4 Month Review of my Sig X, P90D

4 Month Review of my Sig X, P90D

The first three months were 100% problem free driving, however, the fourth month wasn't as good. We ended month 4 with 7,773 miles driven. During a trip to Santa Barbara, California, Yosemite, and then to the Mammoth Lakes area we encountered the first set of problems with the X. On our way south through Utah we encountered an torrential downpour estimated to be approximately 2-1/2" of rain, standing water on the road for miles. After arriving at St. George, UT we had problems with the driver side door, and the associated alarm. Drove into Las Vegas to the Tesla SC and on the way encountered a truck hauling rock and spewing rock all over the road, one of which broke our windshield and chipped some paint on the front of the car. I was hoping to make this trip and then put on the clear-bra to protect the front of the car. Bad call on my part, I should have done it prior to the trip, it wouldn't have saved the windshield but would have protected the paint. Hours later after filing a Highway Patrol report and time in the Tesla Service Center, we were back on the road. The SC in Las Vegas was wonderful to deal with and they arranged for a new door latch to be shipped to Santa Barbara for the next day, a Saturday, and to be installed. On the way to Barstow, about an hour south of Primm, NV, we lost our air-conditioning, no problem it was only 106-108 degrees at Baker, CA the entrance to Death Valley. About another hour south of there we had need to use the HEPA filter system and when we turned it on the air-conditioner came back on. We make it into the Santa Barbara area that evening and first thing on Saturday morning I took the car into the Santa Barbara SC, they were ready for the car, they had the door latch and had been notified by Tesla 24/7 support that the A/C was not working properly and had a loaner ready for us to use for the week-end if needed. Another great experience in SB Service Center where they put on the new latch and discovered that the A/C system was overfull of refrigerant which was overworking the system. Everything was corrected by Saturday afternoon and we were back with our X working satisfactorily. One additional passenger side window problem was quickly corrected and will be replaced at the SLC Tesla Service Center when I get my new windshield next week. I was expecting a $2,000 windshield replacement but to my surprise the windshield was approximately $1,000 plus installation costs. Glad I decided to get the glass coverage on my insurance. Have yet to hear from the Nevada HP but will be calling this coming week. The good news was that TESLA was there to help at the 24/7 service line, in Las Vegas SC, in the Santa Barbara, SC and then in SLC when I returned. In all cases the service personnel were very professional, ready to help, and did everything that they could to accommodate us on our trip. From the point of view of the X running, charging, auto-pilot, etc. we could not ask for any better performance. I still think that the car is exceptional and the service is outstanding. We will see now the fifth month goes. Great car to drive and a pleasure to own, even if we experienced some problems. I hope this isn't too much detail but I thought it was important to outline the trip details and the X's performance.

cmbarclay | 20 juillet 2016

Wow I love how Tesla in the end always takes care of you :)

Spprcv | 20 juillet 2016

@ken. I'm out of SLC too and should be getting my X, a 90D, next month. I've wondered about the trip between SLC and St George, what speed did you drive, where did you charge enroute and how much time did you spend charging? Thanks!

ken | 20 juillet 2016

@Spprcv , I try to leave SLC fully charged, and if you do you can easily make it to Beaver if you drive about 70MPH and usually 75. If you drive the full speed limit of 80MPH, you will be iffy between Fillmore and Beaver but the car will tell you to slow down to 65 or 70 for the last 50 miles or so. The alternative is if you want to drive 80- 85MPH then I recommend that you do a short stop in Nephi and charge for about 15-20 minutes then you are clear at 80 MPH to Beaver. The Beaver super charger is at the Car Wash, Chevron, and Timberline Restaurant and you will only need to charge about 15-20 minutes because it is only 91 miles on down to St. George. However, coming back be very careful and don't leave St. George without 150-170 miles of charge. You will be climbing to 6,500 feet and if you have wind, A/C, and the mountains, it takes a lot of juice. Good luck on your new X, you will love it. Let me know if you have additional questions.

Spprcv | 20 juillet 2016

Thanks Ken, appreciate the tips. Can't wait. Hard to contain the excitement.

Triggerplz | 20 juillet 2016

@ken I appreciate you sharing your experience

Ankit Mishra | 21 juillet 2016


aesculus | 21 juillet 2016

Glad everything worked out. When I read the first sentence my reaction was OMG!

David N | 22 juillet 2016

Thanks Ken.
Keep us posted as time goes on (i.e...6mo, 1 yr)

raging.dragonfly | 22 juillet 2016

Thanks, Ken, nice review!