Dashboard updates?

Dashboard updates?

When the heck are we going to find out what the finalized dashboard, instrument cluster look like???

Red Sage ca us | 23 octobre 2016


jordanrichard | 24 octobre 2016

Red Sage, no, no no, it won't be as soon as Soon. It will be a couple of weeks afterwards.... :-)

dsvick | 24 octobre 2016

As compared to actually receiving your car, "soon" is accurate. As compared to "When is the next taco Tuesday?" ... not so much... :)

jdanielp_uk | 24 octobre 2016

As soon as is likely.

woodersonb | 24 octobre 2016

Hope they put a nicer Model S style 3 spoke steering wheel on the 3, the wheel on the prototype looks ghastly, like a 6 year old Prius n so basic!

andy.connor.e | 25 octobre 2016

We'll find out about the dashboard when the entire finish car is released. They're not going to tell you anything until they are completely done. Chances are high that they are modifying the car as we speak. They want to perfect it in every way before people even get a sight idea of what its going to look like.

No one would want people knowing what their product looks like before they're done designing it.

topher | 25 octobre 2016

"No one would want people knowing what their product looks like before they're done designing it."

They are done designing it. 'Pencils down' was months ago. They are probably still making tweaks as supply and engineering issues arise, but it is unlikely to be anything involving more than a few pieces at a time.

Thank you kindly.

b8schris | 25 octobre 2016

like nothing you have every seen before.. and you can't see it yet ;)

Badbot | 25 octobre 2016

I saw the early plans and now the muffler bearing has been deleted
who knew

delphi | 25 octobre 2016

I sure was expecting more info to be released on the interior of the ≡ when Elon said they were going to be sharing the second part of the Model ≡ plans a week ago - but it was just info that all of the models are now built with "full self-driving capability". Since it looked so minimal inside the car, I was expecting a new type of HUD for the dash. Guess we just have to wait and see. :/

KP in NPT | 25 octobre 2016

We will see it at part 3. I'm betting it's going to be pretty revolutionary and they'll want to keep it "close to the vest" until they are ready to wow everyone. Don't show all your cards, and all that.

jordanrichard | 26 octobre 2016

woodersonb, that steering wheel is clearly not a final design and even Elon said as such at the time of the reveal..

burdogg | 26 octobre 2016

So this is no way saying this is the dashboard, but I saw it yesterday and thought of the model 3.

dd.micsol | 26 octobre 2016

These are to be released next summer. Skully is working with tesla on it at this time

Jcastillo18 | 26 octobre 2016

I'm sure there waiting so Gm won't copy there designs lol

sungenix | 26 octobre 2016

@burdogg, if M3 has the same steering wheel as the thing in the video, I'm gonna kill myself.

burdogg | 27 octobre 2016

yeah, I am not so sure on the steering wheel (although killing yourself over a steering wheel really might not be worth it in the long run :) - I was just noticing the layout of the whole dashboard and it made me think of the model 3 dashboard layout and what Tesla may have up their sleeve for the actual dash

andy.connor.e | 27 octobre 2016

Its unfortunate, but we have to just stop speculating and asking questions. Nothing is going to be known until they are finished and show us. Need to be patient. I wont get my car for 2 years, so its going to be a waiting process.

JHB10 | 28 octobre 2016

That Bosch dash is REALLY impressive.
Reminds me of the dash in this Corning video of a few years ago: "a day made of glass"
Won't allow me to put the link in for some reason