Tesla's Track Record of Surprises

Tesla's Track Record of Surprises

The Solar Roof blew everyone out of the water i think. Personally, i did not see this coming. We all knew of the leaked information that there was going to be some sort of Solar Roof implementation, but nothing like this. Super strong glass with integrated snow melting heating elements that essentially eliminate and replace every single shingle on your house. Supposedly lasts many decades. I never saw this coming. They look exactly like shingles and roof tiles but its all glass. Incredible.

I think that the upcoming final release of the full details of Model 3 are going to knock everyones socks off. I dont think any of us have any idea, or can even conceive of what Tesla has up their sleeve for us. Tesla's track record suggests they always deliver more than they announce. I think we are in for something really really huge here.

Time to sit back and relax. Awaiting this car, delivery estimate - End of 2018!

andy.connor.e | 3 novembre 2016

Just though of it, not to mention they doubled the size of the Powewall, and the cost comparison between competing companies is no match.

KP in NPT | 3 novembre 2016

I agree totally. Can't wait!

akgolf | 3 novembre 2016

Looking forward, my guess is early 2018 for me.

tstolz | 3 novembre 2016

You are right ... it's hard to digest the implications! Tesla is so far out front people are having a hard time wrapping their heads around it all. To me the biggest thing is the Powerwall and Powerpack ... that's a game changer! The shingles will be really expensive for a while .. but they will sell to those who can afford it and the traditional panels will continue to sell well!

gregcropper | 3 novembre 2016

A lot of people have been reluctant to suggest that the Model ≡ will be better than the Model S, but there really is no reason to expect that, except that the Model S is a luxury vehicle. If you think about it, is there anything about the Model S that isn't better than the Roadster? The Model S is cheaper, faster, has a longer range, better interface, easier charging, more cargo space, and better options, such as TACC, Autopilot, and eventually full autonomy.

I frankly will be surprised and disappointed if the base Model ≡ doesn't have at least 240 miles of range.

Calibrotha2000 | 3 novembre 2016

Tesla reminds me of the old days if Apple when the iPhone announcement would happen and there would always be "oh and one more thing" so I know the interior is def gonna have some amazing elements to it. No literally have dreams of me driving my car-lol

andy.connor.e | 4 novembre 2016


Take into consideration Model S base range. Tesla might try to make it more affordable, simply so that they have the car. Less expectations the fewer disappointments!

JeffreyR | 5 novembre 2016

You may find this old thread interesting. @Red Sage is in the much-better camp for same reasons @greg is. I see no reason to pull punches to "protect" the MS, but can see how some cost savings may impact the base model at $35K.

Red Sage ca us | 16 novembre 2016

“Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -- Walt Disney Company

My, that sounds awfully familiar.

brando | 19 novembre 2016

In the first year of production (1908-09) 10,660 Model Ts were produced, 10% of all the vehicles manufactured in
the USA. A total of 14,689,520 Model T vehicles were manufactured in the USA from 1908 to 1927.

If sales of Model S stay strong, I'd go for a 20 year run. Remember we do have continuous improvement working for us. When would I redesign? When Carbon Fiber gets cheaper than Aluminum. Or equal in cost. And maybe with nano tubes we might get capacitor built in.

Do search on Volvo Working on Structural Carbon-Fiber Super-Capacitor Technology to Replace Batteries.
Well that would be another point to consider major redesign.

topher | 19 novembre 2016

"When would I redesign? When Carbon Fiber gets cheaper than Aluminum."

Would they actually need to redesign to go from Al to C? We currently get redesigns in ICE cars for *fashion*, which strikes me as insane. If you aren't making the car better, just different, why do it?

Thank you kindly.

Red Sage ca us | 21 novembre 2016

If there is, for some reason, a goal to build a car the size of the Tesla Model S that weighs less than a 1985 Honda CR-X...? Then sure, go ahead, figure out a way to build the body out of carbon fiber or whatever. But seeing as the majority of the weight of the completed car is in the 1,200+ lbs battery pack, and the body in white weighs only about 400 lbs total, that seems like a rather futile exercise. It makes more sense to save weight in the battery pack itself. So, if it were possible to store 120 kWh in a battery pack that weighed only 200-to-400 lbs, that would be a very fruitful advance.

I expect the next full redesign of Model S will appear in 2020 -- both to offer a better car and to make a more fashionable presentation. If third row seating is still offered, there will definitely be air vents there. And you may rest assured that adjustable height seat belts will be standard issue for front seat passengers. There is a slight possibility that those who want more 'luxury' might be satisfied -- but I sorely doubt it. If you want a Porsche, Maserati, or Jaguar type interior, you'll either have to buy their cars, or set aside some dough for a custom third party upholsterer.