Model X Build Quality

Model X Build Quality

Recently purchased Model S 60D. Very happy with the build quality.

Our second car's lease coming to end. Thinking of getting Model X. Concerns about the build quality. Recent owners of Model X, please share your comments on the build quality. Thanks.

remital55 | 29 septembre 2016

No problems after 2 months. None. Zero.
Love the car.

Triggerplz | 29 septembre 2016

Picked up my P90DL in May so far the only problem I've had was they replaced my subwoofer as it had a crackling sound when I cut the bass up and they replaced the chrome piece on the FWD..

Madatgascar | 29 septembre 2016

I have a '14 S and a new X. Fit and finish of interiors seems better in the X: seats don't squeak against the center console, wood paneling wraps the doors, 6 more cupholders, everything seems very crisp. FWD and front doors work perfectly for me, though I've been a critic of the over-automation. Seems to me from my experience and from keeping up with the forums that they really have the bugs worked out now.

Spprcv | 30 septembre 2016

I've had mine for about a month. Has had some minor issues repaired. Spent 5 days in the shop. I love it, willing to put up with the issues. Although hopefully there won't be any more. Missed my X while I had an S loaner. If you are going to be disappointed if there are minor issues that Tesla will quickly fix, there is a good chance you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

houstonviper1 | 30 septembre 2016

I just picked mine up yesterday and its flawless. Great build quality and it looks so clean, modern, and futuristic.

A_SHAIKH787 | 30 septembre 2016

Very poor quality compare to price we pay, I have 800 miles on my X , started making cracking sound on passenger side, if you look around surface and joints its not aligned properly. I have SC apt on 14th and hoping the they will fix the cracking sounds.

eddiemoy | 30 septembre 2016

build quality is all relative to the owners knowledge. if you are picky, then there are lots of problems, but if you are blind, you see no issues with quality even if there are.

Triggerplz | 30 septembre 2016

I'm very very knowledgeable and picky about my $150.000 MX without tax and so far I've only had the issues that I stated, where there are issues with quite a few, there are still some that are problem free at least up to this point (5 months for me).. Who knows next week my MX may explode and my 22's could fall off but right now it's all good

Civilpe | 30 septembre 2016

Mine is 2 weeks old and I love it. Only negligible issues so far are minor bad seam / cut on back of folding seats and car was delivered without windshield wiper fluid. Tesla appers to be doing a great job in improving their manufacturing quality.

eharden007 | 1 octobre 2016

I have been obsessing over this issue and reading quality issue posts and freaking myself out for weeks prior to getting the car Thursday evening. Here is the deal, new MX are WAY better than I ever thought they were. Mine did have the obligatory window trim issue that I immediately looked for prior to delivery and it was fixed this week. The rest were SUPER minor little things that I would just expect and I was thankful they were better than what I have seen. Keep in mind my VIN is midway in between 15,000. It seems like they are in their groove now at Freemont and things are better. I know this is just one day into ownership but body QA seems to be okay for now...

Firewired | 2 octobre 2016

My S is 12/14, My X is 5/16 production. I was impressed in the improvements in fit and finish. We just picked up a week ago, was worried about all the issues others have reported. It is an awesome car, with no issues to report.

A_SHAIKH787 | 2 octobre 2016

I took delivery of my MX on 15th Sept , 1K mile , started making cracking sound. I was looking around the car today and noticed that matel skin part on passenger side are loose on door , front bumper, top on front tire, black trim. My car makes lots of cracking sounds on passenger side. I am used to quality of Japanese car and Tesla is Made in USA car.

elguapo | 3 octobre 2016

I really haven't had any issues except for the fact my early VIN creaks like a pirate ship when going slowly over uneven surfaces (like every time I back out of my driveway).

As others have said, if you want to be picky, you can find several things to have issues with.

A_SHAIKH787 | 3 octobre 2016

elguapo - I have exact problem as you described. its annoying. I am ready to ignore other quality issue with car body assembly.

were you able to get your creaking issue fixed ?

Thank you

ajoshi84 | 3 octobre 2016

Picked up a MX on Sept 30. Great Car. Issues I noticed.
#1 Too Noisy. The car is not as quiet as my brothers MS
#2 Driver Side FWD making loud noise while opening
#3 Squeaking noise when backing up

Will try for a week to see if the issues go away before going to SC. | 3 octobre 2016

Alignment where sheet metal joins is not quite up to MB standards but not bad. Some are more tolerant of minor aberrations than others. Look closely at a couple of them at your nearest showroom and decide for yourself.

Mechanical issues, as with the S, were more frequent with early production. Also as with the S, Tesla seems to be getting better at building the X by the day,

NomoDinos | 3 octobre 2016

MaxTesla - I'm also an S owner, late 2014 build, and we got an X for my wife last month. The overall quality definitely seems better than my S. No major problems, just had to re-calibrate the passenger window before taking delivery. We absolutely love the car, everything about it. Panel tolerances are perfectly fine, fit and finish is good except for a single paint swirl that our opticoat guy corrected. He was saying how much better the build quality has gotten since the X was first released.

ken | 3 octobre 2016

here is the truth from 21k miles on MX, its been in repair 7 times, ac compressor, window sensor, second row seat, rear window trim, FWD sensor, driver front door latch, driver side control arm, all been replace in 5 months ownership, other don't drive enough to have these issues, it will show up, but tesla is very good with service, i still love my MX, its the best car on road, but with many issues.


Pryoritiesinc | 3 octobre 2016

21k miles in 5 months? Wow, that's some driving!!

Julieaschwartz | 3 octobre 2016

Raptorone - Was ok with the fit and finish issues on our X, was not ok with Elon's remarks about so called discounting by sales reps and his perception that the vehicles are coming off the line in a "pristine " condition.
In our case, not true. We were not offered discounts but we have more than a dozen quality, fit and finish issues that are documented and being addressed and we are finding more as time goes on. We are not that picky and we were willing to wait and have these items fixed but we most concerned that a disconnect, or not, is apparent between the "line" and management. We honor the vision and believe this is the future but perceived lack of honesty is disturbing. Don't get us wrong, if we have a lemon, as defined by California law, we will not ask for our money back. Just build us an X as described by the other happy owners.

Gary an Rachel | 3 octobre 2016

One could wait four years to get a better Model X, but I would not change my experience owning my early March 24th delivered car for any of these small problems that might pop-up. Most of the time if your car goes in the shop you might get a Model S to get around. It's at those moments that I find how much all the features from our fully loaded X are missed. Hill holding at most intersections, ACC and AP maybe the most while on freeways in stop and go traffic, being able to press button to have seats, mirrors, steering wheel, etc adjust to my favorite positions, feeling all 761hp at my control wether in a packing lot under 5mph or pulling onto an empty freeway onramp at using as much as I want to glide into my lane in absolute silence, asking the car to navigate me to another fun destination with ease, to listening to my favorite music in full HD quality and feeling the way the car handles the road better than any car I've owned before. I miss all of those every time I get into any other car. I used to love my pickup, now it's just used for trips to hardware stores now and then. The road king Cadillac of ours used to seem to have lots of options is now more like taking a museum piece out for a joy ride to remember the ol days. Really, when you ask Model X owners what opinion we have about our cars I'm not sure that this is a question that can be answered, you have to experience this car for yourself. If you live in the bay area I would share a short road trip with you to maybe help you find out for yourself. Thanks for asking the question, sorry for my goofy answer.

A_SHAIKH787 | 4 octobre 2016

Tesla cars are excellent example of innovation and implementation of technology. It has 64GB of memory on different component to store information, but its fair to expect good quality for the premium price we pay. if you compare the quality of interior, exterior and craftsmanship with other premium brands, tesla cars are way behind and Tesla should improve the quality and deliver premium quality vehicles to loyal customers.

rdfbsmith | 4 octobre 2016

I must have a spectacular Model X 90D it is flawless. We love it. No issues no sounds just Joy.

Boran | 4 octobre 2016

The only things I have is chattering wind shield wipers and squeeky brakes when reversing out the garage. Other than that all seems fine. Although the phone dock setup is a bit cheap for a quality car'

Howrayg | 4 octobre 2016

My 75D is going on three months. Only problem was driver door latch which was fixed twice. They now have a new mechanism which should fix the problem permanently. The fit and finish are flawless. I love the car more every day.
It really is the future.

A_SHAIKH787 | 4 octobre 2016

We have so many lucky winners, Congrats !!!

eharden007 | 4 octobre 2016

Loving my X took it to work yesterday for the first time and loved the ride. The red gets a ton of looks too!

chris.sloan | 4 octobre 2016

We have a 2015 MS and MX 90D 4K VIN. Very mixed opinions on our X. Fantastic vehicle ... when it's on the road. Poor fit and finish on Falcon Doors, malfunctioning sensors, passenger door refused to match after 3 days, autopilot and ECU failed ( 2.5 weeks in shop), and now 12V wiring harness has failed (1.5 weeks in shop). I feel like I purchased a 2013 era P85 as more often than not, we are driving the loaner. Our S has been a much more reliable car. If Tesla didn't have such white glove service we would be even more frustrated. We are very patient but it's wearing thin. I am glad we hung onto our Highlander Hybrid.

chris.sloan | 4 octobre 2016

We have a 2015 MS and MX 90D 4K VIN. Very mixed opinions on our X. Fantastic vehicle ... when it's on the road. Poor fit and finish on Falcon Doors, malfunctioning sensors, passenger door refused to match after 3 days, autopilot and ECU failed ( 2.5 weeks in shop), and now 12V wiring harness has failed (1.5 weeks in shop). I feel like I purchased a 2013 era P85 as more often than not, we are driving the loaner. Our S has been a much more reliable car. If Tesla didn't have such white glove service we would be even more frustrated. We are very patient but it's wearing thin. I am glad we hung onto our Highlander Hybrid.

elguapo | 4 octobre 2016

@A_SHAIKH787 No fix yet. It's on my list, but I haven't taken it to SC in a while. A nice squeak/creak started a day or so ago over speed bumps. I personally don't care that much, but it's embarrassing when driving others who know the car is $140,000+. My 2008 Honda CRV has less creaks. I love my X, but I could do without the sound of a rickety pirate ship. Oh well.

A_SHAIKH787 | 4 octobre 2016

@elguapo, I completely agree with you, its embarrassing when our friends want to take a joy ride in MX. I have Acura MDX and i crossed 200K mark while waiting for MX and its still runs like new, rock solid, no creak/squeaks, when i look at body joints in my MDX its all aligned properly. The Quality of 45K car is way better then 100K car. It will take years for Tesla to reach quality mark.

lilbean | 4 octobre 2016

I think a more accurate way of looking at it is it's a $50k car with a $50k battery or something like that. I'm not sure how much the battery actually is.

A_SHAIKH787 | 5 octobre 2016

@lilbean US$10,000 for the 60 kWh battery and US$12,000 for the 85 kWh battery, so the car is almost 80K+ but quality of MX is way below compared to other low cost cars.

lilbean | 5 octobre 2016

@ashaikh, Thanks for the info. I wonder if lightweight parts had to be used because the battery is so heavy.

mathwhiz | 5 octobre 2016

@A_SHAIKH787 ... And now, your source for those numbers is... Drum roll, pls. :~

lilbean | 5 octobre 2016

@mathwhiz, Hmm. That does seem awfully low.

Pryoritiesinc | 5 octobre 2016

It would be interesting to see what the updated information would be, that report was from December, 2012. I think there has been advancement and economy (cost) in the battery packs over the last 4 years

A_SHAIKH787 | 6 octobre 2016

I took my Car to SC today , technician looked at it and it looks like front passenger side fender is fixed properly, I have an appointment on 14th to fix the issue.

did anyone experiencing clunking noise when braking ?, or its normal .

mhkeyemd | 8 octobre 2016

I think Model S has a more smooth ride with less creaking/rattling noises when I got Model S loaners. However, Model X has better looking interiors than Model S. All of my model X issues have been resolved so far... FWD misalignment, FWD sensing obstacles when closing, loose door seals, a large tear on the third row leather panel, a dent on the steering wheel horn, and rattling noises from A-pillar/left fender area.. (well..I still hear a very low noise when I drive over uneven roads, but 10 times better after the fix). When I purchased Model X, I expected that I would have issues since this was a new model for Tesla and Tesla is not a refined car company (at least not yet). I think Tesla will need 5-10 more years of building cars to be somewhat decent or at par with other luxury brands. Audi, BMW, MB, Infiniti cars rattle as well, but maybe after at least 50K miles. I'm still amazed by my Model X.

Red Sage ca us | 9 octobre 2016

What exactly makes a car 'refined'...? I wonder if it is the difference between being disciplined or regimented; or a hard worker vs being industrious.

MaxTesla05 | 9 octobre 2016

It seems all build quality issues are getting fixed. It translates to poor quality control and diligence at the factory gate.

michael | 9 octobre 2016

I've had my X P90DL vin 1k since April with nearly 10,000 miles on it. I guess I'm the lucky one (knock on wood). So far it's been great and solid. The only service I've had to do is reboot the touchscreen twice. Only twice in over six months. One software update did cause the falcon doors to get a lot of false 'obstacle detected', but that went away at the following update. Never had a need to go to the service center yet.
Still solid, no creaks or rattles yet. Build quality I'd say is good to very good. Can't say excellent as there are minor fit and finish items that could always be improved, but I find that with all my vehicles. You have to look close to find them.
My X feels tight and solid, when all the doors close you really feel well encapsulated. The big car manufacturers seem to have better consistency in their builds, however, if one car has a problem, they all do. Boy have I experienced this with Porsche, Mercedes and more. The issues they get are consistent throughout the fleet. I'm sure Tesla will get their manufacturing consistency up as their volume goes up. For better I hope.

elguapo | 9 octobre 2016

Just to clarify my earlier comments. My car feels very solid, rides well, etc. it just squeaks a bunch when goingnover uneven surfaces and that's just not cool. Otherwise, car is great. Early VIN in 400s, so I knew what I was risking to get it early.

Biggest issue for all of us will be the processors for the touchscreen and instrument panel. If those aren't swappable, we will all be like iPhone 5 owners within a year - lack of ability for all upgrades and lagging performance. But hey, that's the new norm in the tech world.

lilbean | 9 octobre 2016

I had a couple of creaks and rattles. I opened all the doors and hatch and light pounded on all the panels. All the little creaks seem to have disappeared. Argh, matey. The pirate ship is fixed.

elguapo | 9 octobre 2016

@lilbean Well shiver me timbers! I be tryin' that this afternoon...

lilbean | 9 octobre 2016


vperl | 9 octobre 2016

The folks that will be getting their cars soon in 2017, thank the "early adopters" for being so gracious and understanding thru the first year of production of the Model X .

Thankyou for your hard earned respect from the owners that follow in 2017 and beyond .

Your the Very Best .