4 wish space improvements for utility

4 wish space improvements for utility

1. Need 2nd row seats that can fold flat
2. Current 2nd row seats is not ergonomic for people sit at the third row seat (2nd row back seat shell can be improve to give 3rd row people some knee room)
3. Improve the shape of the floor of the 3rd row seat. I was wearing size 9 still toes shoes, my feet was not mobile once rest on the floor. Floor space was too short, cause by shape of the floor and shape of the 2nd row seats.
4. L shape back door or glass windows to get more space volume. That would extend the high of roof alway to tail.

aesculus | 31 août 2016

1. Yes. It needs to be an option
2. Hopefully fixed in firmware someday
3. Probably not going to happen but #2 should help
4. Not going to happen extending the roof. Would ruin the aerodynamics.

AyenTeslaMX | 2 septembre 2016

1, There is no way for the seats to fold flat. You mean to fold flat in relation to the third row? When you fold them flat then the glossy backs will get all scuffed up.
2. @aesculus, How can you fix that with firmware? It is a hardware item.
3. Don't know what to make of this...
4. That is there for low drag.

carlk | 2 septembre 2016

Do you have a 7 seat configuration? 6 seat is a significant improvement for some of your concerns.

Ross1 | 3 septembre 2016

from left field, as usual:

wear smaller shoes