and the 12V battery?

Where are the fuses and the 12V battery?

Just had our 75D delivered (refresh model). I had emailed our DS ahead of time with these questions (where are the fuses, and where is the 12V battery). When we arrived for delivery, he didn't know. He went and got a service mechanic, who also didn't know. They couldn't find anyone at the store/SC there who knew!

Anyone know? I'd rather find them now than waiting until the operation of the car depends on replacing a fuse or jumping the 12V battery. Has anyone actually laid eyes (or have a photo) of where to find these? The service guy did pull off the large plastic cover in the frunk, looked around, scratched his head, and gave up.

Run4Waffles | 7 juillet 2016
ST70 | 7 juillet 2016


Tropopause | 7 juillet 2016

Fuse box locations is in the Owners Manual and may differ from car to car, just as battery location does.

buickguy | 7 juillet 2016

The fuse location is clearly listed in the Owner's Manual which is reachable via your main display (unless that is what has the blown fuse!). The 12v battery is beyond owner "jumping". There was a time when that was possible, but owner jumping is now something that is not recommended. Need a jump? Call Tesla's roadside service.

Blue85DCalifornia | 7 juillet 2016

@buickguy -You are right, fuse location is "clearly" listed in the owner's manual. Too bad it's only correct for left hand drive, pre-fact lift Model S. The manual is not clearly not correct for the right-hand-drive Model S nor the facelift Model S.

codymail | 7 juillet 2016

Double: those are the types of old car repair thinking that you're going to have to let go off.

lilbean | 8 juillet 2016

Here is a graphic of the exact location of the 12V battery:

Run4Waffles | 8 juillet 2016

In my willingness to provide you an answer and not having the time available for the lengthy reply required, I provide the forum search tool. There have been at least several threads that have discussed the 12volt battery in great details. More than what could be done in a simple reply. Reviewing these threads will provide a great knowledge base of what other owners have encountered with their situations. This includes those that have replaced, or tried to replace, the battery themselves. With the addition of the HEPA filter, I’m not sure if the 12volt battery has been relocated or not.

There’s additional information concerning the fuse box. It's not something that I have concerned myself with as I have with other cars. I haven't even looked to see where it is for my S yet.

Congratulations and welcome!!! Odds are in my favor that you’re going to love this car. It won’t take long for you to understand the “Grin”.

You can also find a wealth of information in the Owner’s Manual Companion thread. It’s constantly “bumped” to the first page.


Run4Waffles | 8 juillet 2016

Darn, sorry for the typo.

Doublelift | 8 juillet 2016

Grinning every day. One of two in thus rural town, heads turn all the time.

The onscreen manual lists the 12V battery twice I can find; once if it has to be towed and the tow company has to jump the battery in order to release the brake. Your time is if you left the main battery charge go to the trouble Barry will stop recharging and you will need to jump it in order to start charging your card battery

Doublelift | 8 juillet 2016

Oops still more plus corrections to last sentence...

The other time is if you let the main battery charge drop too low (under 5%) the 12 V battery may lose its charge, and you will have to jump it in order to resume charging your main car battery. Both times the manual tells you to contact Tesla; no where in the manual can I find where the twelve volt battery is located. I just wish I could know now where it is so I can jump it in the very unlikely event I have to.

Older manuals showed the fuse layout, but I can't find that information in the manual in my car today. I would hate for something simple, for example the glove compartment, to quit working because of a fuse, and drive 175 miles to the service center just to find out I could've replaced the fuse. Right now, if I call them, I don't think they know where the fuses are anyway based on my delivery experience .

Small things in the big scheme but inquiry minds want to know

Doublelift | 8 juillet 2016

Ha....inquiring minds. My fat fingers and the autocorrect are out to get me

NKYTA | 8 juillet 2016

3.5+ years, never had the need to find the 12V or fuses. I did get a warning that my windshield wiper fluid was low the other day. Fixed that! ;-)

"very unlikely event". Indeed.

Doublelift | 8 juillet 2016

Love it! Maybe I'm tilting at windmills here

NKYTA | 8 juillet 2016

Yes. ;-)

Welcome!! Grin! :-) :-)