Range problems

Range problems

I recently received my model x P90D (Signature) edition and having problems with range. I get 160 miles as opposed to 225. During charge, it shows 225 but in actual 1602.3 ?? very disappointing. Driving patterns are not any crazy (mix of city and little bit of freeway driving)
Anyone else having similar problems?

lilbean | 1 septembre 2016

Do you have the big wheels?

rajesh.kasaraneni | 1 septembre 2016

Yes I do.

lilbean | 1 septembre 2016

It has been said on other threads that there has been a 30% range penalty with the big tires. However, I don't know. I have stock tires. I also could have read that wrong.

rajesh.kasaraneni | 1 septembre 2016

wish some one would have told me that...bummer

eric.zucker | 1 septembre 2016

Many threads address this...
New tires need a break-in period of a few hundred miles.
22" rims cost you easily 15% range.
Driving speed, elevation changes have a big impact.
Do you use regenerative braking? Each time you hit the brake pedal you lose energy.
Heating too, cooling to a lesser extent.

Darryl | 1 septembre 2016

The mileage is based on driving 55 with outdoor tempature of 80 degrees. Driving faster or tempature higher or lower will effect how many miles you get. Also the 22 wheels definately will effect miles.

rajesh.kasaraneni | 1 septembre 2016

Thanks Eric, checked my settings

I understand the 10 to 15% range drop but am only getting 150 now (Latest) . This is crazy and it is becoming leaf 2

speyerj | 1 septembre 2016

The first 10 miles of every drive will also be significantly worse. So if you do a lot of short trips, that will kill your range. You are going to lose 4-8 miles every day to vampire drain as well. As others have said, the ideal range is based on ~340 wh/mile and that is somewhere in the 60 mph range in my experience.

hami05 | 1 septembre 2016

I'm getting great range. My average has been 270 wh/mi over the last 30 miles. I've just got the 75D and I'm pretty confident I could pull almost 250 miles on 90% A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that it's been 74 degrees all day here so no climate control needed, and I'm not flooring it too much because I was driving a Prius for the last month, so even mild acceleration feels like an out of body experience for me right now. Lol

hami05 | 1 septembre 2016

I'm getting great range. My average has been 270 wh/mi over the last 30 miles. I've just got the 75D and I'm pretty confident I could pull almost 250 miles on 90% A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that it's been 74 degrees all day here so no climate control needed, and I'm not flooring it too much because I was driving a Prius for the last month, so even mild acceleration feels like an out of body experience for me right now. Lol

hami05 | 1 septembre 2016

Oops sorry for the double post

eddiemoy | 1 septembre 2016

range is horrible with 22" wheels. i wrote tesla nasales and they didn't respond. i wanted them to refund me my upgrade to 22" and give me the 20" wheels because at time of purchase, there was nothing about the 10-15% range reduction. but i am getting much more than 15% reduction, more like 30% reduction.

eddiemoy | 1 septembre 2016

@hami05 were you going downhill? lol... hard to believe 270Wh/mi. did it come with all season tires. notice on the website now every car comes with all season tires.

hami05 | 1 septembre 2016

@eddiemoy yeah, I was getting as low as 240 wh/mi for a 5 mile average today actually. I'm a pro at maximizing range in my cars. I usually get 30% better mpg in my cars than the EPA rated and Tesla has been no different. I put it on cruise control for 2 minutes and the wh/mi went up by about 100. I guess I'm just good with regenerative braking and using momentum.

hami05 | 1 septembre 2016

@eddiemoy, by 'yeah' I don't mean I was going downhill, I meant that I've actually been getting that average lol. Pretty flat roads here. No uphill at all for the most part.

eddiemoy | 1 septembre 2016

can you make this private so that it doesn't become another news item?

lilbean | 1 septembre 2016

Private or public, it will be in the news. The media has access to private threads.

hami05 | 1 septembre 2016

Actually wow I just checked my usage and 265/last 30 mi, 227/last 15, and 192/last 5 mi... Wow!! Glitch or the future?

earlyretirement | 1 septembre 2016

I agree with Eddie that 270 wh/mi sounds incredible unless you just go really slow all the time.

Rajesh, bummer. I really love the looks of the 22' rims much better but worried about the reduction in range. (And also some of my friends said it's a louder ride). Even 15% sounds bad but 30% is crazy. What does your service center say? Who in Tesla did you write to?

hami05 | 1 septembre 2016

Well my last 30 miles have included 0 on the highway, but even when I drove a bit on the highway yesterday, I was getting around 290-300, but when I turned on cruise control for a few minutes there, it suddenly went up to 350/mi.

rhartson | 1 septembre 2016

I would call service...that mileage is crazy low...I've driven mine on trips out of town and get within 6-8% of the rated mileage....some thing is wrong with yours-brake drag,battery issue-something.....

hami05 | 1 septembre 2016

@rhartson no I really don't think there is. I mean to put it into perspective, my Prius is rated at 48 mpg highway and 52 city. My average over the last 2000 miles in it has been 66 mpg. Also my Benz's have all supposed to have gotten 20 mpg but I easily pull 25-30 in those. My wife, on the other hand, always tends to get below the rated mpg. I think it has more to do with my driving style than the car.

Mf66 | 1 septembre 2016

Stop looking at the range. That can vary based on your charge settings, etc.

What's your usage- wh/mile? That's the real number.

Get on a highway and go 65. Put on cruise control. You will see that the usage is in line with the range you bought. I drove 225 miles straight the other day. No problem.

I've had my car for 2000 miles. Average is 414 wh/ mile. I live in a city so lots of short trips, I have done lots of 0-60 tests for people. I'm a more aggressive driver. When I chill out I can get low 300's. It is very activity and aggressiveness based.

What's your wh/ mile?

jwh8000 | 1 septembre 2016

I just drove 150 highway miles at 75 and averaged 319, I'm happy, I had a tail wind. Over the last 2800 miles I am averaging 339 kwh. I have a 90D with 20 inch wheels.

socalsam | 1 septembre 2016

I have 22inch rims- no matter how I drive, my average has been above 450 w/mi. Take anything Elon tells you with a grain of salt. The range estimates are met driving at unrealistic speeds.

lilbean | 1 septembre 2016

@socalsam, I agree. Dude, where have you been?

socalsam | 1 septembre 2016

Busy. Going back and forth from service centers getting my car fixed. :)

Work has been crazy and I started training again for my ironman.

speyerj | 1 septembre 2016

Lifetime average 411 Wh/mile. 20% worse than rated no matter how carefully I drive.

lilbean | 1 septembre 2016

Congrats, @socalsam!

maddy1920 | 2 septembre 2016

@socalsam that is a lot more range reduction than 10-15%

aesculus | 2 septembre 2016

My lifetime for 5k miles is 229, so pretty spot on. I do drive a bit conservatively but generally 5 over the speed limit and a fair amount of my mileage is in hills where you loose about 11%. 90D with 20" AS tires.

speyerj | 3 septembre 2016

229 wh/mile aesculus?!?

Pryoritiesinc | 3 septembre 2016

@aesculus you have a 90?

Pryoritiesinc | 3 septembre 2016

Sorry, disregard you said 90

rossRallen | 3 septembre 2016

My P90D with 20" Contis has a 5300 mile average of 345 wh/m. The first few miles can be in the 550 wh/m due to AC. Driving mostly flat terrain, 50-65 mph. Not much freeway. Not many jackrabbit starts, etc.

@aesculus: what are you doing to get 115 wh/m better than I'm getting?

jwh8000 | 3 septembre 2016

The best I've ever done for a trip is in the upper 290's without air, no wind and flat, 90D 20" tires

lilbean | 3 septembre 2016

You drove it in a vacuum and with flat tires? ;-)

elguapo | 3 septembre 2016

Just for comparative purposes, I have driven almost 6,500 miles with my P90D with performance/three season 20" wheels and my average Wh/m is 372. On longer, highway trips I have been around 290 Wh/m. I love to punch it, but try to refrain from doing so too much. My actual mileage has been spot on or above rated - on long trips.

I agree - focus on Wh/m. I've been pleasantly surprised by my mileage, to be honest. N

elguapo | 3 septembre 2016

Also, 160 sounds absurdly low unless you're only taking lots of short (<10 mile) trips.

gilbert.bailey | 3 septembre 2016

I have a P90D with 22" wheels and have put close to 7K miles since May on it ...even driving a summer vacation / trip of over 2,200 miles. I get great range. If you do 90 MPH with the A/C cranked up in July heat and the premium stereo blasting - then yes the range may drop. The single biggest issue with range is speed. 70 vs 80 vs. 90 (for a sustained interstate trip is a big deal regardless of tires / model. I consistently get 325-400wph with the 22' wheels when driving interstate and going on trips. If I want to go cra-cra I crank up the speed and the range suffers - don'ts suspect that is the wheels. In watching it closely I have seen the 15% reduction - on the money - which by the way the Tesla site warned me on when I ordered he upgrade.

eric.zucker | 4 septembre 2016

Short trips are a range killer as each time you power up the car it uses a lot of energy.

hami05 | 4 septembre 2016

My lifetime wh/mi for 360.1 miles is now 306wh/mi. It would be in the 270's or 280's probably right now, but I was showing off a bit yesterday for friends and all of a sudden my 15 mi wh/mi was at 390 last night. Lol

DarthB | 4 septembre 2016

Sounds about right. I have a P90D and I always do the 30% factor: 15% with the 22" wheels and 15% as I drive normal (70-80 mph). The stated range of 225 is only if you drive 50-60 mph and non-22s.

ernie | 4 septembre 2016

This seems overly simplistic, but am tracking a seemingly significantly better range by setting all climate controls to AUTO. Then I do not "over condition" to make it chilly by cooling the front windshield or the empty back sheets. The first 250 miles improved performance by 7.5%, but consider that almost too short a time frame for statistical Hurrah!. However, I am confident that it will come in at 5-7% improvement over a period of time. In that I drive a minimum of 80 miles a day going up and down the same 1 mile long hill gaining / lowing about 400', 90% freeway at very close to the same speed and then minor city street at 35 mph, I will be able to see more change. Already, the overall kWh for 8,150 miles has ticked down 3 kWh from 366 to 366.

Hope to catch up to the flat earth drivers (no pejorative mental reference intended).

jbowers | 4 septembre 2016

I have had a P90D since March. I have 8k miles and have made several long trips.
100% agreement with DarthB. 15% 22" tires & 15% due to driving speeds. It is pretty's just what it is!

rossRallen | 4 septembre 2016

@ernie perhaps you have confused Flat Earthers with Flatlanders? Those of us who live in a 2-dimensional world are an agreeable sort, but place no credence in this hypothetical "3rd dimension." A hoax!

BTW - I forgot to add in my post above that most of my driving is downhill.

eddiemoy | 4 septembre 2016

when did tesla start putting the 10-15% range reduction message up? when i order back in January, no such message.

eric.zucker | 5 septembre 2016

@rossRallen: hmm... How do you manage to drive mostly downhill?
Put the car on a flatbed for the ride up? Helium balloon?

Most of us end up driving as much uphill as downhill sooner or later.

aesculus | 5 septembre 2016

Whoops. Sorry for miss typing and causing all sorts of issues and then not looking at the forums for a few days.

The rate is more like 329. Not 229. Misplaced finger.

You can now return to your normal discussions.