22" turbine wheel issues / bent rim question and observation

22" turbine wheel issues / bent rim question and observation

I have 24 hrs to decide on the stock 20" wheels or 22" wheels. I know it's been debated ad naseum, but I was wondering if anyone who has the 22" had any experience with bending or popping tires on them. Also, I'm in NJ so I'm sure the 22" tires with the pirellis are not going to be safe, so I would need to change them to snow/winter tires.

If I wanted more tire height, has anyone used 265/40/22 and 285/40/22 on them instead of the 35s?

Are the 20" all season tires good in the snow? Would I need to get winter tires for them anyways?

I'm thinking that I should buy the 22" off ebay, put on snow tires, ride them year round. When it's time to return the leased MX, put back on the original new wheels and tires so they can't charge me for worn tires.

I absolutely hate the way it looks with the 20s. I'm a huge wheel person who thinks it makes or breaks a car. If 22" are an issue with damage and the winter, I may just cancel my order altogether.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I've spent 4 hrs a day for the past 6 days researching on this forum and another. My head is ready to explode.

dyk917 | 11 novembre 2016

oh forgot to add, did anyone notice that the turbines shouldn't all be the same. The direction of the wheels is opposite on each side. It's going to drive me crazy

lilbean | 11 novembre 2016

If you want better range, go with the 20s but some people (ahem, T) think they are hideous.

lilbean | 11 novembre 2016

Noticed that too!

dyk917 | 11 novembre 2016

I leaning towards getting the 265/40/22 and 285/40/22 for the protection even though I know the speedometer will be 5-6% off. The wheels totally make the car for me.

lilbean | 11 novembre 2016

People have reported range going down to 160 with the 22s.

dyk917 | 11 novembre 2016

What? Is that for the 90d??

lilbean | 11 novembre 2016

Oops. Yes sorry.

carlk | 11 novembre 2016

If you're a wheel person you should know pros and cons of low profile tires. They look and handles good but cost more beside higher risk of bent wheel which you can just add that to the cost department. Range really depends how aggressive you drive. My P90DL with 22" gets around 400 wh/m with pretty spirited driving style. It's actually not that bad. 40/20 may not be a bad idea although you need to make sure there is enough wheel housing clearance if you go that route.

dyk917 | 12 novembre 2016

last day so I've made my decision not that anyone cares haha.

Gonna order it with the 20s, buy a set of 22"s with 35 sidewall and put them on in the spring. If I bend just 1 wheel, I'll put back on the 20s and sell the 22s at a small loss. I still save at least a 1k just cuz the $5500 option is ridiculous.

lilbean | 12 novembre 2016

Good choice! We care. :-)

carlk | 12 novembre 2016

I guess you meant buy aftermarket instead of OEM 22''s. That sounds like a good idea. Or take middle of the road for a set of 40 profile 21's.

gilbert.bailey | 12 novembre 2016

I have a multi-pearl white / white ultra interior with 22" black wheels. I've had it since May. The day I picked up my X next to it in the other pick up bay was a white with 19" was like night and day. So glad I got the multi-pearl and 22" black. I just had the 12.5 maint a week we have some miles/trip on the car. The tire were rotated and the SC said the wear was even and the tread good. Drove it from Charlotte to Cape Cod round trip, spent 3 days in Manhattan and drove it around in rush hour. Round trip to ATL several times, Raleigh...Greensboro, including today. It's driven daily in Charlotte by my wife. Other than dealing with the tire pressure during the temperature change from Summer to Fall (it's 45-60 out now vs. 70-100) there have been no issues. My wife did get a small scuff on the wheel during the first month, was horrified but the SC touched it up the following day for next to nothing and you can't tell / looks like new. Their quote was cheaper than our detailer and again, looks perfect. No scratches since then in 10K miles.

Triggerplz | 12 novembre 2016

@gilbert how much was the 12000 maint service?

gilbert.bailey | 12 novembre 2016

$400.00 - They mentioned that it's still in flux - I was the first one in Charlotte so they used the S price and are still figuring out the details. Basically, rotated tires, wiper fluid, checked for faults/codes (I had none) changed the fluid in both motors - I have a P90D (they are still determining if it should be year 1 or 2 etc..on the motors. so they erred on the safe side...year 1 - 12.5K. The alignment would have been 99.00 extra but I didn't do it as the tread was very even and the car is not pulling.

mhkeyemd | 12 novembre 2016

I have a 90D 22" onyx black wheels. I'm getting 450-550 wh/mi on locals and 330-350 wh/mi on highways. Is this what others getting? I see a definite reduction on the range, but 20" wheels just look bad on a minivan appearance...

Triggerplz | 12 novembre 2016

@gilbert I appreciate the maintenance info as I'll be due soon, thanks

carlk | 13 novembre 2016

I'm getting ~400 wh/m for combined local and highway driving. Remember don't count the first 5~10 minutes since extra power is used to heat the battery.