When better EV's are built

When better EV's are built

All pure electric cars will not be alike.

Tesla's Model S is on the exotic side I would say, but it's expensive.

I wonder what engine placement cheaper EV's will use. Will they be low and in both front and back?

Will the battery be low, like Tesla, or higher like on Tesla's Roadster.

A PXXD with Ludicrous plants the four tires to the ground on launch.

But, other EV's?

brando | 30 août 2016

You can do some research, try wikipedia for list of electric cars to get started.

And Rimac is both an interesting car and startup story.

SCCRENDO | 30 août 2016

@OP. I guess the model 3 would be the affordable part of the Tesla stable for most

jordanrichard | 31 août 2016

"Exotic" is relative. When a car is so common that it is called a California Camry, it certainly can't be considered an exotic.

renwo S alset | 31 août 2016

It's only "exotic" if it has a shaved crotch.

rxlawdude | 31 août 2016

@renwo, Time for you to watch some Showtime After Dark? :-)

Tropopause | 31 août 2016

I'm still trying to find the crotch on my Model S.

renwo S alset | 31 août 2016

It's that crack between the cup holders.