What to say to scoffers

What to say to scoffers

A lady told me government subsidies keep solar, wind and Tesla in business. Her husband is in the oil business. Oil is their source of income. They scoff, they laugh at global warming. They have their God on their side - scripture about God not allowing the seasons to change again after Noah and the flood. And now they won with Trump, a global warming denier.

These people are legion around here. They are the norm.

I drive a Tesla. Why, they wonder? They wrinkle their faces. I tell them the car gets 100 MPGe around town, 0-60 MPH under 3 seconds, 250 mile range. They shake their heads.

I want a concise response to give these people about subsidies and green energy and EVs.

Can we all formulate one?

Maybe any explaining does not work. I've offered rides - the scoffers just scoff. No. Oil is king.

J.T. | 24 novembre 2016

Whatever argument would work on a wall would work on them. They're not worth your time. Enjoy the car and the knowledge you're part of the future and they are literally in the dust.

Silver2K | 24 novembre 2016

Print this out and hand it to them

Silver2K | 24 novembre 2016

and then roll your windows down after you get in your car, laugh real loud while driving away. they will hear you laughing real clearly because you don't make engine or muffler noises :)

David N | 24 novembre 2016

flight 505,
Thank you for your interest in trying to inform others of Teslas mission.
Be patient. Some will listen, some will not. Some care, some don't.
Some are just ill informed, some have no interest until it personally affects them. It will take time for change to happen.
If your are ever faced with confrontation, nothing wrong with passing on the truth, but I've found at times, silence (as in not responding) to their charge works effectively. Silence will confuse your enemies.
There are some that trying to have a normal conversation with on a particular topic is almost impossible.

"They have their God on their side - scripture about God not allowing the seasons to change again after Noah and the flood" "They are the norm."

Well, I'm not sure I would lump their faith into their unwillingness to listen to you. Sounds like they need to be lumped with all those who refuse to at least listen, those of faith or not.

Be patient, be a good example to them. Inform when they are mis-informed, silent when appropriate.

Concerning your request for a concise response to give, Unfortunately that is not my strong suit, so I don't think I can help you much there. I'm sure others will chime in with a nice concise response.

SO | 24 novembre 2016

How about: "Believe whatever you want. Meanwhile I am going to enjoy my Tesla!"

David N | 24 novembre 2016

Sounman S90D
Well said

Dramsey | 24 novembre 2016

Really, who gives two tugs of a dead poodle's cock? The only thing worse than the people you can't convince are proselytizers who WILL NOT STOP until they have cured you of the double-plus-ungood badthink.

Drive your P100DL and forget about them.

flight505 | 24 novembre 2016

Thanks for the links and comments. I read them right away. I am trying to inform people we only have one atmosphere, so let's not ruin it. I would like to convince more people to buy EV's. Climate change is the biggest environmental problem we face today. It's hard to believe so many people deny this science.

The trouble is, a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still - a phrase I believe I found in one of Andrew Carnegie's books.

SamO | 25 novembre 2016

Turn the other cheek and offer them a ride. There is something beyond words accelerating faster than falling off a cliff.

I've given rides to the unbelievers but later on found out that the test ride stuck with them for months. Often the decide to research on their own and a few have even purchased a Tesla.

Plant your seeds and move on. I will say that free for life road trips, charging at home 99% of the time, and ludicrous acceleration sell themselves.

Don't get frustrated. Redouble your efforts and stay patient.

djharrington | 25 novembre 2016

Flight, are you in NM?

tstolz | 25 novembre 2016

Here in Alberta, Canada I just say it's a lot of fun. Test drives typically stun everyone to silence.

flight505 | 25 novembre 2016

No, but close - in Texas Panhandle.

This would be fun if climate change was not so serious. Every gallon of gasoline burned sends 19.6 pounds of C02 into the atmosphere.

up north | 25 novembre 2016

Tell them to make the playing field even get rid of the subsidies for electric cars and the trillions of dollars that the oil company's get world wide each year. That should shame them if they have a brain.

SO | 26 novembre 2016

@up north - but somehow the oil people don't see it that way. They assume taxpayers should pay to "protect our interests" when it really is just about the oil market.

bgbythsea | 26 novembre 2016

I'm with SamO above--give them a ride. Better yet, let them drive. While riding, you can reiterate the low operating costs. If they don't hear you, it means they are totally into the driving experience. Remember, being cool with the latest toy trumps (forgive the pun) saving the planet. Teslas sell themselves.

kevin | 26 novembre 2016

I spend a lots of time around low-information types on the Internet. They're hopeless because of confirmation bias. They will discount anything that goes against their beliefs and readily accept anything that confirms it, regardless of the source.

Everybody has confirmation bias to some extent, and changing anybody's opinion is hard. Frustrating, but true.

codyb12889 | 26 novembre 2016

I have to go with @J.T. on this one. Nothing you say is going to do any good.

My response would simply be, "You obviously like to repeat your chosen sources of information if you would ever like to have an actual 2 sided discussion I would be happy to oblige."

Okay, that was not entirely honest, I would tell them to pull their head out of where the sun don't shine and stop gobbling up the lies that conform with their way of thinking because it is the easy way out.

SUN 2 DRV | 27 novembre 2016

Generally to change someone's mind you need to first validate their current position, and then show them a believable path to something new. "Yes, gas cars have been refined over many years and are a great choice now. But EV's are the up and coming thing because of the better performance and simpler mechanicals. And it happens they can also help reduce smog and air pollution. Would you like a ride?"

Do not ever say nor imply that they are wrong because that just polarizes the discussion and doesn't lead towards any movement in their attitude...

Validate where their mind is currently, so they' be open to listening to you without fear of being challenged and having to dig in and defend their current position. And then give them the opportunity to learn something new... when they're ready... and in a non-challenging way...

SCCRENDO | 27 novembre 2016

@cody. JT is correct in a sense that people with strong opinions are not likely to be swayed by discussion. The reason to even bother is for those who don't quite understand and are willing to learn. And it is important to bother. Unfortunately with the advent of social media false information if repeated often and left unchallenged gets believed. This was perhaps the underlying strategy tha led to Trump's success in this election. We are entering a fact free era with a war on intellectuals and facts.

flight505 | 28 novembre 2016

I agree, so many of them shut me off and I end up getting a lecture from a bully intolerant of any my views and unwilling to let me speak. So there is no discussion. Usually what happens is a friend becomes shocked that I have an electric car or believe in climate change and gets very mad and starts telling me silly science stuff like volcanoes cause more emissions problems than all the cars in in the world. In the 1990s, we hardly ever talked about politics among friends. Science was science. People believed scientists. People believed the nightly network news from NBC, CBS or ABC. That's all over with the Internet and Fox News.

Ross1 | 28 novembre 2016

Ask them how long since they saw a petrol powered torch or drill.
And why is that.

Ross1 | 28 novembre 2016

I spouted on to a friend, who asked his mechanic about (Teslas), and came back with: but they catch fire.

Ross1 | 28 novembre 2016

On this forum, 'no one' changes an opinion no matter how strong the argument.

Why would it be any different in 'real life'? :))

JHB10 | 28 novembre 2016

Tell them "Pollution is bad, whether it causes global warning or nog"

JHB10 | 28 novembre 2016


SO | 28 novembre 2016

I talked to my grandfather about my Tesla and he said how they catch fire. I explained to him that gas cars are much more likely to catch fire and that the media is distorting the situation.

A lot of misinformation out there. I used to think the Internet was a good thing to help people become more knowledgeable. Now with all the misinformation out there, people believe the wrong thing. At least before the Internet, common sense was your "go to" process for figuring out things. And that would have led to people being more accepting of EVs. Now, common sense is trumped by false news all too often.

neilhamrin | 28 novembre 2016

I like to respond by suggesting they expand their sources of information.

tesla | 28 novembre 2016

"This would be fun if climate change was not so serious. Every gallon of gasoline burned sends 19.6 pounds of C02 into the atmosphere.

I think the total is closer to 22-23 when you factor in the emissions to produce the gasoline and transport it to the pump.

I'm getting my Solar Panels installed next month (Solar City of course), and based on the Solar City estimates, I should be able to go almost 1200 miles in the MS on the same emissions.

SO | 28 novembre 2016

@neil - "I like to respond by suggesting they expand their sources of information."

That doesn't seem to work very well with me. People stick with what they like.

It's very scary when almost every place I walk into that has a TV on, it is showing Fox News. Whether it is Burger King, McDonalds, Ford dealership, hospital...etc.

Tropopause | 28 novembre 2016


Just let it go. Only time will determine the truth.

... Or tell them that you are doing your patriotic duty as an American because your Tesla is an American company and is made in the USA and 100% of the electricity to power your Tesla is made in the USA.

Every God-fearing American should drive an American car and not support OPEC and the terrorist! Ask them if they can guarantee that 100% of the oil and gasoline used to power their ICE car is made in the USA. And they better damn well drive an American car! LOL

If you think they are hiding behind the Bible, I'm not saying they are, then you need to fight fire with fire, so to speak.

tesla | 28 novembre 2016

When you put gas in your car, the terrorists win.

When you power your car with solar electricity, you are getting it directly from God.

"Whoever loves pleasure will be a poor man; he who loves wine and oil will not be rich." - Proverbs 21:17

"For everyone who does wicked things hates the (sun) light and does not come to the (sun) light, lest his works should be exposed."- John 3:20

lilbean | 28 novembre 2016

So that is about solar power and crude oil? Too funny.

Rocky_H | 28 novembre 2016

@flight505, There is a quote from Upton Sinclair that is applicable here.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Their livelihood depends on electric cars not being better than gas cars, so they will not believe it.

Rocky_H | 28 novembre 2016

Oh, @jeff, that is mean and awesome. | 28 novembre 2016

I don't think that you can inform people who are spouting half truths. Their minds are closed.
With or without government help Tesla owners are helping the world to become a better place. Be satisfied with that.

flight505 | 28 novembre 2016

@Rockey H -
Good one - I like that quote. Similar is this one from Dale Carnegie - "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

brando | 29 novembre 2016

Most people have no idea what it is costing them to own a car. Very few ever calculate how much they pay per mile. At best they might know fuel cost per mile. Economics is the only thing that will lead to change.

What does a parking ticket cost? My town $50.
5mph over speed limit - $25/mph = $125

And this guy speaks the truth, which causes you to either laugh or cry or both. John Cadogan, Australia

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