UK price increase in October?

UK price increase in October?

I received an email from my local (UK) store manager today as follows:

'Price Increase Countdown: Only 1 More Day!

I hope all is well! I wanted to make you aware of some important information - At the end of this month there is going to be a price increase on all custom order Tesla vehicles. It has been several months since the UK decided to leave Europe and as a result the pound has fallen against the dollar by about 15%. This isn't to say that the price of our vehicles will increase by that amount, and as of yet we are still unsure of the exact amount but it is fair to say that it will be a meaningful increase.

As you have shown interest in purchasing a Tesla previously I just wanted to make you aware of the situation and to be as transparent as possible. Therefore, in order to secure the current prices for your new vehicle you will need to look at placing an order by the end of September. We can always defer delivery until next year if that is when you were wanting a new vehicle thus ensuring that you won't be paying anymore for your perfect car!

If you would like us to look into Trade-ins or any funding quotes then please do get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you soon!'

Apologies if this has already been discussed in the forum since I only really follow the Model 3 discussion, but if you're thinking of buying in the UK then it is maybe worth calling your store manager on Friday! I'm not sure why they didn't email a bit sooner.

jdanielp_uk | 5 octobre 2016

I was listening to Ryan McCaffrey's latest Ride the Lightning podcast today, in which he discussed Tesla's soon to be announced Quarter 3 performance and the suggestion that sales staff may have been pushing to achieve extra sales for the quarter to help make Tesla look good - this got me thinking about that email from my store manager and the end of September cut off date before the supposed UK price increase that is seemingly yet to happen... Is this a coincidence? I suspect not. Having said that, I will be surprised if the prices don't increase sometime soon.

aewillys | 6 octobre 2016

the price will definitely increase in my opinion.
looking at how the pound is getting killed on the FX market, they would be crazy not to increase the price... unfortunately.
Only Theresa May can do something about it. lol

jdanielp_uk | 6 octobre 2016

Maybe we can talk her into paying the difference when the prices do go up ;)