Tesla Roadster R80

Tesla Roadster R80

2 weeks ago my Roadster S with the new 80 KW battery was delivered to me. The result is simply fantastic. The range is superior to the range of my Tesla Model S P90D. And while the new battery increases the weight of the car by approximately 50 Kg, it handles just as well as before and it seems to have lost no oomph, on the contrary. The money spent - around $30'000 - is substantial, but to hand-build a new battery, to ship and install it has its price. I believe that Tesla does not make any money with this and I find the upgrade worth every penny. Thank you, Elon Musk, for making the effort of upgrading a 5 year old car to a much better version of it!

LukasM | 30 août 2016

I have driven my roadster with the new battery for about 500 Km by now - a great car!

AEdennis | 1 septembre 2016

Where are you located @LukasM... We're looking at a Model 3 instead of upgrading my wife's Roadster 1.5... It's great to have the option, but we figure to just take the Roadster out on weekends and "sunny weather" when the 3 is released. In the US a base 35k 3 would drop down to 27.5k when factoring in Federal discounts. The only drawback is taking an additional spot in the garage/driveway.

Earl and Nagin ... | 4 septembre 2016

Thanks for sharing how its working for you. I figure we'll keep our Roadster as is until the battery won't meet our needs, then we'll do the replacement. Unfortunately, without Supercharger capability, its minimal trunk space, and the dearth of high-power AC charging infrastructure, even in CA, the Roadster never really will be much of a road-trip car.

lwatawala | 28 octobre 2016

Thanks for your post. I'm in the process of ordering the 3.0 upgrade. Does the $29K price include the new battery, Retrofit Aero Kit to improve aerodynamics and new tires that reduce rolling resistance (as listed in


bfranks273 | 3 novembre 2016

After about a year from initial reservation, just had mine completed a couple weeks ago. I get 344 ideal range charge readout. Performance is still great. No you do not get the aero and tires and other stuff, the 29K is just for the battery replacement alone. Side note, the install took over a week and I was advised they had to take time to discharge the battery before they could work on it. They could have advised that before the pickup. So it sounds like a good idea to have your battery under 50% when it goes in for the surgery.

lwatawala | 5 novembre 2016

Thank you for your input. Great to hear about the 344 range you are seeing. Do you know if Tesla even sells the Retrofit Aero Kit? My local Tesla service center tells me it is not available yet. Can that be the case?

lwatawala | 7 novembre 2016

Can you please let me know if the 344 mile range you see is in the "Standard mode"? What range number do you see if in Range Mode". And which Roadster version do you have?

I'm very interested to speak to you about your upgrade experience. Or anyone else who has had the upgrade done. Appreciate if you could please email me at Thanks.

kiwiw123 | 23 novembre 2016

This has to be on my buy list

bfranks273 | 30 novembre 2016

Ooh!! sorry I faded out. I had 344 in range mode and then simply switching to standard showed the same charge as 308. This is a late 2011 model Roadster Sport 2.5. It was 13 months and my reservation was pretty early. They say they take back the old ones to use to hand rework to make the new 3.0 version packs, just a few at a time. I do not know for certain but my reading indicates the Aero work has not come out at all and noone seems to know if it will , when, or how much (more).

gakufunuje | 30 novembre 2016

Roadsters are the boss